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Despite the conventional profile of serial killers as lone nuts driven solely by their own internal demons, there is a compelling case to be made that many of the most prominent serial killers are intelligence assets. Countless serial killers appear to be subjects of mind control programs like those found in Project MKUltra, exhibiting telltale qualities such as early childhood abuse, dissociative disorders, pedophilia, and connections to known or suspected intelligence fronts (like the military, prisons, mental hospitals, and cults). Many of these murders, far from being random killings, are actually targeted assassinations or clean-up operations on behalf of various criminal enterprises (like murder-for-hire, drug trafficking, or sex rings), which the killers are often associated with. Other murders have no political motive, but fit the profile of Satanic cult killings or a domestic version of the Phoenix Program aimed at terrorizing the public into submission. While this is no doubt a controversial position to take on serial killers, there is often an astounding number of common elements in serial killer cases pointing to some kind of government / intelligence involvement. The "serial killer" presented to the public is often a fall-guy taking responsibility for group actions or (on rarer occasions) an entirely innocent patsy.

Programmed to Kill subjects

Building off the research of Mae Brussell, Maury Terry, and Dave Emory, Programmed to Kill by Dave McGowan was the first major work to explore the idea of mind-controlled serial killers. He chronicled some of the most famous serial killers and grouped them into thematic categories. Below is the evidence of official government complicity and/or mind control for the serial killers profiled in McGowan's book:

Prostitution rings

  • Marc Dutroux - the head of a Belgian child kidnapping ring with elite clients that was partially exposed in the Dutroux affair
  • Emile Louis - apparently framed for the murders of women in the French city of Auxerre who were actually killed by a group of high-ranking local men
  • Patrice Alegre - leader of a drug and prostitution network (that involved minors) with elite clients in the French city of Toulouse
  • Wayne Williams - the designated patsy for the Atlanta child murders, who was involved in the pedophile and Satanic cult operations as a photographer but not the murders, Williams showed tentative signs of being under mind control; a prosecution witness testified under cross examination that he had a "split personality"; Williams' journal from 1992 mentioned he received CIA training at age 18 from a paramilitary camp near Atlanta, and an extremely likely suspect for this training would have been Mitch WerBell III

Mexican cult killers

Commonalities of serial killer cases
Name Abuse and dissociation Pedophilia Government links Satanic/cult links Protection Railroading Parapolitical significance
Henry Lee Lucas * Claimed he was trained to kill at a paramilitary camp in the Everglades, which happened to be the location of CIA camps for training anti-Castro Cubans that were operating in the same time period as Lucas claimed Worked for the Hand of Death cult * Only death row inmate to receive a commutation by Texas governor George W. Bush
Ottis Toole * Worked for the Hand of Death cult
* According to Dave McGowan, he visited the Process Church headquarters in New Orleans
Rafael Resendez-Ramirez * Raised in Matamoros, Mexico by outside his home by non-family members
* Said at trial ("with all the secrecy that’s in the family") that he was "instructed" to do "anything that can put down Christianity"

Archetypal lone nuts

Commonalities of serial killer cases
Name Abuse and dissociation Pedophilia Government links Satanic/cult links Protection Railroading Parapolitical significance
David Berkowitz * Served in the US Army, during which time he took LSD Affiliated with a splinter group of the Process Church, likely the same "Four P" cult involved in the Manson murders
Cary Stayner * Brother Steven Stayner was kidnapped by a pedophile at age 7 and held as a sex slave for 7 years
* Cary was molested by his uncle
* Bartered with his FBI interrogators for child pornography in exchange for a confession
* Former girlfriends commented that he couldn't get aroused by adult women, only children
* Numerous viable suspects from a drug trafficking ring with evidence linking them to the Sund and Pelosso murders were found, and then immediately discarded following the murder of Joie Armstrong

Others who are suspected of being in this group, but with less substantial evidence, include:

  • "Monster of Florence" - at various times, these killings have been linked to a Satanic cult led by the wealthy and powerful or Operation Gladio
  • Richard Speck - him single-handedly subduing six women, then cutting a sheet into strips and tying them up one by one while the rest did nothing to resist, is highly implausible, but not totally impossible; until his alibi for the night of the murders is confirmed definitively, it can't be ruled out that Speck was guilty all by himself, even though a fair amount of compelling evidence points to him being a fall-guy
  • Charles Whitman - the "Texas Tower Sniper" behind a mass shooting at the University of Texas in Austin; his note that he left the night before, when he killed his wife and mother, revealed he was facing an urge (of unknown origin) to kill, though later reports would indicate he had a brain tumor

Northern California

Commonalities of serial killer cases
Name Abuse and dissociation Pedophilia Government links Satanic/cult links Protection Railroading Parapolitical significance
Stanley Baker * Openly professed his involvement in "Four P" cult, a breakaway from the Process Church led by the "Grand Chingon"
John Linley Frazier
Herb Mullin * Diagnosed with MPD, his alters included a Mexican laborer, an Eastern philosopher, and local columnist Herb Caen (whom Dave McGowan labels an "unofficial Anton LaVey publicist") * As a young adult, he was institutionalized numerous times, including voluntarily to Mendocino State Hospital (which was overrun by the Peoples Temple) and a stay at a mental hospital (which Ed Sanders claimed was run by the US Army) in Hawaii (where Jim Jones had also spent time at a mental hospital in the 1960s, and where Ed Sanders claimed a mind control project to create serial killers was ongoing)
Edmund Kemper
Richard Chase


Commonalities of serial killer cases
Name Abuse and dissociation Pedophilia Government links Satanic/cult links Protection Railroading Parapolitical significance
Angelo Buono * Was known to be attracted to underage girls, and married at least two of them * As the mastermind behind the murders, who exerted a controlling influence on partner Kenneth Bianchi, he may have been a mind control "handler" of sorts
* Ran a child prostitution ring whose clients included political and business elites such as a city councilman, a police chief, and a chief aide to a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
* One of his clients included mob figure Joe Bonanno
* Multiple connections to the Hollywood crowd (he had shared a home with actor Artie Ford and was acquainted with Frank Sinatra), and some Hollywood figures were in turn suspects in the Hillside Strangler murders
Kenneth Bianchi * Was diagnosed with MPD by some of the doctors who examined him, although others (most of them connected to the CIA) claimed he was faking it * Regularly visited a hospital under the pretense of getting outpatient treatments for cancer, which he didn't have, although he did bring home medical forms and receipts indicating he was getting some type of treatment
John Wayne Gacy * A police detective noted that "His personality could change in a split second"
* In his confession, Gacy attributed the murders to an alter personality named Jack Hanley
Though Gacy alone was convicted for his crimes, it is apparent that some of his young male employees were complicit in finding victims and disposing of the bodies:
* It was claimed none of Gacy's employees knew that the holes he asked them to dig were graves, even though the stench of decaying flesh in his house was said to be overwhelming
* Gacy himself acknowledged being a copycat of Dean Corll, who used two younger males (Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks) to abduct victims for him to torture and murder
* After Russell Nelson disappeared, his friend Robert Young started phoning the victim's family to extort money from them, and when two family members came down to Chicago, Young offered them jobs with Gacy
* One of Gacy's employees, Michael Rossi, moved in with John Mowery days before Mowery disappeared, insisted Mowery meet someone who was about to leave town (Gacy was about to head out of town), and later told Mowery's friends that he knew about a place where a bunch of dead bodies were buried that police didn't know about

Even more disturbingly, there is evidence that some of his employees killed victims on their own without Gacy being involved:
* Several of Gacy's employees had keys to his home, and at least one of them (Paske) was part of a criminal enterprise that may have given him his own motive to dump bodies there
* Some of the victims attributed to Gacy were abducted and murdered while plane tickets showed he was not even in Illinois
* Attained a high-level position in the Chicago Democratic Party, even meeting Rosalynn Carter
* Two items in his police records were blacked out as "FBI matters"
* Gacy claimed to work for the Syndicate
* One of his employees was Phillip Paske, the business partner of John Norman in a child trafficking ring whose clients likely included nationwide elites such as Alan Baer and Harold Andersen of Omaha
Ted Bundy * Acquaintances, an investigator, and the Colorado judge all commented on how Bundy's physical appearance could radically change depending on the situation, to the point where he didn't even look like the same person * All of the Seattle victims either never turned up, turned up with certain organs selectively removed, or only turned up as skulls, leading to rumors that the killings were ritualistic
* Police informants talked of seeing "Ted" leading cult gatherings, and drew connections to other serial killers like Stanley Baker and Thomas Creech with occult overtones
* Two of the suspects in the Seattle murders who weren't Bundy later turned up in Utah and Colorado at the same time Bundy lived in those states, and were arguably better suspects for the physical murders themselves, raising the possibility that Bundy was leading a cult that traveled interstate
* Carol DaRonch's description of her attacker did not match Bundy and she initially could not pick him out of a lineup, but she later could, in a lineup of policemen who were all older and heavier than Bundy
* The star witness in Bundy's Colorado trial identified not Bundy, but Pitkin County Undersheriff Ben Meyers, who had previously left his job as police chief of Grand Junction CO in the wake of corruption charges
* Semen found in the bed of one of the victims was from a nonsecretor, whereas Bundy was proven to be a secretor

Next generation

Commonalities of serial killer cases
Name Abuse and dissociation Pedophilia Government links Satanic/cult links Protection Railroading Parapolitical significance
Doug Clark
Bobby Joe Long * Cousin of Henry Lee Lucas * One of his victims, Lana Long, was a former Los Angeles resident who had danced at many nightclubs including that of Eddie Nash, and was raising money before her murder to get out of town, perhaps to escape a local sex ring in Tampa rumored to be recruiting women for snuff films
Richard Ramirez * Was mentored by his older cousin Mike, who served in Vietnam as a Phoenix Program assassin


Commonalities of serial killer cases
Name Abuse and dissociation Pedophilia Government links Satanic/cult links Protection Railroading Parapolitical significance
Leonard Lake
Charles Ng
Bob Berdella * Appeared to have an interest in Satanism, though investigators disputed it * The lead investigator, Troy Cole, was a "former" employee of the CIA * At one point, Berdella was a suspect in the Johnny Gosch abduction
* One entry in his torture log mentions Oliver North, and he felt compelled to explain it away as innocuous
Gary Heidnik * Entering the US Army with the intent of becoming a military policeman, they instead (likely as a form of "blooding") trained him as a medic and sent him to be an orderly at an Army hospital in West Germany, where he was experimented on with hallucinogenic drugs
Jeffrey Dahmer
Herb Baumeister * Virgil Vandagriff, a private investigator hired by the missing victims' families, seems to have delayed the identification of Baumeister. In August 1994, he was the first one to speak with a witness who had survived a visit to Fox Hollow Farm. One of Vandagriff's investigators tracked down the farm, but inexplicably showed the witness an aerial photograph, leaving him unable to identify the property. Vandagriff's secretary Connie Pierce, who had worked closely with the witness, died suddenly at age 46 in November 1997. As an Indianapolis law enforcement officer, Vandagriff was a strange character. He learned hypnosis in the mid 1970s from the LAPD and employed it in hundreds of cases throughout his career, including that of "Speedway Bomber" Brett Kimberlin.

Patsies and assassins

Commonalities of serial killer cases
Name Abuse and dissociation Pedophilia Government links Satanic/cult links Protection Railroading Parapolitical significance
Albert DeSalvo * F. Lee Bailey, purportedly DeSalvo's defense attorney, has a record of being a legal fixer for intelligence operations
* The confessions made by DeSalvo were extracted under hypnosis by William Joseph Bryan, a CIA-connected hypnotist who was likely involved in programming Sirhan Sirhan

* Nearly everyone on the task force initially believed multiple perpetrators were involved, something that was forgotten after DeSalvo confessed
* Many of the details given in DeSalvo's confessions were inaccurate, but nevertheless accepted by police
* DeSalvo was never tried for the murders, but "defense" attorney Bailey decided to defend him from sexual assault charges by essentially putting his own client on trial for murder
* Two DNA samples collected from Mary Sullivan, one from a semen stain in her pubic hair, did not match DeSalvo's DNA according to a 2001 test
* Yet in 2013, there was suddenly a brand-new article confirming that DNA had matched to DeSalvo
* The more likely suspect in Patricia Bissette's murder was defense contractor Jules Rothman
Arthur Shawcross * Phoenix Program assassin during the Vietnam War
Danny Rolling

Other likely subjects

After Programmed to Kill was published, researchers have discovered other serial killers who fit the same profile described in McGowan's book:

  • Dean Corll
  • Thomas Creech
  • Ed Gein
  • Patrick Kearney (the Freeway Killer)
  • Golden State Killer
  • Oakland County Child Killer, abbv. "OCCK"
  • Rodney Alcala (the Dating Game Killer)
  • Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris (the Toolbox Killers)
  • Dennis Rader (the BTK Killer)
  • Andre Rand (the "Cropsey" killer)
  • Larry Eyler (the Highway Murderer)
  • John Joubert - abductor and murderer of boys in Maine and Nebraska; radar technician at Offutt AFB, which is a key center for government mind control programs and the Franklin child sex ring; made possibly ritualistic carvings on both of his Nebraska victims
  • David Parker Ray (the Toy Box Killer)
  • Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer)
  • Robert Pickton
  • Long Island Serial Killer
  • Miranda Barbour (the Craigslist Killer)


External links

Books and resources

Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole

  • Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas Story by Max Call (1985)
  • Sondra London, "The Devil's Child", 1991
  • Crime Library, "Henry Lee Lucas: Deadly Drifter" by Patrick Bellamy: chapters 1, ..., 8, 9, ...
  • The Pylon, "True Crime Blacksburg: The Henry Lee Lucas Story", 2016/10/31 - cross-checks claims in Max Call's book
  • From p.257 of Serial Killers: Up Close and Personal: Inside the World of Torturers, Psychopaths and Mass Murderers by Christopher Berry-Dee, it's said that Lucas was incarcerated at Chillicothe prison in Ohio just as Charles Manson was: "Interstate flight and auto theft across a State line are federal offences, and State Troopers arrested them in Toledo in July, after which, Henry started a 13-month term at the Ohio Federal State Reformatory at Chillicothe. After his federal term had expired, he was returned in shackles to the Virginia State Penitentiary to complete his original sentence. He was back on the streets in September 1959."
  • Contemporaneous news articles
  • "Hand of Death" cult allegations
    • Brownsville Herald, "Killer Lucas claims he's member of a death cult", 1984/04/23 - is it "Hand" or (as in this article) "Hands"?
    • Crime Library summary (from Ch.8 above) of how Lucas and Toole claim to have gotten involved with the Hand of Death - mentions a cult recruiter named Don Meteric whom they met at an abandoned warehouse on the Miami coast
    • Everglades paramilitary camps
    • From p.166-167 of The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Book Two: Finding the Victim by Arthur Jay Harris (2016):

          No law enforcement agent seems to have believed that the cult actually existed. Although Lucas often spoke in detail about it, and even gave the FBI a few names of other members, nothing apparently checked out. But the best reason to think it wasn't just Lucas's imagination was that Toole, separately, also gave the FBI a lot of essentially overlapping details about it while adding some and contradicting others. Could these two blockheads have made it all up?
          One overlap was the tattoos. In the report of Toole's March 1984 interview, an FBI agent wrote that Toole said "Lucas had a tattoo of a cross with hands at the base and flames of fire in the web of his right hand and that this is a sign of the members of the Hand of Death." Toole said he didn't have a tattoo but he'd worn a ring with a devil's head, as did others in the cult. In the report of Lucas's FBI interview in May 1984, another agent wrote, "Lucas stated that members can also recognize one another by a tattoo they should have on their right hand in the webbing between the thumb and forefinger. Lucas stated that tattoo is of a cross, flames, and hands."
          Lucas showed the agent what he said was his tattoo, although he admitted it had nearly worn off. The agent reported he could only see some "very faint dark lines whose shape could not be discerned." (A 1998 AP story reported that Lucas's arms had tattoos of a naked woman, a sinking ship, the comic strip character Blondie, and a Boy Scout fleur-de-lis.)
          Lucas added that some members had tattoos signifying additional things. Those with snakes were kidnappers, and those with scorpions were "ritual killers who kill for the ceremonies the cult engages in."
    • Following the 1989 discovery of the Matamoros cult in Mexico, some Texas law enforcement officials found it so eerily similar to Lucas's earlier "Hand of Death" story that they reinvestigated his allegations. According to p.17 of Carl Raschke's Painted Black, Williamson County sheriff Jim Boutwell later told a reporter that they verified Lucas was involved in cult activities: "Finally, the Texas attorney general's office decided to take a second look at earlier statements by convicted mass killer Henry Lee Lucas, waiting on death row, that he had been connected with a satanic cult operating along the border of Texas and Mexico. Lucas had called the cult the "Hand of Death." Lucas's credibility had been in serious doubt because he had first "confessed" to the murder of 600 persons all around the United States, then withdrew his statements and said he was responsible for the deaths of only three victims, including his own mother. Three years earlier Lucas had drawn a map of cult killing sites for a Catholic lay worker from Georgetown named "Sister" Clemmie Schroeder, who had served as his spiritual advisor. Jim Boutwell, the sheriff of Texas' Williamson County who aided in a Texas Rangers task force that gathered the Lucas confessions, told a valley newspaper that investigators had verified Lucas was involved in cult activities. He also noted that he had seen a map similar to the one supplied by Sister Clemmie." (full Ch.1 text) The newspaper article is most likely: Brownsville Herald, "Lucas Map Said to Show Border Cult Activities", 1989/04/21, p.8A
    • Texas Monthly, "The Work of The Devil" by Gary Cartwright, 1989/06: "When lawmen finally began to sort things out, the ritual killings seemed almost predestined. A map drawn two years ago by confessed mass-killer Henry Lee Lucas had predicted with inexplicable accuracy that the bodies of victims of satanic rituals would be found about where Kilroy and others were found."
    • Russ Winter, "The Use of Cultists and Serial Killers in Death Squad Hits", 2017/07/03: "In one of his interviews, Lucas said that was a neighboring cult ranch but that “we had the same thing going on.”"
    • In p.421-422 of Sinister Forces Book III by Peter Levenda, there's evidence that the Hand of Death and Process Church spinoffs might be connected: "Another mound site, of possibly less importance, lies in Beaumont, Texas – a site that shows up in both the Son of Sam case, as well as in the Henry Lee Lucas case. According to Lucas, the 'Hand of Death' cult that he insisted existed in Texas, and was responsible for murders throughout the United States, was based in or around Beaumont at one point, and was responsible for the murder of a lawyer there. Beaumont, a suburb of Houston, and is where Sam cultist John Carr's ex-wife lived with her daughter. Berkowitz visited Beaumont when he obtained the famous .44 Charter Arms Bulldog revolver that was used in the Sam killings. Houston has been identified in the same literature is a cult center for the group rivaling Los Angeles; Minot, North Dakota; and New York City."
    • From p.129 of Programmed to Kill: "It is not likely a coincidence that Henry’s partner, Ottis Toole, was known to have paid visits to the New Orleans headquarters of the Process Church."
    • (Now no longer works) "Henry Lee Lucas and The Hand of Death: Interview with Max Call" - discussed in a Rigorous Intuition comment by robotilt: "Henry Lee Lucas and The Hand of Death: Interview with Max Call In 1990 I conducted an interview with Max Call, author of The Hand of Death, a book detailing Henry Lee Lucas’ involvement with an alleged satanic cult of that name. (The video was part of preproduction work on an aborted documentary about Henry Lee Lucas and part of our information gathering. It was never intended for public consumption, hence the production values are crude to nonexistent.)"
    • Interview with Max Call from sometime after 1992 in p.55-66 of SERIAL KILLER MAGAZINE ISSUE 18, Issue 18 by James Gilks - says that the cult tried to kill Henry twice while he was in prison: one by poisoning his food and once by shooting him through the window of his prison cell (which led to a man getting arrested and incarcerated in the Georgetown jail pending trial); claims the FBI flew over the Everglades to look for the Hand of Death training camp but was unwilling to search on the ground, even though Henry told them why they couldn't spot it from the air; offers his personal belief that the FBI did find traces of the camp, but since it was a mobile installation, it was moved; mentions that Henry told the authorities about a ranch in Mexico, explaining how it operated and pointing out the location on a map, but the authorities refused to do anything because it would require going through the State Department; claims that Attorney General Jim Mattox told Henry that if he recanted all of his confessions to Waco murders he would walk on all his charges except perjury, which was really a lie to discredit Henry and get publicity to distract from the criminal investigation of Waco DA Vic Feazell; says that Henry didn't remember what lie he told the church camp about Becky being gone after he murdered her, so Call decided to write that Henry said Becky ran away with a truck driver; claims that when Mattox told Henry to recant and got him a new attorney, who told Henry that he found the truck driver and that the trucker could testify Becky left with him, not knowing that it was a story Call made up, which proves that the authorities were falsifying evidence to discredit Henry's confessions; asserts that Henry was unable to remember a lot of the details of his murders due to drug use, and when a corrupt law enforcement officer would feed him details, he would view it as divine intervention from God to help him remember what he did, leading him to make false confessions; also alludes to the possibility that Henry might have (intentionally or unintentionally) taken credit for murders committed by other Hand of Death members; agrees that the Madam Morris cult was likely related to the Hand of Death; claims that after he gave a presentation to Texas law enforcement about cults, many of the police officers from all over Texas approached him afterwards to confirm that they saw markers of the Hand of Death in murders they had on the books; claims that the Hand of Death murders all leave a distinctive mark, but one that varies, such as a cross on the breast or buttocks, a nipped off earlobe, a book of matches in the victim's hand, etc.; includes a letter from Henry on 1992/11/24 that mentions the Hand of Death and the book he helped Max Call write
    • Serial Killer Magazine, "THE HAND OF DEATH CULT: FACT OR FICTION?" by Anna M. Griffy
    • Billy Bob Barton, "An Interview With Ottis Toole: The Cannibal Kid", 2000
    • From p.281 of Killer Fiction by G. J. Schaefer: "My closest associate in this slimepit [Kenneth "Mad Dog" McKenna] is an Anointed Fourth Prince of the Hand of Death who was a contract killer for the Mafia. He is serving a 125 year minimum mandatory life sentence for crimes too revolting to discuss here. This man has gunned down mobsters from Miami to New York and can give names and dates. He is one of the most honest persons in this prison. All I need to do is ask this gentleman to have SL [Sondra London] and her kid murdered and it would be done. SL is alive at this moment because I choose to allow it."
    • Cult recruiter Don Meteric
    • Murder of gas station attendant John P. McDaniel Jr. - former mayor of Malone FL and father of Jackson County Sheriff John McDaniel
    • The murders of 17-year-old Linda Karbin and 19-year-old Hazel Haack in Sunny Isles, part of Dade County, were attributed to Henry Lee Lucas. Haack was a runaway who had gotten involved in prostitution (one friend called it "hanging out down on Biscayne Boulevard, at night") and selling drugs. Initially, police traced her drug connections, and when Lucas was implicated, they reclassified it as a random serial killing. But by Lucas's account, the Hand of Death performed contract hits that would simply appear to be random serial killings, so organized crime may well have been involved in the Karbin and Haack murders.
  • The reporter most involved with debunking many of Lucas's claimed murders was Hugh Aynesworth, a well-known CIA disinformation asset dating back to his work on the JFK assassination
  • On p.163-164 of The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Michael Newton (copied here), Lucas' recantations and Aynesworth's debunking are both challenged:

        Lucas was barely home from that trip when the storm broke, on April 15. Writing for the Dallas Times-Herald, journalist Hugh Aynesworth prepared a series of headline articles, blasting the "massive hoax" that Lucas had perpetrated, misleading homicide investigators and the public, sometimes with connivance from the officers themselves. According to Aynesworth, over-zealous detectives had prompted Lucas with vital bits of information, coaching him through his confessions, deliberately ignoring evidence that placed him miles away from various murder scenes at the crucial moment. From jail, Lucas joined in by recanting his statements across the board. Aside from his mother, he claimed to have slain only two victims -Powell and Rich - in his life. By April 23, he was denying those crimes, despite the fact that he led police to Becky's grave, while Rich's bones had been recovered from his stove, at Stoneburg.
        From the beginning, officers had been aware of Henry's penchant for exaggeration. One of his first alleged victims, a Virginia schoolteacher, was found alive and well by police. Some of his statements were clearly absurd, including confessions to murders in Spain and Japan, plus delivery of poison to the People's Temple cultists in Guyana. On the other hand, there were also problems with Henry's retraction. Soon after the Aynesworth story broke, Lucas smuggled a letter to authors Jerry Potter and Joel Norris, claiming that he had been drugged and forced to recant. A local minister, close to Lucas since his 1983 "conversion," produced a tape recording of Henry's voice, warning listeners not to believe the new stories emerging from prison.
        The most curious part about Henry's new tale was the role of Hugh Aynesworth, himself. In his newspaper series, Aynesworth claimed to have known of the "hoax" - hearing the scheme from Henry's own lips since October 1983. A month later, on November 9, Aynesworth signed a contract to write Henry's biography. In September 1984, he appeared on the CBS-TV Nightwatch program, offering no objections as videotapes of the Lucas confessions were aired. As late as February 1985, Aynesworth published a Lucas interview in Penthouse magazine, prompting Henry with leading remarks about Lucas "killing furiously" and claiming victims "all over the country" in the 1970s. Through it all, the Times-Herald maintained stony silence, allowing the "hoax" to proceed, while dozens (or hundreds) of killers remained free on the basis of Henry's "false" confessions.
        In retrospect, the Aynesworth series smells strongly of sour grapes. A clue to the author's motive is found in his first article, with a passing reference to the fact that Lucas had signed an exclusive publishing contract with a Waco used-car dealer -- shortly after his June 1983 arrest. The prior existence of that contract scuttled Aynesworth's deal, concocted five months later, and prevented him from winning fame as Lucas's biographer. The next best thing, perhaps, would be to foul the waters and prevent competitors from publishing a book about the case. (It is worth noting that Aynesworth omits all mention of his own contract with Lucas, while listing various authors who tried to "cash in" on the "hoax.")
        Aynesworth produced an elaborate time-line to support his "fraud" story, comparing Henry's "known movements" with various crimes to discredit police, but the final product is riddled with flaws. Aynesworth rules out numerous murders by placing the Lucas-Toole meeting in 1979, while both killers and numerous independent witnesses describe an earlier meeting, in late 1976. (In fact, Lucas was living with Toole's family in 1978, a year before Aynesworth's acknowledged "first meeting.") The reporter cites pay records from Southeast Color Coat to prove that the killers seldom left Jacksonville, but office manager Eileen Knight recalls that they would often "come and go." (At the same time, Aynesworth places Lucas in West Virginia while he was working in Florida, the same error of which he accuses police.) According to Aynesworth, Lucas spent "all the time" between January and March 1978 with girlfriend Rhonda Knuckles, never leaving her side, but his version ignores the testimony of a surviving witness, tailed by Lucas across 200 miles of Colorado and New Mexico in February of that year. The woman remembers Henry's face - and she recorded his license number for police -- but her story is lost in Aynesworth's account. At one point, Aynesworth is so anxious to clear Henry's name that he lists one victim twice on the time-line, murdered on two occasions, four days apart, in July 1981.
  • From The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Book Two: Finding the Victim by Arthur Jay Harris (2016):

        Phil Ryan, who as a Texas Ranger spent a great deal of time with Lucas and coordinated his meetings with detectives from other jurisdictions, quickly realized, he told me, that every detective needed to know what the previous detective who'd discussed the same case had already told Lucas.
        Questions never adequately answered included, Were some of Lucas and Toole's confessions real but not others? Were they competing with each other in numbers of confessions? Were they serial killers, serial confessors, or both?
        Often Lucas's information was very specific, and he drew surprisingly talented pencil drawings of who he said were his victims. Some of the women were nudes. But other times he and Toole were vague in terms of time, place, and circumstance. Ryan, who early in the investigation was dubious that Lucas had killed more than once, told me he now thinks Lucas actually committed about fifty murders—not the six hundred he claimed, but still enough to make him one of the worst criminals in modern history.
  • From p.161 of The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Book Two: Finding the Victim by Arthur Jay Harris (2016):

        But a few years later the game was back afoot. In FDLE's investigative summary reports of the northwest Florida murders, Toole's information was specific. Further, despite what Lucas told the press in 1989, a year before he had confessed to them as well, and his information matched Toole's. Even further, it matched what FDLE had gotten from Frank Powell, as well as evidence from the crime scenes.
        Forgetting their uninspiring conclusions and Lucas's remarks to the contrary, these cases looked real. Including Haack and Karbin, Lucas and Toole were spree killers like they'd said. As for the rest of their maddening confessions, who knows?
  • Vic Feazell investigation documents - main page here
    • ...
  • Commutation of Lucas' death sentence by George W. Bush
  • Adam Walsh kidnapping - as explained below, perhaps Ottis Toole and Jeffrey Dahmer worked together on the murder under the auspices of the Hand of Death
  • Dubious "remote viewing" website connects the Hand of Death, Ottis Toole, and Jeffrey Dahmer to "Emilio" in the Johnny Gosch kidnapping
  • Topix post by Kelly Holcomb about the Tracy Woods murder claiming that Henry Lee Lucas rather than Mike Bowen is the murderer
  • Houston Chronicle, "Texas police search for information on notorious serial killer's mystery victim", 2018/02/22

Rafael Resendez-Ramirez

Son of Sam

Monster of Florence

Cary Stayner

Refer to the extensive collection of sources on the Cary Stayner page

Richard Speck

  • "BORN TO RAISE HELL -- LIFE & CRIMES OF RICHARD SPECK": "In the course of the hour, Speck had systematically tied and gagged each of the women. As author Richard Lindberg has stated: "How he accomplished this with minimal to no resistance is one of the enduring mysteries in the annals of Chicago crime." Why did none of the women try to escape? Why did they not try and overpower Speck as he was tying another victim? Why did none of the women in the other townhouses hear anything that was taking place? No one knows and as Lindberg has noted -- it remains a mystery."

Charles Whitman

"Zodiac Killer"

  • "Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 39 (The Zodiac Killer)", 2012/01/08
  • Original police reports
    • Napa County Sheriff's Department report on the 1969/09/27 Lake Berryessa attacks: pages 1, ..., 11, ..., 13, ...
  • Thomas Henry Horan theory (Zodiac Killer hoax)
    • The Stones Unturned Podcast, "Episode 1: Zodiac Killer Fraud Robert Graysmith", 2018/01/04
    • The Stones Unturned Podcast, "Episode 7: Zodiac Killer Hoax Part 2", 2018/05/26
    • Ed Opperman interview on 2018/11/09 of Thomas Henry Horan - identifies major California narcotics officer Hal Snook as the author of the Zodiac letters; brings up how Darlene Ferrin married a man named Jim Phillips / Jim Crabtree with whom she traveled around the United States, often ending up near the sites of large French Connection drug busts; claims that some people who knew Jim said he was a Satanist (inspired by the teachings of Anton LaVey); mentions Darlene allegedly witnessing a murder in the Virgin Islands while she and Jim were there
    • Drug motive behind the murder of Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday
      • The Great Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1986 forum post about the drug motive: "In December 1968, Lundblad and Butterbach had received tips that a certain gang of drug dealers may have "bumped off" David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen. Lundblad's investigation immediately came to a halt. In June 1969, a group of young men went on a crime spree, robbing and shooting a series of gas station attendants in Vallejo. David Magris, Matthew Donohue, his brother Robert Donohue, and an unnamed fourth man were arrested. The unnamed man was quickly released. But the young Donohue Brothers, facing a possible death penalty, told Solano County Sheriff's Deputy Terry Cunningham that they had been present at the shooting of David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen in December. Unlike the "Zodiac," the Donohue brothers accurately described what the victims were wearing, etc. to Cunningham. They accused a notorious local gang leader nicknamed "Big Red" of doing the actual shooting. They also accused Big Red of bragging about shooting Darlene Ferrin in the parking lot at Blue Rock Springs park. This Big Red was later indicted in absentia for the execution style shooting of Ronald Lee Roy in December 1967. One of his accomplices in that shooting, Rockey Dixon, was also accused by several people of shooting Darlene.

        Big Red was the favorite informant of Solano County narcotics task force officer Ben Villareal. In July 1969, Villareal arrested and associate of Big Red's in possession of the P38 pistol and handed him over to John Lynch who booked him for the murder of Darlene Ferrin. The P38 pistol was tested by the ballistics lab in Sacramento. The results of that test have never been made public. But the last week of July, victim Mike Mageau failed to identify the suspect or any members of Big Red's gang from their mugshots. On July 31, someone started mailing letters to the Bay Area newspapers."
      • Solano County Sheriff's Office report of 1968/12/24 by Sgt. Lundblad and Butterbach - cites information that David Faraday had planned to turn in a marijuana dealer and was threatened over this at the IHOP on Tennessee Street
      • "Now It Can Be Told" by Geraldo Rivera episode on 1992/02/28 - has former Vallejo police officer Steve Baldino acknowledge police corruption within the department, including narcotics trafficking, a burglary ring, and officers who were fired for having sex with a 14-year-old girl; cites Maury Terry as an investigator; interviews former Vallejo Police Department officer John Lynch, who says that David Faraday found out about a narcotics transaction that had taken place and was telling others about it; interviews the Vallejo PD's top suspect Arthur Allen who denies involvement
      • The Great Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1986 forum post describing how Detective Les Lundblad of the Solano County Sheriff's Office publicly promoted the idea that the killer was a "deranged individual" while hiding the links to drug trafficking
    • The Great Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1986 forum discussion on James Phillips Crabtree (pages 1, 2, 3)
      • "Thanks for your comment! What's even stranger is, police didn't even bother looking for Crabtree until January of 1970. They got a "tip" from a "psychic" named Joseph DeLouise, who had been talking to Darlene's family. It seems likely that the tip really came from them. So, why wait six months? Darlene's sister Pam and brother Leo III have both said that they and their family were not totally honest when they gave their statements to police in July 1969. Leo has said that Darlene was out looking to score him a bag of weed that night. Pam has always had a thing for "diet pills." So, it seems likely (and the "Zodiac"letters seem to confirm this) that VPD originally came to the rapid conclusion that the shooting at BRS was related to the rampant epidemic of drug-related shootings in Vallejo at that time. Buuuuuuuuuuuut: Mike's description of the shooter matches Crabtree's photos of that time to a perfect T. Mike also said that, as near as he could tell, the shooter's brown car was very similar to Darlene's brown 1963 Corvair. Guess what? Crabtree owned a brown 1963 Corvair. When asked about the car, Crabtree told police that he had abandoned the car in a parking lot and told the previous owner to come pick it up. This supposedly happened before the shooting. Crabtree told police that he did not even know Darlene was dead until they came to the jail he was locked up in (on another charge) for questioning. But Darlene's family all swear he was at her funeral. People who know Crabtree have said that he is bitter about Darlene to this day and several of them have said they believe he probably killed her. All of which proves zip. By far, the worst, sloppiest, laziest investigation of all of these murders was VPD's investigation of the Ferrin murder."
      • "Based on the ACTUAL witness statements in the files, the man who seemed to have sort of been "stalking" Darlene before her death was most likely Crabtree. But, at least one of those statements is undoubtedly about a young man named Richard Moncur (who owned a white Cougar) who simply lived across the alley and used to sit in his car, smoking and listening to the radio. The alley is very narrow, and it would have looked very much like he was parked more or less "in front of " Darlene and Dean's house."
      • "Soooooooooo...did Hal Snook KNOW Jim? Some of their mutual friends have told me they knew each other. After WWII, Hal got his degree in Journalism from San Jose State University (you will NOT believe who his roommate was...) and then took over two small, bankrupt newspapers in far northern California--near where Diamond lived. Jim would have been a kid then. Hal spent a lot of time with boys, but until Jim himself confirms he was, um, "mentored" by Hal, there is just no way to confirm that part of the story.

        However, everything Jim ever claimed to "know" about the news biz, and all of his "Special Forces" training (according to Jim's brother, Jim never did anything in the Army beyond clerk/typist) he obviously could have learned from Hal. And I have found quite a bit of evidence that Hal also taught Graysmith everything he needed to know to get HIS first job at a newspaper--at age 12--when Graysmith lived with his parents at Tachikawa AFB, Japan. Hal was an AF officer on the same staff with Colonel Robert G Smith, Sr.

        Did anything "inappropriate" happen between Hal and his two young proteges? Only they can say. But several people who knew Jim as a boy say they think he had been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused by Diamond. An allegation that, so far as Diamond goes, fits everything I've learned about HIM. Soooooooo...And Hal was his nephew. Some people who knew Hal as an adult have told me that they believed Hal was some kind of pervert, himself, and certainly spent a LOT of time with adolescent boys. Sooooooo..."
      • "Napa deputy Richard Lonergan, lead investigator (reporting to Captain Don Townsend) on the Berryessa attack, had a prime suspect in the case--Park Ranger Dennis Land. Who looks guilty as hell, according to the files released in 2012 in response to my work. And he is a great suspect in the SRH murders, too. But NOT Allen. The "detectives" who supposedly corroborated Graysmith's book over the years--Mulanax, Narlow, Bawart, etc--were NOT "detectives" on any of these cases. The REAL detectives on these cases ALL repeatedly affirmed what I pointed out--there was no "Zodiac" and no connection between the murders."
      • "Darlene's father Leo II was a pedophile who abused at least some of his kids. Darlene apparently ran away in 1962ish or 1963ish with a man in his 30s who her siblings considered more dangerous than Crabtree. She was gone for about 9 months. Did she have a kid who was sold on the black market? Good question. The Pill was not widely available yet, and it was expensive when it came out. Anyhoo, she apparently never told ANYONE what she and this man did, other than travel across the country. When she turned 18 she ran off again, to the Haight, and married Crabtree. No kids, but again, Crabtree is fundamentally queer, which may be why she married him. Jim and Darlene also hit the road, also apparently up to no good. Darlene's friends say she dropped hints that Crabtree had gotten her involved in drug smuggling and a cult-related murder in the Caribbean, and THAT sounds vaguely like the DeGrimstons and their Process Church. But I can't help wondering if it was DARLENE who got Jim involved, since she and Jim seemed to have been retracing the steps from the first time she ran off. In any case, this time around, Darlene was no longer a juvenile. During this exact period of time, Cheri Jo Bates's father was being threatened in regards to his actions against drug trafficking in Riverside County, and Cheri Jo ended up murdered. Before "Zodiac" took the rap for that one, L Ron Hubbard claimed the DeGrimston mob did it. The funny thing is, there may be something to that."
    • Doreen Heskett kidnapping/murder - disappeared 1963/03/25 in Napa County; found 1963/11/21 by Earl Stewart on his ranch
      • Find A Grave memorial for Phillip E. “Bucky” Stewart deceased 1987/05/28: "He began his law enforcement career with the Napa County Sheriff's Department in September of 1958 and served as a deputy until transferring to the District Attorney's Office in 1963. Mr. Stewart was the first D.A. investigator in Napa County. He was promoted to chief investigator in October 1972. He held that position until he was elected sheriff in November 1978. Mr. Stewart served two terms as sheriff, retiring in January after a 28-year law enforcement career. While in the district attorney's office, Mr. Stewart supervised the child support program and was active in the California District Attorney's Investigators Association, serving as president from 1969 to 1980. During his two terms as sheriff, Mr. Stewart began the use of a crime scene van for investigations, started the Napa River Boat Patrol, the motorcycle program and increased the canine program. He was instrumental in consolidation of communications with the City of Napa and 911 emergency number implementation. Mr. Stewart was active in many law enforcement and civic organizations, including the Calfornia State Sheriff's Association, the Napa County Bay Counties and California Peace Officers assocations, California District Attorney's Investigators Association, Native Sons of the Golden West Parlor 62, Yount Lodge Masonic 12, and the Npaa Valley and California State Horsemen's association."
      • Napa Valley Register, "Cold-case unit looks to wrap up mysteries", 2012/04/22: "In November 1963, a few days before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, a dairy rancher southwest of Napa found the body of 5-year-old Doreen Heskett eight months after she had disappeared. The kindergartner had vanished as she walked home from a friend’s house near Jefferson and Pueblo streets, triggering a massive search involving 2,500 police, military personnel and civilian volunteers, along with tracking dogs. The discovery at the Stewart Ranch shocked everyone. Experts were called in, including the head criminologist from UC Berkeley, but the case was never solved as witnesses either died or left Napa County."
      • Interview with Bucky Stewart molestation victim Matt Newman in March 2014 (2015 reupload): "Hi. In 1956 I was attacked and molested by Napa police officer Phillip Bucky Stewart. I think he also killed Doreen Heskett in 1963. [...] Who do I think this? I was abducted by Bucky Stewart on Jefferson St. In Napa City. So was she. Her body was found on Bucky Stewart's ranch, owned by his father Earl Stewart. Many people know that Bucky and his police buddies were into dark stuff. Read the comments on this article. Napa County is one of the most corrupt places on earth and I want the attorney general to investigate the city of Napa and look into my allegations and prove Bucky Stewart killed this little girl.Napa law enforcement tried to intimidate me into shutting up. Now I tell my story. Please like, subscribe and spread the word."
      • Crime Magazine, "Forever 5: The Kidnap and Murder of Doreen Heskett", 2014/12/04
        • "On the morning of Thursday, November 21, 1963, Earl Stewart stumbled across the skeletal remains of a child in his South Napa cow pasture. Police were baffled by the location as they had paid particular attention to the field due to its proximity to the South Jefferson/Imola intersection, the last location of a possible sighting of Doreen. Undersheriff Gardner had participated in an aerial search of the field while law enforcement officers and volunteers had combed the field on three separate occasions."
        • "During their initial observation of the remains, investigators noticed some important details. There was a gaping hole in the skull; the missing portion lay about a foot from the body. The body was face down; the right arm under the body, the left arm outstretched with the hand clasped together. Despite the advanced decomposition of the body, the clothing was intact and only slightly faded. Investigators theorized Doreen was the victim of a sex crime as the child’s panties were pulled down to her knees. Missing were Doreen’s stockings and tennis shoes."
        • "One particular suspect, Claude Ray Jr., eventually became the prime suspect. Ray had a history of molesting prepubescent female children. In 1957, he served a one-year sentence in county jail for committing a lewd and lascivious act upon a 7-year-old girl.

          During the course of the investigation, police discovered information that placed the convicted pedophile in close proximity to Doreen Heskett. At the time of Doreen’s disappearance, Ray worked as a laborer on the Ghisletta Ranch, property that adjoined that of Earl Stewart. The Ray family resided in a small house on Lincoln Avenue, within sight of Napa Union High School and three blocks from the Heskett family. Due to their residential location, the Ray children attended Lincoln Elementary School, the youngest daughter a classmate of Doreen.

          Questioned within 48 hours of the abduction, Ray provided an alibi that Assistant Chief of Police Jack Blair was unable to disprove. Eight months later, when police recovered the remains of Doreen Heskett, Ray was again brought into the police department for questioning. Repeating his earlier alibi, Ray failed to convince Detective Earl Randol of his innocence. Unable to make an arrest without an eyewitness account or physical evidence that tied Ray to the abduction or murder of Doreen, Detective Randol was forced to cut his suspect loose."
      • The Great Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1986 forum discussion that mentions Phillip Stewart being part of the same circles as Hal Snook and Dennis Land: "Dennis Land and Phillip Stewart could pass for identical twins. Ray Land and Arthur Leigh Allen could pass for identical twins. [...] As an avid hunter and diver, Allen was well known to the deputies and park rangers of Napa and Sonoma counties. WELL known. Hal Snook, the Land brothers, and Phillip Stewart all knew each other from these activities, and from Snook's sporting goods store in Napa. All but Allen were also familiar with Snook from their classes in Criminal Justice at Napa Junior College. It is highly, highly, highly probable that David Faraday knew Snook. There was no official Scout affiliated Explorer program in the area at that time (there has always been a looseness in their association, anyway) but if there was any kind of Explorers getting off the ground at that time, it would have involved Snook and Faraday. The explorers have always welcomed girls, and David may have been recruiting Betty Lou. I'm having a haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard time getting anyone to say one way or the other if Snook was ever a Scout leader. The question interests me for several very, very good reasons."
      • The Great Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1986 forum post with a photo of Bucky Stewart
    • Dishonesty of Michael Butterfield of the Zodiac Killer Facts website (
      • The Great Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1986 forum discussion mentioning a planned debate against Horan: "FWIW, multiple podcasts have invited Butterfield to debate me (at least Mike Morford tried) and he has chickened out every time. [...] Oh, I almost forgot to pile onto Butterfield: As most of you know, it was Butterfield who published the complete case against Cheri Jo's (sort-of-ex-)fiancee, and he even debunked the "case" against Sullivan. What most don't know, is that he has repeatedly agreed to "debate" me on air, and repeatedly chickened out. And I have repeatedly snickered."
  • Mae Brussell theory (Robert Linkletter son of Art Linkletter)
    • William Weston, "Who was the Zodiac Killer?", 2018/10/23
      • "Originally, the police believed the slaughter at the Tate house was the work of one man. A clue to his identity was a pair of glasses found in the living room. A lieutenant for the Los Angeles Police Department, Robert Helder, showed them to the press on October 23 and said that the killer probably lost them during the struggle with the victims. There were fingerprint smudges on it but no identifiable ridges. The owner was extremely near-sighted and could not operate a vehicle without them. An unusual feature was the plastic lenses. Unlike glass lenses, plastic resisted shattering and was the choice of very active people such as athletes. The amber-colored, horn-rimmed frames were of a specific type manufactured by the American Optical Corp. The customized bend of the temple shafts showed that the left ear was about one-fourth to one-half inch higher than the right. Police sent flyers to thousands of eye doctors, hoping that someone might provide information about the man who bought them.

        What the news media hailed as a major breakthrough in October quickly became an almost forgotten loose end in December after the arrest of Charles Manson, Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Linda Kasabian, none of whom wore glasses.

        When the case came to trial, prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi feared that defense attorneys might bring up the glasses and make the reasonable assertion that at least one killer was still at large. From that standpoint, they could argue that the wrong people were on trial. [6] Augmenting the effectiveness of this strategy would be to identify and locate the doctor who prescribed the glasses. That man, as will be shown below, was Dr. Victor Ohta, a wealthy ophthalmologist in the town of Soquel in the Santa Cruz area, 350 miles north of Los Angeles. As one of the state’s busiest eye surgeons, he specialized in the removal of cataracts. He and his family lived in a secluded mansion designed by Aaron Green, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, on a hilltop ten-acre site overlooking Monterey Bay."
      • "On October 19, 1970, three days before the glasses came up during the testimony of prosecution witness Roseanne Walker at the Manson family trial, [7] Mrs. Ohta was driving her green Oldsmobile station wagon home at about 5:00 pm. Calvin Penrod, a sales manager for mobile home parks, who knew Mrs. Ohta, was driving in close proximity to her car and noticed she had three passengers, young people with long hair. Behind Mrs. Ohta in the back seat was a man with a moustache; next to him was a woman with straight, long black hair; and a second man sat in the rear compartment behind the back seat. As it shortly turned out, the three passengers were highly trained, well-prepared killers. At the house they bound, blindfolded, and shot from behind Dr. and Mrs. Ohta, their two young sons, and the doctor’s secretary. Then they set fire to the house. The fierce blaze attracted the attention of two sheriff’s deputies, who called the fire department. Firemen attempting to reach the scene found both driveways blocked, one by Dr. Ohta’s Rolls Royce and the other by the secretary’s Continental, with the ignition keys snapped off in both locks. By the time they could push the cars aside, the mansion had already suffered extensive damage. While looking for a source of water, they found five bodies in the swimming pool.


        Mrs. Ohta’s station wagon served as the getaway car, driven wildly, nearly running other cars off the road. Witnesses saw three long-haired people in the careening car. At a campsite in the Bonny Doon area, witnesses saw three long-haired people, one of them a woman, near the station wagon. The following day the car was about a mile inside the Rincon railroad tunnel. An off-schedule Southern Pacific switch engine banged into it at 4:45 pm. Someone had driven it into the tunnel and set the seat cushions on fire (a destructive act similar to what happened to Kathleen Johns’ car). The engineer put out the flames with a fire extinguisher and then used his engine to push the car out of the tunnel. The motor was still warm from recent use. Three sets of footprints led from the spot where the car was abandoned to outside the tunnel.

        Alerted by a tip from “three long-haired persons” who provided the address of a woman who in turn gave directions to her husband’s tiny ramshackle hut in a wooded area in the Santa Cruz Mountains, sheriff’s deputies arrested John Linley Frazier, an auto mechanic who had dropped out of society and was living the hippie life-style. As soon as they took him into custody, the search for more suspects was discontinued. When newsmen asked District Attorney Peter Chang how one man could have bound, blindfolded, and shot five people with two pistols, a .38 and a .22, he said, “It sounds ridiculous, but it’s possible that it happened.”

        Originally, Frazier denied killing the Ohtas. He said that three persons went into the Ohta house while he waited outside at the driveway entrance. He changed his story later, confessing to a psychologist that he killed the Ohtas single-handedly. The original story is probably the correct one, and his role that day was to serve as lookout."
      • "According to a letter written by a woman who lived in Woodland Hills (near Los Angeles), Dr. Ohta was the man who prescribed the glasses found at the Tate house, and the owner was none other than the Zodiac himself. In late September 1970, less than a month prior to the Ohta slayings, she saw the Zodiac with Frazier in Woodland Hills. They “looked exactly alike” except that the Zodiac wore glasses. The implication is that Frazier was a Zodiac double. If he wore glasses, the resemblance would be greater. Pictures of Frazier at the time of his capture and all during his trial show him without glasses. However, a driver’s license photo released by the sheriff’s department shortly before his capture shows him wearing glasses. Perhaps he needed them to drive a car, yet the weird Zodiac-like appearance is certainly striking.

        The author of the letter goes on to identify the Zodiac by his real name and said that he was a member of a white supremacist organization called the International White Guard."
      • "While relating these conversations on her Dialogue: Conspiracy program on radio station KRLB in Carmel, Brussell never mentioned the name of the woman who wrote the letter and only said that she lived in Woodland Hills and worked as a school bus driver. She did however reveal the name of the Zodiac – after an interval of four years.

        On September 12, 1980, Robert Preston Linkletter, son of television interviewer and Hollywood celebrity Art Linkletter, was at his apartment, where his mother came to visit him. An hour later, he got into his car, a 1979 Saab. With him was his lawyer, Charles Crozier. Shortly after leaving his apartment, as he was driving west on Santa Monica Boulevard near Thayer Avenue, Gracie Jones travelling eastbound in a 1976 Buick crossed the center divider and rammed head on into the Saab. Robert died an hour later at the Los Angeles New Hospital from chest injuries. His passenger, Mr. Crozier, survived the accident, suffering from rib and face injuries. Jones’ explanation was that a car made a U-turn in front of her, forcing her to swerve into oncoming traffic. In January 1981, she pleaded no contest to the charge of vehicular manslaughter and was given a year probation.

        The letter that Brussell read on her program of September 28, 1980 was the second of two letters written by the Woodland Hills woman. Excerpts of the earlier letter appeared in an article on the front page of the Redwood City Tribune, Saturday, November 20, 1971. ["Letter-Writer Links Frazier and ‘Zodiac’" which names the woman as Marie Vigil]"
  • Maury Terry theory
  • Harry Martin theory
    • Napa Sentinel, "UNSOLVED MURDERS OF THE NAPA VALLEY" by Harry V. Martin, 1991 - mentions links to the Presidio military base: the proximity of many of the Zodiac murders to it, that Darlene Ferrin’s first husband was associated with it (ed. note: according to a forum discussion, her former husband Jim Crabtree "spent time in the Presidio mental ward"), that missing woman Donna Lass had worked at the Letterman Hospital on the Presidio; also links in Riverside County, where Cheri Jo Bates was murdered in 1966 one day before Halloween, around the time of Richard Speck and Charles Whitman's rampages that began shortly after Anton LaVey declared the "Age of Satan"; names as a suspect Robert E. Hunter Jr., a director of the California Academy of Sciences and vice president of Crocker Bank
    • Obituary for Robert Hunter Jr. in the San Francisco Chronicle on 2013/10/09: "He graduated from Yale University in 1945 and was a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Marines Corps, where he participated in the occupation of Japan after the Second World War. Hunter began his banking career at Bankers Trust in New York City where he met his first wife, Sylvia Morton. The couple moved to San Francisco in 1949 where he became a banker at the Crocker National Bank, specializing in agricultural loans. His territory included the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii, where he had spent summers as a teenager working at the Parker Ranch on the Big Island of Hawaii. He enjoyed working with his clients, many of whom became close friends, while fishing and hunting. He was also a limited partner at Brown Brothers Harriman, the investment banking firm in New York. [...] He was a lifelong member of the Bohemian Club, where in his earlier years he enjoyed performing on Thursday nights."
  • Alleged suspect Bruce Davis of the Manson Family
    • From p.620-621 of Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi with Curt Gentry:

          On November 21, 1969, the bodies of James Sharp, fiften, and Dorren Gaul, nineteen, were found in an alley in downtown Los Angeles. The two teen-agers had been killed elsewhere with a long-bladed kniife or bayonet, then dumped there. Each had been stabbed over fifty times.
          Ramparts division Leiutenant Earl Deemer investigated the Sharp-Gaul murders, as did Los Angeles Times reporter Cohen. Although the two men felt there was a good possibility that a Familty member was involved in the slayings, the murders remain unsolved.
          Both James Sharp and Doreen Gaul were Scientologists, the latter a Scientology "clear" who had been residing in a Church of Scientology house. According to unconfirmed reports, Doreen Gaul was a former girl friend of Manson Family member Bruce Davis, himself an ex-Scientologist.
          Davis' whereabouts at the times of the murders of Sharp, Gaul and Jane Doe 59 are not known. He disappeared shortly after being questioned in connection with the death of Zero.
    • Allegation that Bruce Davis lived near Cheri Jo Bates in 1966 and dropped off the map shortly after her murder
    • Napa Sentinel, "Zodiac arrest tied to Charles Manson family" by Harry V. Martin, 2005/09/09
  • Alleged suspect Bill Mentzer
  • Lyndon Lafferty theory
    • The Zodiac Killer Cover-Up: AKA: The Silenced Badge by Lyndon Lafferty (2005)
    • Real name of Lafferty's suspect is William Joseph Grant
  • Alleged suspect Jack Torrance
    • Rigorous Intuition thread about the CBS 13 article "News Clues Exposed In Bay Area Zodiac Killer Case": pages 1, 2 - finds that Dennis Kaufman, the person implicating his stepfather Jack Torrance, was the member of a Satanic church
  • Alleged suspect Philip Arthur Thompson
    • forum discussion on Philip Arthur Thompson as a potential Zodiac suspect (pages 1, 2, ..., 24, 25, ..., 30, ...) - has Dr. Doogie as the main supporter of the theory; notes the fact that Philip Arthur Thompson resided in several California cities where Zodiac crimes were committed, and that some of his murders were initially believed to be done by the Zodiac (like Betty Cloer) or the Symbionese Liberation Army; suggests that the SFPD's inexplicable decision to stop investigating the Zodiac in 2004 was a result of pressure by the federal government following the rumored DNA identification of Thompson

Stanley Baker

John Linley Frazier

  • Crime Library, "John Linley Frazier, the Killer Prophet and Hippie Murderer" by Katherine Ramsland: chapters 1, ...
  • Contemporaneous news articles - many on this Poli-con-deaths forum post
    • Santa Cruz Sentinel, "5 SC Slayings; Auto Only Clue" and "Dr. Ohta Settled Here After Air Force Duty", 1970/10/20
      • "Dr. and Mrs. Ohta were scheduled to attend the Founder's Day dinner of Dominican Hospital Monday night. It was speculated that Mrs. Cadwallader may have been engaged by them as a baby sitter for Taggart, a 6th grader at Good Shepherd school, and Derrick, who attended Thorp Manor private school in Santa Cruz.

        But Mrs. Cadwallader's husband, J. A. Cadwallader of 2115 Alice St., told The Sentinel today he did not know why his wife was at the Ohta residence, but that it definitely was not to act as a baby sitter.

        He said his wife did not return home from work Monday night and did not call home."
    • Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Three Sought In Mass Slaying", 1970/10/21 (pages 1, 6)
      • "Three people seen in the vicinity of Virginia Ohta's car while it was parked in Bonny Doon Tuesday and seen later near the tunnel where the station wagon was burned in the Rincon area off Highway 9 are being sought for investigation of murder, Sheriff Doug James said today.

        James said about 40 men were searching the mountainous area near Henry Cowell State Park for two men and a woman, all in their early 20s, all having long hair, one carrying an orange backpack.

        "We are following up every lead we can get," James said. He said deputies have found what appeared to be a campsite used by the trio in Bonny Doon, where the car was first seen.

        Search for the vehicle which began when Soquel Assistant Fire Chief Ernie Negro noticed it missing, at the death scene, ended late Tuesday afternoon when a Southern Pacific train crashed into it in a tunnel near the southern portion of Henry Cowell park. James said the car had been set afire in an attempt to destroy evidence. The car is being checked for fingerprints by state investigators.

        There were three sets of footprints leading from the car to the river James said. One of them was made by bare feet."
      • "An autopsy Tuesday revealed that Dr. Ohta had been shot twice in the back and once under the arm with a .38 pistol. The two women and two boys were shot in the base of the neck with a .22, Sheriff James said. There are indications that some of the victims were alive when they were toppled into the pool, and may have drowned."
      • "Sheriff James issued an appeal that anyone who was in the Rodeo Gulch Road vicinity, or who know of the Ohtas' or Mrs. Cadwallader's whereabouts between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Monday, contact his office, unless they have already done so."
    • Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Slaying Suspect Named" and "Fear Pervades SC Atmosphere", 1970/10/22 (pages 1, 2)
      • "At press time sheriff's investigators and the District Attorney were questioning two persons found in the search area, informed sources said."
      • "Chang, when asked about the persons in custody and the informants' information given him at 2 a.m. today, only said, "Absolutely no comment." At press time it is not known whether the people being detained by the sheriff's office are informants or suspects, although sheriff's spokesmen said no arrest had been made."
      • "Three barefoot, strange-acting people who entered a Monterey restaurant Wednesday night about midnight are being sought by police for questioning in connection with the Soquel mass murder, The Monterey Herald said today.

        Shaken by his experience, the restaurant owner requested that neither his name nor the name of his restaurant be used for fear of reprisal.

        He told police that three people, two men about 26 to 32, and a young woman, about 20, entered his restaurant and asked if he served food in nature's manner.

        The woman was waving a red wand and appeared to be in a semi-dazed condition. The two men asked the owner if he believed in nature. He replied he did.

        In the ensuing conversation the words "Without nature, we're dead" were used.

        The trio left the restaurant in a light colored, imported van."
  • Possible motive for the murder of Dr. Victor Ohta (erroneously called Dr. Vincent Ohta in Programmed to Kill): the pair of prescription eyeglasses found at the scene of the Tate murders, the origin of which authorities were investigating by talking to ophthalmologists

Herb Mullin

  • Mind control program at a Hawaii mental hospital
    • Interview of Mae Brussell by Tom Davis on 1980/12/08: "Hawaii has been the scene of many clandestine operations. Many CIA Vietnamese and members of the Special Forces, now safely removed from Vietnam, were assembled in Hawaii. The Nugan Hand Bank, an Australian conduit for CIA "black money", actually assassination funds, kept a branch in Hawaii. Herbert Mullen, convicted of mass murders in California, appeared perfectly normal until he was sent to a military hospital in Hawaii. It was in Maui that he went through his "religious thinking" and evolved as a killer. Ed Sanders, author of The Family, a book about the Manson Family, obtained documents regarding a mysterious trip Mullen took to Hawaii before he later became a programmed killer."
    • From p.133 of The Covert War Against Rock by Alex Constantine (2000), citing a footnoted source: "In 1974, Ed Sanders, poet and author of The Family, a book that explores the totalitarian fantasies of Charles Manson, wrote a letter to the late political researcher Mae Brussell, describing federally-sponsored mind control operations in Hawaii, Chapman's home, conducted by the US military, most notably the creation of serial killers. [8] Northern California mass murderer Herbert Mullen, Sanders wrote, worked at a Holiday Inn and flew to Hawaii in 1970 with Patricia Brown, a much older woman, against the wishes of his family. She told him that they would stay with a “church group,” but Mullen was committed the day after his arrival to a mental hospital operated by the U.S. Army instead. He was given generous servings of LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs, not exactly standard therapeutic practice. In her December 20, 1980 broadcast, Brussell related that Sanders informed her how Lawrence Quong, a raving gunman who shot at a San Francisco radio personality while on the air, “was taken to Hawaii by a woman and brought back to San Francisco with a mysterious gun placed in his hand.” The gun was unregistered, its origin unknown. Quong “went to a private detective many times and said he’d been programmed with electrodes and he was directed to this radio station. He couldn’t control himself.” Others, Sanders insisted, did."

Edmund Kemper

  • Psychiatric and / or correctional facilities
    • Front Page Detective Magazine, "Edmund Kemper Interview", Mar. 1974 - "Kemper spent five years at Atascadero after he murdered his grandparents in 1964 at the age of 15. He recalled with pride the job he'd held there as head of the psychological testing lab at the age of 19 and working directly under the hospital's chief psychologist. [...] [Ed] explained, "I grew up there. That used to be like my home." [...] Because of his intelligence and ability, he apparently was a valuable aide in psychological testing and research. "I helped to develop some new tests and some new scales on MMPI... You've probably heard of it ... the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory," he said with a chuckle. "I helped to develop a new scale on that, the 'Overt Hostility Scale'..."
  • Jaycees
    • Oxygen, "The Disturbing True Story Of John Wayne Gacy, The Original Serial Killer Clown", 2018/11/07 - "John Wayne Gacy joined the United States Junior Chamber, also known as the Jaycees, a national civic group which, in an odd coincidence, fellow serial killer Ed Kemper also belonged to. He [Gacy] was named “Outstanding Vice President” of the Waterloo Jaycees in 1967." [Other Jaycees include Presidents Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Richard Nixon, Vice Presidents Al Gore, Walter Mondale, and Hubert Humphreys, billionaires Bill Gates and Howard Hughes, and aviator Charles Lindbergh.]
    • Front Page Detective Magazine, "Edmund Kemper Interview", Mar. 1974 - "It was there [Atascadero State Hospital] that he became a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. During his trial, he wore his membership pin in his lapel, apparently with pride. [...] Kemper said of [Bruce] Colomy [Santa Cruz County sheriff's deputy], only a few years older than himself, "He's more like a father to me than anyone I have ever known ... He's like the father I wish I had had." (Deputy Colomy told me later that one of the last things Kemper did before he left the Santa Cruz courthouse for state prison was to remove his cherished Junior Chamber of Commerce membership pin from his coat lapel "and give it to me." The deputy said, "Ed looked at it for a long time and tears came to his eyes. Then he handed it to me and said, 'Here, I want you to have it.'")"
    • A post from a now-defunct Kemper blog, 2018/06/: "There, in Atascadero, Edmund began having violent sexual fantasies [...] During this time Edmund became a voting member of the Board of Directors and the youngest Jaycee in America. A year later he rose to be an External Director..."

Richard Chase

Hillside Stranglers

  • The Hillside Stranglers by Darcy O'Brien: chapters ..., 30, ...
  • Contemporaneous news articles
  • Double initial murders a.k.a. the Alphabet murders - from 1971 to 1973
    • From p.81-82 of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael Hoffman:

          This writer regards Son of Sam cultists Michael and John Carr as strong suspects in the highly-symbolical "Double Initial" murders of children in Rochester, New York; a highly charged occult series with a connection to the U.S. Secret Service and Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi, formerly of Rochester.
          According to information published in the Rochester Times-Union, the Secret Service, for no discernible reason, was present in the vicinity of the home of the first "Double Initial" murder victim, Carmen Colon, before she was murdered.
          This presence—never officially accounted for in this still unsolved murder-series—is reminiscent of a macabre execution in Houston, Texas in 1983. United Press International reported that two Secret Service agents watched the shooting of Gregory D. Chafin and did nothing to prevent it or apprehend the killer. Viewing this crime from another angle, we might speculate that the Secret Service was somehow possibly even supervising this murder.
          The presence of the Secret Service agents in the neighborhood of Carmen Colon in Rochester in advance of her death, is justifiably suspicious given the depth of police coverup of leads in those Double Initial slayings of which her murder was a part. Son of Sam cult members John and Michael Carr and Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi—all of whom were in the region at the time—were all protected by the police from interrogation in these crimes, even after a retired Rochester policewoman linked Bianchi with the Double Initial serial murders.
          Maury Terry, in his book The Ultimate Evil, places Michael Carr in Rochester during the Double Initial murders and cites Michael's brother, alleged Son of Sam killer John "Wheaties" Carr, as a man who dated thirteen year old girls and who was known in the Sam cult as a rapist and suffocater of young girls. But Terry never once suggests any possible link to Double Initial which involved the rape and murder of four girls and about which this writer informed Terry in correspondence in 1979.
          Terry, on p. 455 of his book, in what may be a macabre hint of his own, says-apropos of nothing—that he has his "eye" on the Hillside Strangler file. Indeed. That file leads to Kenneth Bianchi of Rochester, N.Y., and Kenneth Bianchi leads to the Double Initial occult ritual murders in Rochester, a case severely obstructed by police coverup. Terry's book contains both genuine information as well as a farrago of uninformed speculation and even deliberate disinformation.
    • According to Wikipedia, "there is circumstantial evidence that his [Bianchi's] car may have been seen at two of the murder scenes"
    • From p.19 of The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Michael Newton: "Born in May 1951 to a prostitute mother in Rochester, New York, Ken Bianchi was given up for adoption as an infant. By age 11, he was falling behind in his schoolwork and was given to furious tantrums in class and at home. He married briefly at 18. Two years later, he wrote to a girlfriend, claiming he had killed a local man. She laughed it off, dismissing the claim as part of Ken's incessant macho posturing, but homicide was clearly preying on Bianchi's mind. By 1973, he was certain that police suspected him of involvement in Rochester's brutal "alphabet murders," though in truth, it took six more years before detective realized his car resembled one reported near the scene of one "alphabet" slaying."
    • DNA elimination of other suspects - why has Bianchi's DNA not been tested?
  • Medical treatments received by Bianchi
    • ...
  • Bianchi multiple personality disorder
    • From p.167 of Programmed to Kill, there is definite evidence that Bianchi had a strong tendency to dissociate: "As a child, Bianchi frequently lapsed into trance-like states, during which time his eyes would roll back in his head. [...] Perhaps not surprisingly, Ken had gaps in his memory, and would sometimes find himself walking down a street with no memory of how he got there or what he had been doing immediately prior. Such episodes are clear signs of a dissociative disorder, a category that includes fugue states and amnesia, as well as MPD/DID."
    • UPI, "Confessed Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi, who earlier testified he...", 1982/06/29: "Testifying Monday in Buono's murder trial, Bianchi, 31, said he made up his multiple personalities at the urging of his former lawyer and a social worker who were trying to establish an insanity defense for the sex killings. [...] Bianchi, supposedly under hypnosis, had told psychiatrists in Bellingham, Wash., that he had an evil alter-ego named Steve Walker. In those taped conversations he also named Buono as his accomplice in the so-called Hillside Strangler killings of 1977-78."
  • Child prostitution ring
    • Names of the victims: Sabra Hannan; Rebekah Gay Spears / Rebekah Spears / Becky Spears; Antoinette Lombardo
    • From p.112 of The Hillside Stranglers: The Inside Story of the Killing Spree That Terrorized Los Angeles by Darcy O'Brien: "When Angelo and Kenny arrived at the box factory with Sabra and Antoinette, seven men awaited them, swarthy fellows congruous with the odor of cardboard. They included the box moguls and assorted civic dignitaries: Pete Werrlein, revered city councilman from the city of Bell; Red Fertig, the police chief of Huntington Park; and Warren Schmucki, chief aide to a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Angelo and Kenny ordered the girls into separate offices and directed traffic."
    • Los Angeles Times, "Ex-County Aide Tells of Talk With Bianchi Prostitutes Link Bianchi, Buono to Two Officials", 1980/04/07
    • San Bernardino Sun, "Testimony links prostitutes with officials", 1980/04/08
    • Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Prostitutes Feared Buono's Connections", 1980/04/16: "[...] "Through his friends in law enforcement," she was asked by the prosecutor. "Yes," Miss Hannan replied. Another witness. Rebekah Spears, who was 15 at the time she said Miss Hannan recruited her to work for Bianchi and Buono, recalled: "They told me they were backed by the Mafia. They referred to them as "the boys.'" Both women said that Buono had told them he would kill them, cut off their limbs and ship them out of the state in a box if they disobeyed him. Miss Hannan told the grand jury that she was tricked into prostitution. She said Bianchi had offered to help her find a modeling job, that he had paid for her plane flight to Los Angeles from Texas,, and that Buono had given her $100 for clothes. "They told me. I'm theirs for a year now and I owed them a plane ticket and $100 and either way I said that during the visit he was outside showing antique cars to Bianchi'. Warren Schmuki, Schabarurn's former chief deputy, said he too had once discussed antique cars with Bianchi, when he brought his car to Buono's shop for a minor repair. He said Bianchi noticed the county sticker on his car window and wanted one for an antique car he planned to display. Schmuki said he talked to Bianchi for three minutes and sent him the county sticker. Asked repeatedly by Deputy District Attorney Roger Kelly if he would do the same for anyone who talked to him for three minutes, Schmuki repled 'no.' But he had difficulty explaining why he had done it for Bianchi."
    • UPI, "A former prostitute testified that she fled the state...", 1982/03/11: "Sabra Hannan, 21, told a Superior Court jury Wednesday that she went to Wisconsin because she was 'tired of getting beat up, tired of all the threats and tired of engaging in prostitution' for Buono and confessed Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi. 'I was worried about Angelo finding me,' she said. Miss Hannan, who lived in Buono's Glendale home for about three weeks in mid-1977, said she was virtually a prisoner who had to get Buono's permission to leave the house. 'Ken (Bianchi) beat me two or three times,' once with a wet towel, she told the jury."
    • Trash Menace, "The Bounty Hunter and the Hillside Strangler(s)", 2014/03/01 - discusses Buono and Bianchi sexually blackmailing a Los Angeles attorney, who hired William Boyles a.k.a. "Tiny" Boyles to threaten the pair
  • Additional suspects
    • Ned York - an actor who was the first suspect arrested and gave a rambling confession
    • Unnamed actor - ran a film studio said to be used for hardcore S&M films
    • Unnamed producer - enjoyed the company of young girls; was stopped by police while driving the car of a convicted rapist with a young girl inside and while in possession of a phony police ID
    • Unnamed police officers
      • From p.176 of Programmed to Kill: "Many believed that a police officer was directly involved. Several were questioned during the course of the investigation, and a few who were conclusively linked to the times and places of the disappearances and/or the body drop-sites could not account for their time."
    • George Shamshak - escaped from a Massachusetts prison when the killings began and recaptured after they ended; gave a confession to the murders - and Peter Mark Jones - a Beverly Hills resident named by Shamshak as an accomplice, who was arrested and then released
      • Note that Shamshak only confessed to the murders of Jill Barcomb and Kathleen Robinson, who were subsequently taken off the Hillside Strangler victim list even though Shamshak was never charged. The murders of Barcomb and Robinson would remain officially unsolved for decades, and in 1995, the LAPD's records on both cases were allegedly "destroyed in an earthquake". (Michael Newton, The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes, p.26) DNA ultimately linked Barcomb's murder to Rodney Alcala. Per Shamshak's confession, he was the chauffeur for three people -- Peter Mark Jones, another man, and a woman -- who actually committed the murders. So it is possible that Alcala was one of the men in this group.
      • ABC Evening News, "HILLSIDE STRANGLER SUSPECTS" by Harry Reasoner and Bill Stewart, 1978/03/31
      • New York Times, "Handyman Booked in Hillside Strangler Case on Coast", 1978/04/01
      • Washington Post, "2 L.A. Arrests Cast Doubt on Single 'Strangler' Theory", 1978/04/01
      • Clovis News Journal (from Associated Press), "Evidence Checked", 1978/04/02: "Two days after Los Angeles police called the arrest of a Beverly Hills man “a major break” in the Hillside Strangler case, they were still trying Saturday to determine if enough evidence exists to seek a murder complaint. “We need more time,” a police spokesman said as the 93-member Hillside Strangler Task Force checked evidence and chased down leads involving Peter Mark Jones, a handyman arrested at his apartment Thursday. Jones, 37, was booked for investigation of murder in two of the 13 killings attributed to the strangler The arrest came after Jones’ friend, prison escapee George Francis Shamshak, told police officials in Boston that he drove Jones’ van while Jones murdered two girls in the back of the vehicle."
      • New York Times, "‘Hillside Strangler’ Suspect Is Freed", 1978/04/04
      • Daily Iowan (from UPI), "Suspect tries to sell killing tape", 1978/04/13: "Shamshak last week was termed by Gates a "prime suspect" in the sex slayings because he had information that logically could only be known by a participant or detectives investigating the murders of young girls and women going back to last September."
      • Detroit Free Press (from Associated Press), "Tape of strangling offered", 1978/04/14: "A Massachusetts prison escapee says he has a tape recording made during the murder of Kathleen Robinson, one of the 13 Hillside Strangler victims, a newspaper reported Thursday. The Los Angeles Herald Examiner reported that George Shamshak told the paper in a phone call from prison Saturday that the tape was made in a van while Miss Robinson, 17, was being strangled last Nov. 16. He wanted to sell the tape to the newspaper. Shamshak said he possesses five tapes relating to the murders and that their contents show three persons were involved in the slayings one of them a woman who later became a strangler victim herself, the paper said. Shamshak's attorney, Henry Wynn, denied that his client had any tapes, however. SHAMSHAK SAID the tapes would clear him of any involvement in the murders. "I have never killed anyone in my life," he is quoted as saying. "I just happened to be a willing dupe a pawn. Somebody held something over my head." Shamshak, who was serving a prison term for armed robbery in Massachusetts when he escaped last fall has been questioned by Los Angeles police in at least two of the strangler murders. Police say he had special knowledge in the cases. The convict said he offered the tapes to police but "the police didn't want to offer me the deal I wanted. I wanted immunity, but they want to prosecute me now, from what I understand, for two murders." The paper said negotiations with Shamshak bogged down when prison officials refused to permit any more calls to Shamshak and the newspaper's editor, James G. Bellows, decided "not to get into checkbook journalism.""
    • Rodney Alcala
      • As mentioned below, Jill Barcomb was initially thought to be a victim of the Hillside Strangler but DNA evidence later implicated Alcala
    • Peter Howard Denton - suspect in the Boston Strangler case
      • As mentioned below, Denton was a suspect in the Boston Strangler murders, and after living in Ann Arbor when a woman turned up similarly strangled, he then turned up in Los Angeles while the Hillside Strangler murders took place
    • "Greg" - named as an accomplice by Bianchi in the Washington murders; killed in a purported motorcycle accident shortly after Bianchi's arrest
  • Bianchi claims of innocence

John Wayne Gacy

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Dean Corll

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Ted Bundy

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Thomas Creech

Sunset Strip murders

Bobby Joe Long

  • Overviews of the case
  • Contemporaneous news articles
  • Possible involvement in the Hand of Death
    • Though rarely reported in the media, Bobby Joe Long was a cousin of Henry Lee Lucas, through his mother Louella Lucas
    • From p.219 of Programmed to Kill: "While continuing to await his new trial on the battery charges [following an accusation by his girlfriend on August 21, 1981], Bobby Joe embarked on an extended cross-country trek. He traveled first to West Virginia, and then on to Southern California, where he stayed for at least six months. At around that same time, cousin Henry was living in Hemet, California. While in California, Long purportedly signed up for a $9,000 commercial diving class. How the chronically broke and under-employed Long was able to finance the diving lessons, as well as the trip itself, has never been explained—nor has his sudden interest in diving, which was apparently of no interest to him before or after his trip to California. Those with whom Long socialized during his time in California later recalled that he frequently went out by himself and refused to talk about where he had been. These witnesses also described Bobby as being prone to headaches, wild mood swings, and the use of racist terms."
    • Interesting note: Don Meteric, who was described by Henry Lee Lucas as a cult recruiter for the Hand of Death, might have ran a diving school
  • Connection to a nationwide sex slavery ring spanning from Los Angeles to Tampa
    • From p.220-221 of Programmed to Kill: "Lana Long, who was of Asian descent and not related to Bobby Joe, had recently come to Tampa from Los Angeles in the company of her boyfriend. Both Lana and her boyfriend had been associated with the owners of several L.A. nightclubs, including Eddie Nash, at whose former club Lana had danced. An associate of Lana’s had also recently left Los Angeles for Tampa, purportedly to pursue a film role, although you would normally expect that someone pursuing a career in film would head for L.A. Of course, this may not have been a typical film role; there was much talk among Tampa’s exotic dancers at the time of unidentified men recruiting women for nude modeling jobs and then using them in the production of snuff films. In the last hours of her life, Long was reportedly desperately trying to raise money to get out of town. Needless to say, she did not make it. After she vanished, her boyfriend did not bother to report her disappearance until he was forced to do so by friends, who threatened to report the disappearance themselves if he did not."
    • From p.221 of Programmed to Kill: "Next to be discovered was Michele Denise Simms, found two weeks after Lana Long’s remains were discovered. Michele had also just made the journey from Southern California to Tampa, and she had spoken to friends of doing some modeling work. Like Lana, she was known to be a heavy drug user. She was also the product of a seriously dysfunctional family. Michele’s mother had died very young, and her father had later been imprisoned for holding Michele and her babysitter at gunpoint."
    • From p.221-222 of Programmed to Kill: "Elizabeth Loudenback was next to go missing, on June 8, 1984. She was found just over two weeks later. Loudenback had apparently been in fear for her life and had, just two days before her disappearance, left a note affixing blame should anything happen to her. Her efforts were in vain. Her note included the name of a man who claimed that he was an informant for both the police and the DEA. Also provided was a description of his vehicle. On other occasions, Elizabeth had reportedly expressed fear of another man as well. Both of these men failed polygraph examinations. Nevertheless, both were cleared as suspects and Bobby Joe was ultimately blamed for Elizabeth’s death."
    • From p.223 of Programmed to Kill: "Chanel Devon Williams, the next victim, was unlike the others in two significant ways: she was killed by a single gunshot wound to the neck, rather than being bound and strangled, and she was the only black victim. Friends said that she had been forced into prostitution and was planning to leave town to escape from her pimp. Her body was found on October 7."
    • From p.223 of Programmed to Kill: "Kimberly Kyle Hopps’ mummified and headless corpse was found on Halloween day alongside a road that had been bulldozed just the day before. The circumstances of the discovery suggested that her remains had just been dumped there, though she had been missing since October 4, and had obviously been dead for quite some time. Just before she disappeared, she had had a fight with her pimp/boyfriend Donald Jones, who waited three days before bothering to report her disappearance."
    • From p.227 of Programmed to Kill: "In a letter that Bobby wrote during his incarceration, he referred to others who may have been involved: “I talked, but never mentioned my kinky friends. They’re all gone, her back to California, him back to Miami.”"
  • Unidentified surveillance team trailing Long and talking to witnesses before the police
    • From p.224-225 of Programmed to Kill: "Interestingly, it was reported in the local press that a group who claimed to be investigators from Tampa had been tailing Long for several months before his arrest, from long before he was ever considered a suspect. Members of this group apparently questioned witnesses in the case before police arrived to do so. Though locally reported, the matter was never investigated. Who these men were remains a mystery."
  • Law enforcement officers involved in the investigation (emphasis added)
    • Tampa Bay Times, "Two Hillsborough colonels retire with 72 years combined experience", 2009/04/29: "When the two colonels retire from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office this week, they will take 72 years of departmental experience with them. Col. Gary Terry is leaving Thursday after 38 years with the department; Col. Carl Hawkins is leaving Friday after 34 years. At least one of the positions will be filled, though not for at least a month, Sheriff David Gee said. Their departure will leave the sheriff's office with just two colonels. "Both of these guys, at one time, have been my boss, and I have a lot of respect for both of them," Gee said. [...] Terry, meanwhile, has known since he was 12 or 13 that he wanted to give back by spending a life in law enforcement. His two older brothers were both in the business, and he got a chance to ride in their cruisers while he was growing up in Tallahassee. He attended Florida State University, then joined the Army before becoming a deputy in 1971. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 1976. In addition to being the lieutenant in charge of the Bobby Joe Long investigation and the captain in charge of the Oscar Ray Bolin investigation, he has overseen several corruption cases."
    • From p.245 of Green River, Running Red by Ann Rule: "At the request of Captain Gary Terry of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in Tampa, Florida, Reichert and Keppel also asked Ted questions about a Tampa man who had been arrested only that week as a prime suspect in the serial killer murders of nine young women who worked the streets of Tampa and St. Petersburg. Bobby Joe Long, a technician in the medical field, later admitted to multiple rapes and murders in a forty-five page statement."
    • Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, "Tampa Bay Area FALI Networking Meeting, Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 6:00PM, TGI Friday’s": "Royce Wilson proudly worked in law enforcement forensics for more than 35 years, retiring in 2012 from his position as the Forensic Services Bureau Commander for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. He has been involved in countless homicide and other suspicious death investigations, including three different notorious serial murder investigations. [...] Was involved in three serial murderer investigations: Bobby Joe Long in Tampa, Oscar Ray Bolin in Tampa and Pasco County, and Danny Harold Rolling in Gainesville, Florida."
    • Tampa Bay Times, "Four-term Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee to retire Sept. 30", 2017/05/19: "Gee's first assignment put him on patrol in the same rural southeastern areas where he grew up. He became a detective at 22, investigating robberies and burglaries and, finally, homicides. One of his first big cases was Bobby Joe Long, a serial killer who murdered nine women and is now on death row."
    • St. Petersburg Times, "Reports highlight more tainted testimony" by Sydney P. Freedberg, 2001/05/03: "But prosecutors expect a new challenge from Bobby Joe Long, the serial killer. The problem in his case concerns fiber evidence. At the time, [FBI Special Agent Michael] Malone said tests proved that fiber from the carpet in Long's car matched fibers found on several of his murder victims. It was the key evidence tying the homicides. Long pleaded guilty to the Hillsborough County murders in September 1995 after detectives confronted him with the evidence. But the Justice Department review raises the possibility that the fibers, which had color differences, came from different sources." and see more in the forensic science section below
    • From p.222 of Programmed to Kill: "The profiler assigned to the case, Stan Jacobson, had been a member of the team that engineered the illegal incursion into Panama to capture Manuel Noriega."
  • Physical evidence
    • From part II of "There's Something About Henry" by Dave McGowan: "The body of one of Bobby Joe Long's victims, for instance, yielded semen showing both A and B blood types, indicating at least two perpetrators. A later victim also yielded semen evidence which did not match that obtained from the previous victim. And none of the samples proved to match the samples taken from their alleged killer."
    • TODO: Is the fiber evidence convincing, and did it even exist before Long was arrested?
  • The defense attorney representing Long, who put up an inept "defense" that involved admitting to all the murders, was Ellis Rubin, also known for his representation of the Watergate burglars and the Collier brothers of Votescam fame (who unearthed Rubin's likely CIA affiliation)

Richard Ramirez

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng

  • Southern California pedophile ranch - likely adjacent to Fort MacArthur in Los Angeles County
    • From p.98 of Programmed to Kill: "[Gordon] Thomas has also written [most likely in his book Enslaved] of another ranch, in Southern California, that evidence collected from a variety of sources indicates caters to powerful pedophiles. The ranch is located immediately adjacent to one of the numerous U.S. military bases that pepper the southern half of the state. The property has a rather ominous history, having previously served as a concentration camp for Japanese-Americans during World War II, and later as a ‘deprogramming’ center for returning Korean War veterans who it was said had been brainwashed. According to witness statements, children from around the country have been abducted and transported to the covert location, never to be heard from again. Once there, they are held as slaves to feed the depraved desires of powerful, well-connected pedophiles who torture, abuse, and at times kill their young victims. One man who may have worked at the ranch, according to reports cited by Thomas, was serial killer Leonard Lake."

Bob Berdella

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Gary Heidnik

  • Mind control experiments while in the military
    • Vancouver Sun, "Army drugged client, says murder case lawyer", 1988/03/26: "A lawyer for a man accused of murdering two women and shackling four others in a basement torture chamber says he has obtained files that show his client was the subject of U.S. army LSD experiments in the 1960s. [...] Defence lawyer Charles Peruto said he plans to argue during the trial, set to begin April 4, that Heidnik was insane and that the hallucinogen LSD had aggravated his schizophrenia. Peruto said that army and Veterans Administration documents show Heidnik was the subject of LSD tests between 1961 and 1963 although an army spokesman said records did not show such testing."
    • ...
    • Dr. Clancy D. McKenzie, "NOT GUILTY: THE EXECUTION OF GARY HEIDNIK": "From Gary Heidnik's history it was clear that his first psychosis was facilitated by a near-lethal dose of hallucinogenic substance given to him while he was in Germany in the military - at the time when the CIA reportedly was conducting human experimentation on our servicemen."

Jeffrey Dahmer

  • True crime books
    • The Milwaukee Murders by Don Davis (1991) - cited by McGowan
    • The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: An American Nightmare by Don Davis (1995) - update of the 1991 book
  • Early childhood abuse
  • White House visit
    • From p.28 of The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: An American Nightmare: "What was not mentioned was the senior class trip to Washington, D.C., a trip during which Jeff proved his mettle as a prankster to impress his classmates. While the rest of the seniors made the usual tourist stops at the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian and trekked up to Capitol Hill, Jeff hit the telephones. Using the charm that he could summon when needed and a bit of midwestern twang, and by laying a guilt trip on a governmental aide, Dahmer engineered a visit for himself and his pals to the Office of the Vice-President of the United States of America. Walter Mondale wasn't in at the time, but the group had a good time anyway. Then Jeff got them in to see the office of Art Buchwald, the writer who coats his satire with humorous barbs."
    • New York Times, "17 Killed, and a Life Is Searched for Clues", 1991/08/04: "He had a glib side, talking his way into Vice President Walter F. Mondale's suite and the office of the humorist Art Buchwald on a school trip to Washington."
    • Vulture, "Jeffrey Dahmer’s Childhood Friend Talks About His Graphic Novel My Friend Dahmer and Its New Movie Adaptation", 2017/04/20: "On the eve of its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, we caught up with Backderf to talk about his memories of Dahmer, the people he blames for Dahmer’s crimes, and the time he and Dahmer entered the office of Vice-President Walter Mondale. [...] One of the most striking scenes comes when you, Dahmer, and your friends go on a school trip to Washington, D.C., and Dahmer talks his way into getting you all a private tour of Vice-President Walter Mondale’s office. I mean, for Pete’s sake, Jeffrey Dahmer meeting the vice-president — it’s really something. In the movie, he talks to you guys, but in the book, you just see him working in his office. You didn’t speak to him in real life, right? No. And you were okay with that change for the movie? Yeah, you know, there’s a few little changes in the film. It didn’t really bother me. Overall, the film is very true to the book."
  • Satanic practices
    • ...
    • Brother John Paul Ranieri connection
      • Comment on 2019/04/09 by Jeremy James about the connection: "I can link Jeffrey Dahmer to the process church via a man named Brother John Paul Ranieri. He was in Maury Terry’s documentary on Berkowitz, he was also the same man in Milwaukee who told police he frequently talked to Dahmer in the gay bars and claimed that Dahmer was killing because he hated gays even though Dahmer was one. Also when Dahmer left the military he went to Miami beach. There was a chapter of the Process church that was founded in Miami in the early 70s. Dahmer was there in 1981 I believe. On google images you can see Ranieris “church” he constructed in his back yard. It had a cross with a curtain draped from one side to the other along with an alter. This was in Milwaukee. He claimed to have been a “street preacher”. Ranieri is mentioned in a few books written about Dahmer. [...] Also Ranieri claims to have been the person who threw the first bottle during the Stonewall riots in 1969. Ranieri was gay as was many of the son of Sam cultists."
      • New York Times, "17 SLAYINGS TIED TO MILWAUKEE MAN", 1991/07/26: "John Paul Ranieri, a street minister who said he had met Mr. Dahmer in a tavern in the last month, said the suspect hated homosexuals and blacks and suffered from problems with alcohol."
      • Racine Journal Times, "Milwaukee Mayhem", 1991/07/26: "A man accused of strangling and dismembering 11 men and storing severed heads in his apartment hated homosexuals and blacks, a street minister who recently befriended the man said Thursday. John Paul Ranieri said he had long talks with Jeffrey Dahmer, 31, at a Milwaukee gay bar, twice within the past four weeks. "He hated the gay community with a passion and most gay people, calling them "(expletive) faggots," Ranieri said. Yet, Dahmer cruised the bar, trying to pick up men, including Ranieri, the minister said. [...] Ranieri said he is a former New York male prostitute and recovering drug addict. He has had a street ministry in Milwaukee, serving the gay community, for more than 10 years, he said. Barb Klauber, a secretary for the Episcopal Diocese, said Ranieri's ministry is financed with donations from Milwaukee area churches, including the Episcopal Diocese,and he has a reputation for ministering to homosexuals. Dahmer disliked blacks and expressed hatred toward them, Ranieri said."
      • Orlando Sentinel, "NOW EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT WAS WRONG WITH APT. 213", 1991/07/28: "Jean-Paul Ranieri, a former drug addict and male prostitute who now runs a street ministry, said that when Dahmer became quite drunk he talked of his hatred for homosexuals. "This guy was sexually frustrated and very, very angry at himself and a lot of other people," Ranieri said."
      • New York Times, "Gay Marchers Celebrate History in 2 Parades", 1994/06/27: "One of the passengers in the Mustang was John Paul Ranieri of Milwaukee, who said he was on his first return visit to New York since the Stonewall clash, during which, he said, he was beaten two nights in a row and had to receive five stitches after a police officer hit him with a flashlight. "The only way I can describe this experience is that it is like a Vietnam vet going back to Saigon for a reunion," he said. "It's not exactly a pleasant experience." Asked how he felt to see police officers lining the route, he said, "I still cringe. But what I find amazing is that they're protecting us today.""
      • From p.1060-1065 of The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam & Beyond by Maury Terry (1999):

            In 1992, another ghost from the past materialized, this time in the New York phase of the Son of Sam inquiry. He described himself as "an old alley cat with seven of its nine lives gone."
            He was called Brother John, and in the 1960s he was a close friend and classmate of none other than John Carr. He was also the first admitted member of the Westchester cult to step forward. He said he was part of the group's early era before he fled New York "to save my life" in early 1973 — three years before the .44 shootings began.
            According to Brother John, the Westchester cult was spawned far back in the early 1950s, courtesy of a Nazi-sympathizing doctor who traveled from England to north Yonkers in the postwar years. "It started as a ritual magic club that specialized in sex with children and drug dealing, and it grew from there," Brother John said. "The heavy satanism came later—but they were doing stuff long before Berkowitz came along. It was well organized, and they had some big connections in Yonkers and Manhattan."
            Brother John, who also spoke to the police, explained that John Carr recruited him and several other adolescents into the group in 1961, when all were high school freshmen in Yonkers. He emotionally described how he and three other youths were raped during an initiation ritual in Untermyer Park —a ceremony at which dogs were sacrificed.
            "After that, the leaders turned me and some other kids into teenaged prostitutes," he continued. "They operated out of a bar near the Carr house — and from there they sent us to big hotels and parties in Manhattan, where we turned tricks with their rich friends and other clients. They were all money people."
            Brother John revealed that he saw still another phase of the enterprise. "I personally know that in Manhattan they had some cops and politicians on their payroll, and a few of those guys were also my clients. There were also tie-ins to the Mob through the gay bars, the pornography and the sex shops."
            Brother John also said he witnessed a murder— the 1965 rifle death of a twenty-seven-year-old high school teacher that was written off as an "apparent suicide." Her body was found deep in the woods of spacious Van Cortlandt Park, which was located on the Bronx-Yonkers border. For years and continuing into the late 1970s, Van Cortlandt and Untermyer functioned as outdoor meeting sites for the cult.
            "I knew her well, and so did John [Carr] and some of the others because she'd taught us in school. She'd heard about the group and was asking questions. So to protect themselves they set her up and killed her. I liked her a lot, and I was sickened by what they did. To this day I have nightmares about it."
            Brother John's last encounter with the group took the form of a rendezvous with his old pal John Carr in a Manhattan bistro in the summer of 1972. Carr was in the air force, and the pair hadn't talked for several years. Brother John was better served by the lack of communication because what Carr told him that night would propel Brother John from the sidewalks of New York to a new life in the Midwest.
      • From p.95-96 of Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution by David Carter (2004):

            From information published in the 1993 book Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, by Anthony Summers, Ginsberg's intuition has been proved correct. Not only did Summers discover that the Mafia had photographic evidence implicating Hoover in homosexual activity, but it also came to light that Hoover at times dressed in female attire. Research conducted for this book strongly suggests that Ed Murphy had one or more of these photographs, which allowed him to avoid serving time in prison for leading an extensive national blackmail ring.
            John Paul Ranieri, a former prostitute interviewed for this history, provided critical testimony for corroborating and better understanding the larger implications of Murphy's criminal enterprises for gay history. Ranieri said that as a youth from Westchester County he had been forced by blackmail and Mafia-supplied drugs into a prostitution ring in which he remained active for three years before he escaped the mob's control. He claimed that a number of youths in the ring had disappeared after they got careless with talk, for while most of the customers were more or less average homosexual men with money, the regular clientele, according to Ranieri, also included famous men such as Malcolm Forbes, Cardinal Spellman, Liberace, U.S. Senators, a vice president of the United States, one of the most famous rock musicians, and J. Edgar Hoover. The mob's order, according to Ranieri, was strictly "Keep your zipper open and your mouth shut."
            Ranieri said that he met J. Edgar Hoover at private parties at the Plaza Hotel and that Hoover's name was never mentioned. Hoover was always in drag, and Ranieri said he could tell that the FBI director was sure that no one recognized him. Ranieri said that he had ensured his own survival by having in his possession a photograph of himself with Hoover, given to him by the photographer.
      • OnMilwaukee, "Urban spelunking: Wells St. Bridge house & a backyard chapel", 2015/12/15: "Recently, while scouring newspapers online searching for something else, I stumbled across a February 1984 photo of a Kramer Construction crew using a crane to load the old bridge tender's building onto a truck. "The shack has been bought by John Paul, a Milwaukee artist, who plans to use it as a studio and gallery," the caption read. A year later, the Journal reported that the bridge house had been installed in Jean-Paul Ranieri's backyard, atop a foundation built by his house mate Jeffrey Hicks. [...] Back at the house, as the amiable Hicks and I talk, I see the chapel and Hicks is eager to tell me about it. And rightly so. It's beautiful and, with the help of a few others, he built it himself – from those pieces listed above and others – over the course of a few years in the first half of the 1980s. Definitely something to be proud of. One of his collaborators was Ranieri, who Hicks met while working as a theater rigger in New York in the 1970s. Later, back in Milwaukee, Hicks was working as master of properties at the Milwaukee Rep and Ranieri began doing good deeds, including providing shelter to the homeless and preaching at bars. Ranieri briefly made the papers after Jeffrey Dahmer's arrest, because he had seen Dahmer in bars and was suspicious, warning potential prey to steer clear. A newspaper article of the era called Ranieri "an unlikely saint in sinner's garb," discussing his own struggles with addiction as well as his work in the community. In 1983, Ranieri went to Rome and shook the hand of Pope John Paul II in St. Peter's Square."
    • According to Jim Rothstein, Vernon Seitz had some knowledge concerning Dahmer (as well as the Son of Sam cult)
  • Adam Walsh kidnapping - as explained below, perhaps Ottis Toole and Jeffrey Dahmer worked together on the murder under the auspices of the Hand of Death
  • Parole history of Dahmer
  • Konerak Sinthasomphone murder
    • New York Times, "Family Sought New Life Only to Find New Pain", 1991/07/31: "Neighbors called the police on May 27, when saw a young boy, now identified as Konerak, on the street near Mr. Dahmer's apartment building. He was naked, bleeding and disoriented, apparently because he had been drugged. Witnesses said the police returned the boy to Mr. Dahmer after Mr. Dahmer told the officers that they quarreling lovers. Konerak's death, family members said, has been all the harder to bear since the family had been victimized before by Mr. Dahmer. An older brother, now 16 years old, was sexually molested by Mr. Dahmer in 1988. Mr. Dahmer, who is charged with four counts of murder and is likely to charged with more, was convicted of that crime in 1989, but his eight-year prison sentence was stayed by State Judge William Gardner after Mr. Dahmer wrote a remorseful letter apologizing for the incident. He was released in early 1990 after serving one year of his sentence and put on probation."
    • New York Times, "Officer Defends Giving Boy Back to Dahmer", 1991/08/26: "A police officer suspended for returning a 14-year-old Laotian boy to Jeffrey L. Dahmer, who has since admitted killing 17 people, said he had agonized over how he might have prevented the boy's death. "God as my witness, I just didn't dump a little boy in the hands of a murderer. That's not what happened," the officer, Joseph T. Gabrish, told The Milwaukee Journal in a story published today. [...] Officer Gabrish, 28 years old, a patrolman for seven years, said he and the other officers believed there was a caring relationship between Mr. Dahmer and the Laotian boy and saw no reason to intervene. "We're trained to be observant and spot things," he said. "There was just nothing that stood out, or we would have seen it. I've been doing this for a while, and usually if something stands out, you'll spot it. There just wasn't anything there." There was no reference in the Journal article to anything the officers saw or to the smell that Mr. Dahmer has said filled the apartment because of the body in the bedroom."
    • Associated Press, "Mother of Dahmer Victim Sues Police", 1991/11/25: "The mother of a man Jeffrey L. Dahmer admitted murdering has sued three police officers, saying racism contributed to their failure to arrest the accused serial killer two months before her son’s death. Catherine Lacy’s lawsuit said the officers decided not to arrest Dahmer on May 27, when they returned a naked Laotian boy to Dahmer’s apartment, and ultimately led to the death of her 23-year-old son, Oliver Lacy. Two of the officers have been fired over the return of the 14-year-old boy. The third was suspended. [...] The lawsuit names police officers Joseph T. Gabrish, John A. Balcerzak and Richard Porubcan. Police Chief Philip Arreola fired Gabrish and Balcerzak on Sept. 6 for returning the naked boy to Dahmer after rejecting witnesses’ complaints the boy was endangered."
  • Trial proceedings
    • UPI, "Dahmer to face more charges, waive preliminary hearing", 1991/08/21: "Dahmer was scheduled for a preliminary hearing at 8:30 a.m. CDT Thursday. Attorney Gerald Boyle said late Wednesday Dahmer would waive the hearing, which would mean he would be bound over for arraignment on the charges."
    • Defense attorney Gerald Boyle background
      • New York Times, "Dahmer's Lawyer Is Comfortable in the Heat", 1991/08/02: "In legal circles here, it was no surprise when Gerald P. Boyle emerged as the lawyer representing Jeffrey L. Dahmer, the man the police say killed as many as 17 men over 10 years. Mr. Boyle, 55 years old, who represented Mr. Dahmer in a 1989 conviction for molesting a minor, has long thrived on high-profile cases. A former Milwaukee County deputy prosecutor, he successfully prosecuted a man in 1967 who murdered a girl, a young woman and tried to kill another young woman in what has been called this city's first serial murder case. [...] And in the past few years he also defended police officers in two brutality cases, including one in which a man died in police custody."
      • Wisconsin Super Lawyers, "Milwaukee's Prosecutor", 2005/11: "It is the life of a big-city district attorney, a life that [E. Michael] McCann knows better than anyone in America. McCann has served 37 years as the district attorney in Milwaukee County, the longest active stretch in the country. [...] In 1968, at the age of 31, McCann was elected district attorney, defeating Gerald Boyle for the Democratic nomination and Republican David J. Cannon in the general election. [...] While McCann has prosecuted a number of high-profile cases, none have drawn more publicity than the 1992 trial of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. [...] As McCann’s former rival, defense attorney Gerald Boyle, mounted an insanity defense, McCann and his staff prepared to prove that Dahmer was of sound mind when he murdered (and then cannibalized some of his) 17 victims."
      • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "State Supreme Court suspends law license of Gerald Boyle", 2015/12/23
  • Ernest Smith ritualistic murder in 1999

Herb Baumeister

Albert DeSalvo

  • The Boston Stranglers by Susan Kelly (1995)
  • Crime Library, "The Boston Strangler" by Marilyn Bardsley and Rachael S. Bell: chapters ..., 8, ...
  • The Stones Unturned Podcast, "Episode 8: The Boston Stranglers w/Susan Kelly", 2018/06/25
  • Contemporaneous news articles
    • Indianapolis Star, "Strangler Kills Boston Secretary", 1963/01/01: "LIKE MOST of the other victims, she lived alone. There were no signs of forced entry and the killer apparently locked the door behind him when he left the first floor room. Miss [Patricia] Bissette worked as a secretary-receptionist for Engineering Systems Inc., [ESI] of Boston. The janitor. Christian Van Olst, was asked to open the girl's apartment by Jules A. Rothman, treasurer of Engineering systems. He said he became worried when Miss Bissette did not report for work and failed to telephone that she would be absent."
  • Disinformational book by Gerold Frank
    • From Probe, "James Earl Ray Did Not Kill MLK" by Lisa Pease" (included on p.433-449 of The Assassinations edited by Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease), citing p.53-54 of Orders to Kill by William Pepper (1995):

          Fauntroy was most likely correct in his charge, if the history of this case means anything. One of the earliest books written on the James Earl Ray case was one by Gerold Frank. William Pepper, Ray's attorney, in his book Orders to Kill, quoted from an FBI memo from Assistant Director Cartha DeLoach to Hoover's close confidant, Clyde Tolson:

                      Now that Ray has been convicted and is serving a 99-year sentence, I would like to suggest that the Director allow us to choose a friendly, capable author or the Reader's Digest, and proceed with a book based on the case.

      The next day, DeLoach followed up on his own suggestion with this:

                      If the Director approves, we have in mind considering cooperating in the preparation of a book with either the Reader's Digest or author Gerold Frank. ... Frank, is a well-known author, whose most recent book is The Boston Strangler. Frank is already working on a book on the Ray case and has asked the Bureau's cooperation in the preparation of the book on a number of occasions. We have nothing derogatory on him in our files, and our relationship with him has been excellent. [Emphasis added]
  • George Washington University investigation
  • Boston Globe, "Ames Robey; psychiatrist argued DeSalvo was innocent", 2004/10/13
  • 2013 DNA match - quite possibly either non-incriminating or fraudulent
  • Alternate suspects in the "Boston Strangler" murders
    • George Nassar - resembled one of the sketches and was identified by two witnesses
    • William Ivey - former boyfriend of Mary Sullivan
    • Jules Rothman - defense contractor boss of Patricia Bissette, with whom he was having an affair
    • Albert Williams - likely murderer of Sophie Clark; received a medical discharge from the Army and suffered blackouts
    • Bradley Waring Schereschewsky and William Axel Lindahl and Peter Howard Denton
      • From p.283 of Programmed to Kill:

            The more intriguing suspects identified by Kelly are three men who had connections to several of the killings. They were, perhaps, the real ‘serial killers.’ The three had been friends and classmates at Harvard. One was Bradley Waring Schereschewsky, the son of a controller at what Kelly refers to as a prestigious New England prep school—very likely Phillips Academy considering that the Schereschewsky family lived in Andover. Andover and Philips Academy were just a few miles from two of the death scenes. Bradley was first incarcerated on September 22, 1951, for the Oedipal crimes of savagely beating his father and attempting to rape his mother. Since 1959, he had been in and out of various mental hospitals. When not institutionalized, he reportedly worked as a gravedigger.
            Friends with Schereschewsky was fellow suspect William Axel Lindahl, the son of a Boston cop. Lindahl’s mother died when he was just an infant, and he was subsequently raised by his physically abusive father. At Harvard, he joined the naval ROTC, where he tried to strangle his drill instructor. He also tried to strangle his girlfriend. He later obtained a teaching job at Lake Forest Academy in Illinois, and he was said to be fluent in fourteen languages. In 1970, the wife of one of his Harvard friends, who had long suspected Lindahl of being the Strangler, turned up dead. Her husband was tried and convicted for her murder. That same year a reporter for the Boston Globe, who was another of Lindahl’s college chums, was also accused of killing his wife.
            The final member of the trio was Peter Howard Denton, the genius son of a doctor and a nurse. Denton won a congressional appointment to West Point and from there went on to Harvard. His first arrest came on April 19, 1961, when he and four other Harvard men were found to be in possession of high explosives. What he and his cronies were planning to do with the explosives on the eve of the Fuhrer’s birthday is unknown. Three years later, Denton wound up in a place well known to Albert DeSalvo and George Nassar: Bridgewater State Hospital. Still later, he set up a drug lab and was reportedly a heavy drug user himself, with a particular fondness for hallucinogens. Violent murders seemed to follow Denton wherever he roamed; he lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan when a string of girls turned up dead there, and he was in Los Angeles during the reign of the Hillside Stranglers.
      • Except from The Boston Stranglers about these three suspects: parts first, second, third
        • "The wife of one of Lindahl's Harvard friends—the two men had belonged to the Fox Club—was convinced that Lindahl was the Strangler. She found his consuming rage against women terrifying in its force and scope. This woman would die in 1970. Her husband would be charged with her murder, tried, and convicted of manslaughter."
        • "He was first arrested a little before three in the morning on April 19, 1961, in Newton, Massachusetts, along with four other Harvard students. The charge was possession of high explosives. (Burton apparently had an affinity for things that went boom in the night.) Burton had built a bomb out of gunpowder taken from seven high-velocity twelve-gauge shotgun shells, a flashlight bulb, a cast-iron pipe, a battery, and some wires. The five pranksters had planned to detonate the gadget somewhere along Route 128 but were balked by a mechanical failure."
        • "He was a heavy user of drugs, particularly mescaline and LSD—which in the early 1960s were substances unknown to the general public. He told people that he made the drugs himself and sold them to students in the Harvard Square area. He ingested the LSD and mescaline in triple doses."
        • "Burton's stay at Bridgewater had overlapped with that of Albert DeSalvo by five weeks. And, in an ironic turn of events, Burton had been represented by Paul Smith, the attorney for George Nassar before F. Lee Bailey had taken over Nassar's case. Smith would also counsel Bailey when Edward Brooke enjoined the latter from visiting Nassar or Albert DeSalvo at Bridgewater in March 1965."
        • "In late June 1967, Robey became director of the Center for Forensic Psychiatry for the state of Michigan. Throughout the summer he commuted back and forth between Ann Arbor and Wellesley, Massachusetts, where he and his wife and daughters made their home. Shortly after Robey's arrival in Michigan, young women in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area began dying in various hideous ways. Over a period of two years seven of them, aged thirteen to twenty-three, would be sexually mutilated and shot, beaten, or strangled to death. One of the victims would have the branch of a tree shoved eight inches into her vagina; police fervently hoped that she had been dead, or at least unconscious, when this atrocity had been inflicted on her. Robey's family had joined him in Michigan in October 1967. The murders of young local women continued. One day in early April 1969, shortly after the discovery of yet another violated female corpse, Robey picked up a copy of the Ann Arbor News. In it he saw a story about a rent strike being led by a University of Michigan student who happened to be named Peter Burton."
        • "Robey continues: “Nothing came of this. Peter immediately vanished [right after he spotted Robey walking across the university campus]. He was next noted to be out in Los Angeles just at the time the Hillside Stranglings started. Interestingly enough, they subsequently got somebody on one of the Ann Arbor killings. And while I don't think this guy confessed to the rest, it was sort of assumed because the modus operandi was so similar that he had committed the rest of them. And as you know they got two people out in L.A. for the Hillside Stranglings. But one wonders.”"
        • "Burton was reported to have bragged to university acquaintances that he had been a suspect in the Boston stranglings. And even before Robey had gone to the Ann Arbor detectives, he had come under police scrutiny. His drug activities and involvement with the local underground had brought him to their attention."
      • There are two Ann Arbor murder sprees of girls that fit the timeframe implied by McGowan: the Michigan Murders / Ypsilanti Ripper / Co-Ed Killer from 1967 to 1969 attributed to John Norman Collins / John Norman Chapman and various murders of young girls from 1970 to 1982 that might be attributable to Arthur Ream (, "Ann Arbor girl missing since 1970 tied to search at killer's rural grave site", 2018/05/11; Detroit Free Press, "Suspected serial killer wants an apology from Warren police", 2018/05/21)
      • Suggestion that the murder of University of Michigan law student Jane Mixer, first thought to be a victim of John Collins and later attributed to Gary Leiterman, may have involved Peter Howard Denton, who was living in Ann Arbor at the time
      • Claim that Peter Denton was identified in true crime books as David Parker and Peter Burton - ed. note: this is true of Susan Kelly, who uses the name Peter Howard Burton
      • Commenter on a John Norman Collins post claims they saw somebody in a green station wagon dump a body at Denton cemetery
      • Albany Democrat-Herald, title unknown, 1972/06/20: "Two men are in Linn County jail on charges of criminal trespass. Peter Howard Denton, 31, of Cambridge, Mass. and Saul David Levine, 34, of Boston, Mass. were arrested early this morning by Linn County's sheriff's deputies."
      • Albany Democrat-Herald, title unknown, 1972/06/30 - this newspaper in Albany OR mentions "Peter Howard Denton" of "Cambridge, Mass." alongside "Saul David Levine, 34, Boston, Mass."
      • Friday Night Writers bio of Peter Howard Denton (same person?): "Peter Denton is a molecular immunologist. In 1976, he sailed a 60-foot gaff-rigged schooner across the Pacific Ocean. Peter and members of his Oregon commune built it. He traveled widely in New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia. He ran scientific expeditions throughout the area. His stories are based in real locations, and as in this instance, based on real people. His boat, Endurance, was lost in a hurricane. Putting his high-sea adventures behind him, Peter returned to the USA to obtain his PhD at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He writes full-time."
    • Charles E. Terry - committed murders elsewhere that matched the M.O. of the first six slayings; lived in Boston during those six and left immediately after
  • Reddit thread on the apparent ritual murder of Harvard student Jane Sanders Britton - draws potential connections to a Boston Strangler victim, a FBI and CIA informant, and a major drug trafficker

Arthur Shawcross

Danny Rolling

Adam Walsh kidnapping

  • John Walsh connections - perhaps he was targeted for some reason
    • Sun Sentinel, "10 YEARS LATER, THE SEARCH GOES ON", 1991/07/27: "They agreed on John Monahan, Walsh's friend and boss."
    • Palm Beach Post, "FILES ON UNSOLVED ADAM WALSH SLAYING TO OPEN FRIDAY" by ELIOT KLEINBERG, 1996/02/12: "Police also suspected Michael Monahan, son of John F. Monahan, Sr., John Walsh's boss. The senior Monahan had identified Adam's head. Three days after Adam's abduction, police took a machete from Michael Monahan, then 20, after a bizarre attack on another youngster at a Broward County skateboard park. Police now say they don't consider him a suspect in the Walsh case. John Monahan was out of town last week and could not be reached. His son could not be located for comment. From the beginning, police investigated rumors that Walsh, an executive at a Hollywood resort hotel with business connections to Bahamian casinos, had mob ties and that Adam's slaying was some sort of retaliation or related to drugs. But none of the rumors was ever proved true. One detective told The Miami Herald in 1982, ``This is a family with no skeletons in its closet."
    • From p.284 of Tears of Rage: From Grieving Father to Crusader for Justice : the Untold Story of the Adam Walsh Case by John Walsh (1997): "At that meeting, Dick Witt, the Hollywood police chief, was asked point-blank if there was any official suspicion that I was somehow affiliated with the Mafia. We were all sitting there, expecting him to say how ridiculous even the idea of that was. Instead, what Witt said was, "Anyone who goes to [here he mentioned a well-known Fort Lauderdale restaurant] for lunch has something to do with the Mafia.""
    • From p.??? of The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Book Two: Finding the Victim by Arthur Jay Harris (2016):

          Monahan had his own reasons to be upset at Grelen. He'd first reported that his son Michael had once been a suspect in the murder, and as well that John Monahan himself was linked to a suspected Miami drug smuggler.
          In addition to being a friend of the Walsh family like his father, Michael Monahan was also a close friend of Jimmy Campbell. But in 1990, Michael had been convicted in federal court in Tampa along with three others of extortion to collect a $40,000 debt on a loan from a man who was found shot dead after he'd gone to police. A codefendant was the son of a reputed captain in the Lucchese crime family of New York, who lived in Hollywood.
          In 1981, three days after Adam's abduction, in the Broward County city of Oakland Park there was an argument over a skateboard. Michael was carrying it, another young man claimed it was his and took it from Michael, then ran into the office of the skateboard park and locked the door. Minutes later, Michael returned with a machete and began hacking at it.
          “He was outside the door telling me if I didn't open the door that he was going to cut me up,” Grelen quoted the other young man telling an Oakland Park policeman. Soon, he saw the blade coming through the door. “I was in fear for my life. I thought he was going to kill me. He was enraged, like he was under the influence or something. You just don't get that mad over a skateboard.”
          Monahan took back his skateboard and left. That evening, Oakland Park police confiscated his machete and later had the Broward Medical Examiner test it to see if it matched the cuts in the neck of the found child. The result wasn't conclusive.
          In November 1981, three months after John Monahan identified Adam, he arrived at another morgue, in the Rocky Mountains, Grelen reported. A private turbojet had crashed carrying seven bound from Opa-locka airport in Dade. All had been killed and body parts were scattered, even in trees. One victim was Monahan's twenty-three years younger fiancée.
          Another was Allen Rivenbark, who at the time of his death six federal and state law enforcement agencies were investigating for suspected drug smuggling, money laundering, and harboring fugitives, the Denver Post reported in January 1982. The story said that Rivenbark owned a secluded mountain ranch thirty miles from Vail which was suspected of being a “hideout” for East Coast mobsters as well as a distribution point for drug trafficking in Colorado resort areas. The seven crash victims were all headed there. Rivenbark was also the jet's owner and part-owner of a coffee plantation in Colombia, Grelen reported.
          The Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune had it too, a UPI story published November 22, 1981: Airplane in Colorado Crash Was Being Watched by DEA. The story said the plane “was under surveillance by officers monitoring a cocaine smuggling operation, a federal agent said.”
          Said Wayne Valentine, chief of the DEA's Denver office, “It is a very likely possibility the plane was carrying cocaine” from South America to the United States.
          At the crash site investigators had found thirty handguns—one holstered to a victim's leg—and $50-60,000 in cash in the fresh snow, Grelen wrote.
          He quoted Bill Bachman, the chief investigator in 1981 for the sheriff's office of Eagle County, Colo., that when Monahan arrived, “He had a bodyguard with him that was a gorilla.” Monahan claimed and identified six of the bodies, excluding only a man with a Japanese name who was thought to be Rivenbark's bodyguard.
          “He made arrangements for dental records. He kind of took charge of the whole situation. That was kind of unusual,” said Bachman.
          Bachman added that as he investigated the crash, he received death threats by telephone.
  • Ottis Toole evidence
    • Bringing Adam Home by Les Standiford and Joe Matthews (2011): chapters ..., 24, ... - mentions Toole's sister Vinetta Syphurs and her husband (plus alleged Hand of Death member) Rodney Syphurs
  • Jeffrey Dahmer evidence
    • See the work of Arthur Jay Harris
  • Man claiming to be Adam Walsh - often identified as A. W. or A.W.
  • Possibility that both of the accused killers (Ottis Toole and Jeffrey Dahmer) were involved
    • Suggestion that Ottis Toole and Jeffrey Dahmer worked together to murder Adam Walsh
    • From p.??? of The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Book Two: Finding the Victim by Arthur Jay Harris (2016):

          "Within an hour of their arrival, A. W. said he saw Ottis Toole. And later, Ted Bundy. I quickly found that Bundy, who had abducted young women in Miami, had been in custody since 1978. Black mark. Toole and Dahmer, simpatico? Because Mary Hagan had said she'd seen Toole at Sears, Willis and I had joked, what were the odds that two famous killers coincidentally had gone to Hollywood Mall at the same time? Who got to Adam first? We'd never considered they could have been in league together. (Like Broward State Attorney investigator Phil Mundy, we simply dismissed William Mistler. Willis thought Hagan actually saw Dahmer but when she watched America's Most Wanted show video of Toole she overwrote her memory and put Toole's face and movements on Dahmer—just like what we believed happened to Bowen.) A. W. said he didn't see Toole at the mall, but couldn't say he wasn't there.
          Inside the apartment, as he referred to it, A. W. said there were other captors too. They were holding about twelve children, ages 4-7, all but two of them boys, intended to be sold into "the flesh market," which he described as prostitution, slavery, and the organ trade. I had trouble believing that until two months later when I read stories in the wake of the 2010 Haitian earthquake that Haiti has an active trade in child prostitution and slavery. A. W. had said that one of his other captors had taken him to voodoo rituals (South Florida has a large Haitian community), and he'd described an altar in the apartment that included his "Missing" picture. I also saw a Miami Herald story quoting a local child advocate and former state prosecutor: "Miami is known as a destination city for human trafficking."
    • From p.161 of The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Book Two: Finding the Victim by Arthur Jay Harris (2016): "Look at the dates, the end of 1980 and the spring of '81. Now add that in May they were in Dade County. [...] Now that I think we're safe in establishing that Lucas and Toole really were killers, and they'd been in South Florida at least the end of May 1981, we can say for sure that three serial killers at the same time had been in the same place: Sunny Isles."
    • From p.162 of The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Book Two: Finding the Victim by Arthur Jay Harris (2016): "Aside from A. W. saying that Dahmer and Toole were together on July 27, could I objectively show that Dahmer, Toole, and Lucas knew each other?"
    • From p.162-163 of The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Book Two: Finding the Victim by Arthur Jay Harris (2016), it is mentioned that Lucas saw Toole in the company of a "friend" in Miami who resembled Dahmer:

          There was also a reference to something that sounded like the killing of Haack and Karbin, but it was written in the author's narrative, not Lucas's: "Henry's memory didn't reveal that he'd killed and robbed two women during his blackout... Leaving Ottis and his friend in Miami, he drove north." Call published in 1985, Dade County had indicted Lucas for Haack and Karbin's murders in 1984.
          Who was Ottis's friend? A few paragraphs earlier, Call described him and the scene:
          "Getting ready to leave Miami, Henry ran into Ottis in a bar. This wasn't unusual because it was a common hangout for members of the Hand. It was a contact point where orders for contract killings could be picked up, or simply a place where superiors could find loyal and willing servants for Satan.
          "Ottis was traveling with an effeminate friend, but the man's pale blue eyes were cold as ice."
          Eyes cold as ice? Let's review some of the observations of Dahmer I gathered:
          Willis: "He had a look on him, like the Devil was in him." Ken Haupert, Sr.: "I saw hell in his eyes once." Billy Capshaw: "An expression like he just wasn't there... If you've ever seen that—I promise you, you will never forget that eye contact." Linda Swisher: "his eyes were like ice."
          Were Dahmer's eyes blue? That's what the FBI wrote in a narrative document dated August 16, 1991.
          I read the line in Call's book to Billy, and he reacted, "Wow, that's good." He said Jeff's eyes changed colors depending on the light and maybe even the season. "I looked at his eyes a lot. They're not a deep blue, not the kind of blue that jumped out at you, a beautiful blue." Instead, he called them "grayish-blue," or "fluffy-blue." "Between pale blue and grayish-blue," he said.
          I asked the same to Preston Davis, who had also been in Billy and Jeff's barracks in Baumholder, except that Preston had left in the beginning of 1980 and Billy had replaced him, so they had never met until recently, on the phone, then later in person. "Blue eyes," he said. Were they pale blue? "Light blue," he said. He said Jeff's gaze, when he was drunk, could be "intimidating."
          Was Jeff effeminate? Not in his TV interviews. Billy said Jeff usually would hold himself in "a manly way. But around the right people, that might have changed." Privately to Billy, he "prissed around, happy-prissy" when he was drinking. He'd shake his butt, drop his hand in a limp-wristed way, and turn his head "the way a gay man does," as well as be "happy and jumpy." Jeff didn't show that to most people, "but if you were around him a lot," as Billy was, you would have seen it, he said. When I asked that to Davis, he said he'd never seen it but he didn't doubt what Billy said.
          I asked A. W. if he'd seen it. Yes, he said. "The way he'd move his hands, like an Egyptian"—his actual reference was the song "Walk like an Egyptian." He saw it "when he'd try to minimize my pain.
          "He had a gay voice, when he started to get aroused, I guess. He descended into this gay persona" as well as cross-dressed, he said. "He seemed like a tough kind of person, then he'd become this wacky kind of gay person when he got behind closed doors."
          After first publication of this book, another man found me on Facebook and said that Dahmer had tried to pick him up using an obviously gay voice.
          Sean Adams said the incident had occurred in Morgan City, Louisiana, a bayou town, where Adams grew up. He was eleven at the time. He knew of my Dahmer books but had not read them.
    • From p.165-166 of The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Book Two: Finding the Victim by Arthur Jay Harris (2016):

          Lucas told the FBI in May 1984 that after his initial training in the Everglades with the cult he occasionally renewed it, the last time being in 1981. Some cult gatherings, he said, were at night on a deserted beach just south of Fort Lauderdale, held annually he thought in June or July. (That sounded to me very much like John U. Lloyd State Recreation Area, just south of Port Everglades, on the barrier island dividing the Intracoastal Waterway from the ocean. Its only land access happens to be a mile or less from where Flo Ella Miller's body was found in a canal, two days after Adam disappeared. That or Hollywood's North Beach, then undeveloped, which is also within about the same distance as where Miller was found. Every other beach possibly fitting that description had homes, apartments, or hotels on it.) Dahmer was in South Florida starting at the end of March '81. Maybe for some of his poorly-accounted time here from then to when Ken Haupert saw him go through his dumpster looking for food, in May or June, he was training with the cult. Whomever Lucas is describing with Toole, he's implying he's a cult member, hanging at a cult hangout bar.
          Might it fit that Dahmer was part of the Hand? As Lucas had it, they murdered for Satan, trained how not to leave clues of their crimes, and practiced cannibalism. To the Milwaukee Police, Dahmer had admitted checking out Satanism while he was living with his churchgoing grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin, in the early 1980s: "He stated he felt he did this because he felt that since religion wasn't working, maybe he should just delve into the occult and to Satanism. However, after reading several books and dabbling in it, he realized this was not for him."
          That Dahmer's dabble with devil-worship was brief isn't credible. His father Lionel wrote in his book that when Jeff was 18 in 1978, Lionel broke up a seance party at their house and found a chalk pentagram drawn on a table. Also, in 1991 in his Milwaukee apartment police found an occult altar that included skulls. Exactly where Dahmer would have made the connection to the Hand, who knows? But I'll toss this out: after he left the Army, did he come to Miami not because, as the Milwaukee Police says he told them, "he thought it would be nice with the warm weather all the time," but because he already was part of the cult?
    • Later in the chapter (starting on p.168), Arthur Jay Harris mentions being contacted in November 2014 by a witness named Charles Sutera who claimed to have seen Jeffrey Dahmer and Ottis Toole together at Hollywood Mall when Adam Walsh was kidnapped. He attempts, with some success, to reconcile Sutera's story with the recollections of other witnesses, some of whom saw both a blue van (owned by Dahmer) and a white car (perhaps owned by Toole).
    • From p.??? of The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Book Two: Finding the Victim by Arthur Jay Harris (2016): "A. W. had told me that when he was tortured in Miami Beach, Dahmer and Toole had a boss who was present. Without getting into it—I have never been able to confirm this, except that the man has a federal criminal record and was separately alleged to have led a pedophile ring elsewhere that kidnapped children and adolescents—A. W. said his name was is Larry, his surname not Waldo." - could this be referring to Lawrence E. King (a.k.a. Larry King) from the Franklin scandal

Ed Gein

  • "Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 14 (David Parker Ray & Ed Gein)", 2011/05/03
  • Wikipedia article on Ed Gein - has some provocative details about his background:
    • "Around this time [after his mother's death], he became interested in reading death-cult magazines and adventure stories, particularly those involving cannibals or Nazi atrocities."
    • "A 16-year-old youth, whose parents were friends of Gein and who attended ball games and movies with him, reported that Gein kept shrunken heads in his house, which Gein had described as relics from the Philippines, sent by a cousin who had served on the islands during World War II."
  • Grave robberies
    • Terre Haute Star, title unknown, 1957/11/22: "[...] residents said they could not believe the 140-pound bachelor had the time or strength to be a grave robber. Pat Danna, the elderly sexton of Plainfield Cemetery, said it takes him a half day to dig a grave, even with help. He said in tombs with vaults, a "body snatcher" would need a block and tackle to get at the body—and vaults are standard equipment in Plainfield because of the sandy soil in the area. MISS ADAMS was not buried in a vault. But funeral directors also pointed out that a grave robber would have had to shore up any excavations to keep the tomb from collapsing on him. And Danna insisted he had never seen evidence of grave-tampering in his cemetery since Gein started his head-hunting career in 1944. Kileen and Schley said they had no plans to solve these and other mysteries."
    • Indianapolis Star, title unknown, 1957/11/22: "Plainfield residents said they could not believe the 140-pound bachelor had the time or strength to be a grave robber. Pat Danna, the sexton of Plainfield Cemetery, said it takes him a half day to dig a grave, even with help. He said in tombs with vaults, a "body snatcher" would need a block and tackle to get at the body and vaults are standard equipment in Plainfield because of the sandy soil in the area. Miss Adams was not buried in a vault. But funeral directors also pointed out that a grave robber would have had to shore up any excavations to keep the tomb from collasping on him. Danna insisted he had never seen evidence of grave-tampering in his cemetery since Gein started his head-hunting career in 1944."
    • From p.264 of 50 Wisconsin Crimes of the Century by Marv Balousek:

          Others found his grave-robbing tales hard to fathom: How could the slight, spindly-legged, 140-pound farmer dig up a grave, open a vault and remove a body? Portage County Sheriff Herbert Wanerski said he didn't believe the human remains came from grave robberies.
          Pat Danna, the elderly sexton of the Plainfield cemetery, said it took him half a day to dig a grave with someone helping. A body snatcher would need a block and tackle to lift a body out of a vault, he said, adding that he'd seen no evidence of grave tampering at the cemetery in thirteen years.
  • Mary Hogan murder
    • From p.89 of Edward Gein by Robert H. Gollmar (allegedly): "In 1954, Ed committed the first murder he admits to. Mary Hogan, the owner and operator of a local tavern was killed. She was shot and her head was possibly cut off at the scene. At the scene, the police found a large pool of blood but no drag marks. Therefore Mary Hogan had been carried from the bar. After Gein had been caught, the police realized he was too small too carry the large stature of Mary Hogan from the scene and believed he may have had an accomplice for this murder and the grave robbings, but Gein constantly denied this."
    • From p.45 of Edward Gein by Robert H. Gollmar (allegedly): "Ed Gein had few close friends. However, after he was caught a man who was believed to be Gein's best friend became violently mentally ill and was committed to a mental hospital. He died in the hospital a short time later. The police think he may have been Gein's accomplice in the murder of Mary Hogan."

Patrick Kearney

  • "Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 115 (William Bonin/Randy Kraft/Patrick Kearney)", 2018/09/07
  • New York Times, "Coast Killings: Bizarre Case Widens", 1977/07/11: "In 1962, at about the time Mr. Hill moved to California. Patrick Kearney, fresh from a hitch in the Air Force, took a job as an electrical engineer with the Hughes Aircraft Corporation a major defense contractor that specializes in building military satellites. He held the job until six weeks ago. One Hughes official said that Mr. Kearney, a native of Los Angeles, had obtained a government security clearance and described him as “an extremely diligent worker” who kept to himself. Someone else who knew him said that, although he had never earned a university degree, Pat Kearney had a reputation as “a real electronics whiz.”"
  • Studio 10, "Serial Killer Patrick Kearney Reveals Details About Lee Harvey Oswald", 2017/10/29 - has true crime author Amanda Howard excerpt a letter from Kearney where he alleges that he knew Lee Harvey Oswald

Golden State Killer

  • "Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 112 (The Golden State Killer - Joseph James DeAngelo)", 2018/07/29 - mentions how one of the victims, Sgt. Brian Maggiore, was a military policeman at Mather Air Force Base during a drug trafficking investigation, in which several other MPs would be implicated; says that over half the victims had a direct connection to the medical field: doctors, nurses, medical students, pharmacists, people who had just undergone surgery, etc.; mentions an article reporting that DeAngelo witnessed his 7-year-old sister get raped by two airmen in Germany at an Air Force base warehouse when he was 9 or 10; notes that DeAngelo's father was a gunner in World War II who got wounded and DeAngelo served in the Navy in Vietnam; ends on the curious note that Kippi Vaught, who was loitering outside the home during EAR attack #28, was murdered by Gerald and Charlene Gallego 10 months later
  • Sudden Terror by Larry Crompton (2010)
  • Casefile magazine on the EAR/ONS case from 2017
  • Contemporaneous news stories - many on the library of news articles and documents
  • EARONSGSK board, "Just talking out loud on a possible connection...", 2015/09/29 (pages 1, 2)
    • "Charlene and Lyman Smith had a finger print of FBI witness protection person and Charlene had a ex brother in law who was killed. Someone not EAR ONS may have confessed to being responsible but wasn't the killer. Serious events of a potentially criminal nature revolve around Lyman and past drama revolves around Charlene. Stan Los a FBI agent was giving protection to his neighbors and a FBI agent possibly Los connected an alarm system to protect his neighbors. Very witness protection esque. Harrington seemed to be hiding from someone in his fathers house. Maggiore was a person in conflict with a crime faction at work. Oh ya and it was pretty obviously a hit. Cruz was accusing someone of rape with a military background. Prime time for a hit. Glasby was framed by EAR ONS and just happened to be in a gang that robbed a drug farm and finally he is killed in Mexico. Manning just had his work broken into potentially by Glasby see below so there was supplementary drama in his life. Are these the kinds of people for whom hitmen are hired to kill? Oh ya and the police knew he was coming to southern cali? How do you think that happened? I think they had some form of information from within a criminal enterprise and knew that group was behind EAR ONS. You may disagree. But the case is a strong one. EAR ONS may have been criminal element muscle from the start but especially at the end he appears to be killing with purpose."
    • "Philip Arthur Thompson was a professional contract killer who killed for money, but also a brutal serial rapist and bludgeon murderer on the side."
    • "Ear wasn't just a serial rapist. He was also an accomplished cat burglar. Maybe even a student of the criminal sciences? Did he steal cars? He also displayed knowledge of weapons. He seemed to have a knowledge of technology. And he was the author of a poem which comes close to mentioning that he was available for hire. Maybe ear's real fantasy was to become a "hitman"."
    • "I still find it odd that while he taunted LE, he never attacked an LE family. And that a large percentage of those he attacked were military. Maybe that was a function of the neighborhoods he attacked. Or maybe that was why he chose the neighborhoods he attacked. Some have assumed that was just a statistical blip. But what if it wasn't. Maybe that is another assumption that needs to be rethought."
  • EARONSGSK board, "albion's material, articles and websites of interest...", 2015/11/04
    • "I wouldn't call it a "desire" to find corruption or conspiracy. I spent a great deal of time accepting the facts of the case as they stood before I began to question the actions of various agencies. By itself, the inability of LE to catch earons isn't a deciding factor for me. There are plenty of cases where the perp hasn't been caught. More so it is how it happened. Losing rape kits, throwing out evidence, not chasing down leads, not investigating the telephone calls that Janelle Cruz' family received after the 2001 announcement, not being able to identify him but then being able to predict with in a block of his next attack, removing a stake out only to have him attack after the guard had left, Manier dying in lock up and then his car being seen and let past, earon's repeated ability to out run LE, and in particular the proximity of Stan Los to the HH attack. there more instances but these all seem important. If you couple that with the what the ONS victims had going on in their lives at the time, it seems even more significant. And if you consider the connections between Glasby, drugs, and the Sheriffs; Janelle Cruz, Kenji Gallo and his drug and LE connections, Lyman Smith and his drug connections via Maverick Air; Brian Maggiore and the rumored smuggling at Mathers; Robert Offerman and the break in; Manier and his drug connection; And I have three more instances but I can not mention them on the board."
  • EARONSGSK board, "A new approach", 2016/05/30
    • "Is there an assumption, that all cover-ups and conspiracies, are done intelligently, logically, and with extreme organization? Or are some, and possibly this one, if there was a cover-up, done in a grab-ass, whatever might work fashion? The Maggiore murders seem to be part of a cover-up. Janelle Cruz might have been murdered to stop her from bringing charges against an alleged marine rapist. Lyman might have been murdered because he had stolen money from a CIA front or cut-out company. But sometimes there are people that you cant murder, that is if you want to get what you want. But you can threaten their children and those close to them. The Harringtons might have been murdered as a message for the Irvine family to cease and desist. And the Goleta crimes might have been done for the same reasons. D/S and O/M had a connection to the people across the street on Toltec. And H/H lived next door to the FBI agent who was responsible for the that jurisdiction. Additionally, resposibility for the cries were being directed AS and Glasby. One was a teenager, and the other a known thug and military washout who had connections to a state senator who also prior connections to the FBI agent.

      WE know that there was gun smuggling going on at Mathers. We know that there was drug smuggling going on at El Toro. We know that Santa Barbara had the reputation as the center of Cocaine smuggling during this time period. We know that the IPD had drug smuggling going on and that the VIP's had some culpability. We have Blanco, Avilez, Hetrick, and Jones all loosely on the fringes of this cases. There is Manier, Glasby, Kenji, Abbott, PAT,and Phelan as well.

      If people like Abbott, Siemers, or Braun were involved, then the advances in DNA wasnt a big mystery. And I ask this also, if the rape kits werent being held for DNA, why were they taken? Was it for secretor status? Or blood type? Couldnt those have been the reason why they might have been purged? Take for instance, the IPD cop who had been a Ventura Sheriff prior to transferring. He was also responsible for the collection of bodily samples. Wouldnt he be aware of the new advances in the science? How hard would it be to take a sample from Ventura or another crime and add it to the Irvine crimes? He could have had 15 years to accomplish it? I am not saying he did, but that it is a possibility. I wonder what the OC DA's office has to say about it? Or their investigators. Or the family of the alleged marine rapist. Or the investigators who investigated Janelle, who worked for the OC DA's office, and was family of alleged marine rapist."
    • "If we are going outside the box, wasn't there a fingerprint in one of the later attacks that was found to be of someone in witness protection? Is that correct? I assume being in witness protection would be somewhat helpful. Has this been checked out already? If please so disregard" followed by "The guy was dead and so Pool had his body exhumed in 2001. No match."
  • EARONSGSK board, "Ear Targeting People With Links To The Medical Field?", 2017/11/16 (pages 1, 2, 3) - also many real estate links
  • VIP suspect "Mr. Y" who was allegedly protected by law enforcement - real name Terry Boyer
    • Terry Boyer background
      • P.O.W. Network info on Terry Lee Boyer - retired from the Air Force as a Lt. Col.
      • Veteran Tributes page for Terry L. Boyer: "After spending 1,915 days in captivity, Capt Boyer was released during Operation Homecoming on March 14, 1973. He was briefly hospitalized to recover from his injuries at Travis AFB, California, and then received an Air Force Institute of Technology assignment to complete his master's degree at the University of California at Santa Barbara from September 1973 until he left active duty on May 22, 1975. Maj Boyer returned to active duty on February 21, 1976, and then served as Section Commander with the 454th Flying Training Squadron at Mather AFB, California, from June 1976 to July 1978. He attended Armed Forces Staff College at Norfolk, Virginia, from July 1978 to January 1979, and then served as Assistant Operations Officer with the 454th Flying Training Squadron at Mather from January 1979 to May 1981. His final assignment was as a Professor of Aerospace Science at the Air Force ROTC detachment at San Diego State University from May 1981 until his retirement from the Air Force on July 1, 1984."
      • Military Times Hall Of Valor page for Terry Lee Boyer
      • Los Angeles Times, "Names of POWs From California", 1973/03/12: "Here is a list of servicemen from California to be released Wednesday by North Vietnam. The Pentagon provided the man's name, rank, service and home town of record. [...] In some cases the home town of record differs from the current residence of his wife or parents, from his birthplace, or from his last duty station. In these instances, other communities where the man has ties are listed after the home town of record. Names are listed alphabetically. [...] Capt. Terry Boyer, Visalia"
      • Santa Maria Times, "36 Freed Prisoners Dine With Reagans", 1973/04/11: "To the last arriving POW, Capt. Terry Boyer of Visalia, held since 1967, Mrs. Reagan said: "You're absolutely lovely.""
      • El Paso Times, "Former POW Pilot Requalifies", 1976/02/26: "Capt. Terry Boyer, 37, has become the last Air Force pilot captured in Southeast Asia to requalify for flight status. Officials at Randolph Air Force Base here said Boyer of Visalia, Calif., was the 147th and last former POW pilot to requalify. [...] The former POW was to report to Mather AFB, Calif., to complete training as a T43 pilot. The T43 is a navigation trainer aircraft."
      • Harry Parmer, "A SPECIAL LITTLE KNIFE", 1977
      • Reno Gazette-Journal, "$20 million lawsuit filed", 1980/11/11 - unsure if same person: "The accident happened Nov. 5, 1978, a mile north of Del Puerto Canyon in Stanislaus County, Calif. [...] The Jeep was driven in a designated hill climb area by Terry Lee Boyer, the suit says. The accident claimed the life of passenger David Alan Barrows, 15, whose estate is in probate in Santa Clara County, Calif., Superior Court."
      • Visalia Times-Delta, "Plaque honors POW", 2009/09/18
      • Elsagate videos (or similar in style)
    • EARONSGSK board, "McGowen Shooting", 2014/02/19 (6, 7, 8, 9)
      • "mcgowens VR suspect : He went to High School in Visalia. He went to College at the College of Sequoias. Where the professor was a teacher, and he was shot. He could have easily escaped back to his parents house during the manhunt post mcgowen shoot out. He returns home and goes to school at ucsb, no doubt still visiting his parents in visalia. Man I don't know but this guy sounds... G-U-I-L-T-Y"
      • "Daniel, there are at least 100 other things in addition to the things you listed that match him against the GSK crimes. The in school in VA bit - some people have no understanding of how all that works, nor have they bothered to check. He was indeed going back to CA that fall and winter and it's been verified umpteen times. They keep repeating that or just make up stuff to try to claim he doesn't fit. They never answer why his DNA was even checked if he didn't match in so many ways like they claim."
      • "No EAR victim ever saw his face and besides that, people often think he looks considerably younger than he was. The 5'5" bit is a lie. According to his military records where they actually measure the person, he fits well within the LE description of EAR." and "It is my understanding that McGowen swore to his dying day that he knew who the person that shot at him was. “I know I can identify him… there is no question about that. I may have even seen him before, or even talked to him…” is very telling as an initial reaction. Now, what I just typed is debateable, has been debated to death, and will still be debated post-mortum like every other detail in this case, but that is the understanding that I have. I also have (from a source that I believe to be impeccable) that McGowen's POI's prints were found at more than one VR scene at some subsequent point. I am not here to spread gossip or rumors, but what can we share if every single "fact" is sullied and questioned? I trust the person who told me this and I believe that person would know. I am just presenting it here for your own consideration."
      • "It happened at lightning speed. it was dark, chaotic, and instinctive on all parts. McGowen thought initially that he knew the person, then later came to believe that is WAS in fact a person that he knew (or had met, or was familiar with) from another, non-police related situation."
      • "1) McGowen saw the shooter that night. It was dark and chaotic, but he saw him. 2) McGowen said, either that same night or in the next morning hours "“I know I can identify him… there is no question about that. I may have even seen him before, or even talked to him…” 3) McGowen later identified him and swore it was it him until his dying day. This person is the infamous "McGowen POI" that he took to sacramento as POI in 77 or 78, my memory fails me here on the year, sorry. 4) There was, indeed, a possible reason that McGowen could have been absolutely right when he said "“I know I can identify him… there is no question about that. I may have even seen him before, or even talked to him…”. This reason is not police-business related, it is verifiable, and more than plausible. and 5* (I am putting an aterisk here because this is very controversial and there is no clear cut answer about this). McGowen's POI ALLEDGEDLY ended up having his prints at more than 1 VR scene. Believe that if you choose, or not. The person who told me has a reason to know that."
    • EARONSGSK board, "The "Afraid" Letter", 2014/03/19 (pages 5, 6)
      • "About Michael Manier - his father was an" interesting" guy in many ways. "Interesting" that he was acquainted with Mr. Y. :D "
      • "I have said and will continue to say that I know who McGowen's primary POI's were in 1975 and 1976. I know who has been cleared by DNA. I respect that McGowen took his list to Sacramento to discuss linkage."
      • "I recommend you let Visalia and Tulare LE, along with McGowen and Shipley's family members know that you claim to have all of the pertinent LE records available to you and they are wrong about who, when, and why the person became Det. McGowen's primary VR suspect."
      • "Yes, especially those that claim DNA tests were falsified or performed incorrectly and nothing is further from the truth. I did not think you had anything to corroborate your statements about Stinky."
      • "I'm amazed you don't have the articles about Ellsworth Manier and Mr. Y together. You know it would out Mr. Y if they were posted. Explain to all of us why they should not question the investigation of Mr. Y and his DNA clearing when the info you claim is in the LE records about him is so obviously false. I know you insist everyone take your word for it, but that would be rather ridiculous for anyone to not question it."
      • "Nothing I have posted about Mr. Y is false."
      • "Good Lord. Numerous things you posted about him are false and they're so easily proven to be false with a little research that it's downright funny. That's why it would be ridiculous for people to believe the investigation of him was done correctly."
    • EARONSGSK board, "What is the source that you people have that I don't have?", 2014/09/27
      • "I took the opportunity to ask Paul Holes about Mr. Y. He looked him up for me and said he has been cleared by DNA, which guessting and Port have repeatedly said that he has been, multiple times. Don't want to start up the whole think on Mr. Y again, but do want to add that Paul Holes of Contra Costa county stated that he has been cleared."
      • "Sandia, Paul Holes shared the info about Mr. Y being cleared by DNA to some posters quite a while ago. Most are aware that there are indeed LE records about his DNA clearing - that is not in dispute. What is in dispute is the legitimacy of the DNA clearing. Just like other info that has been put out by Sac LE and by a poster you just referenced that turned out to be false info, the "official" line from LE is not always the truth. It was other LE that first brought it to the attention of posters that they themselves did not believe the DNA clearings were legit and were arranged to be put on the books so that it would be "suspect fully cleared." That doesn't mean 100's of LE taking part in the arrangement."
    • EARONSGSK board, "VR Information From Dengas", 2015/02/12
      • "Okay, I am going to BRIEFLY chime in and hopefully McGowen's son will respond if he has ever heard the same thing. Mr. McGowen's brother was a relative of mine through marriage. I spoke to him about the VR way back in the 1980's at family reunions. he, too, was in law enforcement, and I always hoped he would enlighten me with VR information, but he never had any to share. Then, after McGowen passed away, I called this in-law again. He told me two things: He said his brother had two suspects. One was Mr. Y and one was stationed at Lemoore Navall Air Station. Second thing he said was that McGowen had been warned, and I repeat that word, WARNED to drop his pursuing the case. Unfortunately both McGowens are deceased, but I have ABSOLUTELY no reason to make this up, even though I know it will infuriate several posters whom I entirely respect for their research and diligence. I don't think LFL ever heard this from McGowen himself, that he had been warned to drop his interest in the case, even though LFL spoke to McGowen right before McGowen's death. I may have notes to confirm what I am posting, but unfortunately all of my files are out on loan."
      • "I wonder if Brett's Mom is still around and if she could support or deny that Mpher husband was warned to drop it? certainly she would remember, just as I remember the one call I made to his brother. The reason I don't recall the whole conversation is because I was focused on Mark S. As the VR and what McGowen's brother was telling me sort of irritated me since it didn't fit my POI! Now I am older, wiser, and more open minded, and it helps that Paul Holes made certain that both MS and RB had been cleared via DNASE while in prison."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Police Interference", 2015/09/06
      • "The fingerprint evidence found at three different VR scenes has been linked to a VR and EARONS suspect. Although you couldn't really call this direct evidence, for many researchers it's more compelling than anything else we have, and explains why this man became a POI. Once you take into account the unique background of this man, it becomes feasible IMO to at least consider the possibility that he may have been covered for somewhat if he became EAR."
      • "The suspect is Mr.Y and there is a password only thread about him on the message board."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Connection to Michael and Elsworth Manier", 2016/08/13
    • EARONSGSK board, "albion's material, articles and websites of interest...", 2016/12/13
      • "I want to throw this out there too. To be clear, I am not proposing that PAT is earons. And I am not proposing that Mr Y is earons. It seems every time someone mentions Mr Y, an either/or argument takes shape. That isnt what I am wanting to do. But I am interested in how he relates to these people. I believe Brad at one point was 100% sure that Brian Maggiore would have been aware of Mr Y, and I would think he might have met him at Mathers. I am also wondering what type of relationship might have been in place between Mr Y and Alan May. Alan May might have actually met Mr Y at one of numerous Republican functions that the were being used to give thanks to our vets, and to exploit their political cache. The curious thing for me is PAT, Alan May, Harland Braun, and Riconosciuto. PAT is connected to all three. May had the connections through Robert Finch to the Nixon White House. And Braun has the connections to the Las Vegas and Chicago Mob. Why is a FBI snitch being defended by Braun and May? Can anyone cite one worthy case in which he gave any info that led to the arrest of someone or something important? Anything that could justify his freedom? Or Abbott's freedom? I find it odd that Finch was placed in charge of Health, Education, and Welfare. Or that Earl Bryan was placed in charge of social services like Medi-Cal in Reagan's state administration. This is what I have gathered so far, PAT was working for May who was working for Finch who was working for Nixon."
      • "One of the big breaks in this case might even be to know what connection existed between Evelle Younger and Duane Lowe and/or John Price in Sacramento, and ... what connection existed between Evelle Younger and Mr. Y, as there must surely have been one."
    • EARONSGSK board, "nail down mr y in 5 years", 2017/03/12
      • "Yes the 45 years without to catch the perp.and the claiming that was clear 2 times via dna.other retired detectives told that was clear because was on other place on some s the only poi who lived all the place at corect time frame"
      • "It appears that you do not know that Mr. Y was a VIP. Again, would suggest you read through the Mr. Y folder some more."
      • "Hi vapors ... The Visalia PD suspected Mr. Y of being the Visalia Ransacker. That is how he first appeared on the radar of this case, decades before there ever was an internet. [...] What you are saying was true at one time. But given his history before 1976, subsequent years did not necessarily mirror those busy prior years. Resumption of a busy schedule "may" have resulted during the 1981 to 1986 time frame. Mr. Y's background is a prototype of the kind of background that I would expect the EAR/ONS to have had. That does not mean that the perp was Mr. Y, who may very well be innocent of any crime. There were many military men in California during the relevant years who had similar backgrounds to Mr. Y."
    • EARONSGSK board, "POI Thread: "The Apprentice"", 2017/07/01 (pages 31, 34)
      • "Mr Y is a much disputed suspect. Some say he has been cleared by DNA, others say he is being protected. He is the only POI who is known to have been suspected as both EARONS, and as the Visalia Ransacker. He is still alive, so cannot be named on the public board. There is a private 'VIP' section on this board about him and other VIPS (including Person Z, the alleged owner of the mysterious dog). Those who are interested can ask a moderator for permission to view the private VIP section."
      • "Was Russell's POI a suspect for the Visalia Ransackings too? Were his fingerprints found at three VR crime scenes? Did this POI attend COS, where Claude Snelling taught journalism and was editor of the Visalia university newspaper? Was someone in Russell's POI's family also the editor of a Visalia newspaper? Did Russell's POI work at UC Irvine at the same time as Keith Harrington? Did Russell's POI work at Mather AFB at the same time as Brian Maggiore (actually working high up within the very unit which enlisted Maggiore)? Did Russell's POI know Abraham Himmel from their military days (and at one stage actually live only 209ft away from him in California)? Did he also live a stone's throw away from Person Z (alledged owner of 'Woofy')? Did he also know the family of Michael Manier (owner of the mysterious Oldsmobile)? [...] I think that having fingerprints found at VR crime scenes, and having links to a VR murder victim, an ONS murder victim, an attempted EAR rape victim, and Maggiore, takes some beating... at least for now..."
    • The Underground forum discussion in July 2017 about the Original Night Stalker: "Yes many speculate ONS had ties to law enforcement..he did pretty tricky things to throw off LE..he always talked with clenched teeth.. The higher up in the army that was said to be the Visalia Ransacker was army sergeant Terry Boyer..he can be linked to the ONS in many different ways..his prints were found at 2-3 different Visalia Ransacker location but he claims he was there doing recruiting for the army..problem is, the owners of these homes claim no army personnel ever came to their house! This was not investigated further though..why?! [...] Google Terry L Boyer..he is the on many insiders think is can read his army profile, high,y decorated guy..many speculate ONS had been to vietnam due to certain tactics he used when breaking into homes.."
    • EARONSGSK board, "List of POI", 2017/11/10: "One of the most debated POIs is Mr.Y. There is quite a lot about him in the VIP section, although you need to get permission from Drifter to access this part of the boards."
    • EARONSGSK board, "List of connections between VR and EAR/ONS?", 2018/01/23: "No, I don't have access to the VIP forums, which I think the Mr. Y files are in? Who would I speak to about accessing them? Always wanted to read about him as a POI, but only recently began posting as a user on the boards instead of anonymously lurking."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Who Killed The Maggiores?", 2018/02/09: "Revised Maggiore sketch is a very good match to a notorious VR and EAR suspect. "Coincidentally" this POI worked with Brian Maggiore at Mather AFB." and "I've seen several POI's who were stationed at Mather, none who's employment period overlapped with Brian. Which POI are you referencing?" and "Check the VIP section on this forum."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Vip", 2018/02/21: "What is the VIP area and how does one get the password" and "the vip area it s about the strongest poi in the vr/ear/ons case who have ties to some victims in vr/ear/ons,it s the 1 know by us members of the board who have ties to some victims and it s a very strong individual with connections and powerful man,the theory its that was protect by some vips and this it s why vr/ear/ons didnt see a public id in 44 years!"
    • EARONSGSK board, "What intirgues U so much about ONS?", 2018/02/23: "one of the most intersting poi it s mr y ,he was in custody in vietnam for 5 years,could be that a trigger in your opinion?he arrive at the right time in visalia ,when vr started it s mess and was all the place in of ear/ons attacks at right times"
    • EARONSGSK board, "Colonial Parkway Murders", 2018/04/21: "Did any LE or park ranger transfer from Cali to Virginia between 81-86?" and "While Mr Y appears to not be EAR now, he was in that area of Virginia during those years. It's almost certain now that he is just some innocent guy, the colonial parkway connection I believe comes from this line of thinking."
    • EARONSGSK board, "VIP Folder?", 2018/04/26: "In light of today’s events did the VIP folder get blown away?" and "The VIP folder is no longer available."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Who did you think was EAR?...", 2018/05/21: "He was adopted into a very wealthy family as a baby. High ranking air force, war hero, Vietnam veteran, trained pilot. He moved back home to Visalia in the mid 70s and soon became a suspect for the Visalia ransackings. His fingerprints were allegedly found at three VR crime scenes. He attended COS, at the same time as Claude Snelling was a professor there. His wife was at UCI at the same time as Keith Harrington. He worked at Mather AFB at the same time as Brian Maggiore (actually working high up within the very unit which enlisted Maggiore). He knew EAR victim #49 Abraham Himmel from their military days (and at one stage actually lived only 209ft away from him in California). He lived a stone's throw away from Person Z (the alleged owner of 'Woofy'). He also knew the family of Michael Manier (the owner of the mysterious Oldsmobile). The only person to be put forward independently as VR and EAR suspects. Owned property all over the place, including near all of the ONS crime scenes. Fitness fanatic who looked years younger than his real age. Was allegedly cleared by DNA on 2-4 occasions."
    • EARONSGSK board, "2 cops hired the same times and leave exeter the same time", 2018/08/22: "McGowan not recognizing DeAngelo on that night still bothers me and the fact McGowan got a good enough look at VR enough to say the Davis suspect was not him makes it even more bothersome." and "I believe McGowen said that he thought he remembered seeing the guy at Mel’s Drive-In, which was a drive-in on Noble Avenue."
  • Dog named Woofy who was at two Original Night Stalker (ONS) crime scenes
    • forum post by SammyT in 2011: "EAR-ONS took a three-toed dog (known as 'Woofy') with him to a few of the crime scenes.A local hoodlum called Brett Glasby apparently also used 'Woofy' as a guard dog when he went to raid marijuana 'farms'.One of EAR-ONS' victims was a Dr. Offerman.Glasby was a patient of Offerman, and was convicted of a serious violent assault on Dr. Offerman's janitor.Glasby was 'killed' in Mexico in 1982 (so couldn't have been EAR-ONS who was still murdering in 1986) although I would like to see Glasby's 'death' officially confirmed, as the circumstances surrounding it are somewhat mysterious...I am fairly convinced that Glasby and EAR-ONS knew each other (or at least knew of each other) due to the 'Woofy' and Offerman links.The three-toed dog lead (pardon the pun!) has IMHO never been fully examined.There are other aspects of the crimes involving the dog which lead me to suspect that EAR-ONS possibly had family living in Goleta."
    • Los Angeles Magazine, "The Five Most Popular Myths About the Golden State Killer Case" by Michelle McNamara, 2013/02/27: "2) It Was the Man with a Three-Toed White German Shepherd Forensic specialists were able to determine that dog prints found outside the scene of the murders of Dr. Robert Offerman and Debra Alexandria Manning (Goleta, December 1979) came from a three-toed white German shepherd. A man with a German shepherd was allegedly spotted around the time of the murders of Cheri Domingo and Gregory Sanchez (Goleta, July 1981). Goleta is a small town. A three-toed white German shepherd is a specific dog. Many followers of the case have glommed on to this clue, believing it may be the detail that solves the case. But investigators from multiple jurisdictions all say the same thing: The dog is a dead end. The lead has been thoroughly checked out, and they’re comfortable with their conclusions on the issue."
    • EARONSGSK board, "The Woofy Mystery And Controversy", 2013/07/22 (pages 1, 3, 21, 24, 26, 28)
      • "Yep..... The owner back then had some clout in SB."
      • "And to make matters worse he was in real estate!"
      • "Sorry, I phrased it wrong; yes, the father is in Real Estate and (at least) one of the sons. I did check with the link that gskonstracker sent and found the father. There were about 10 others with the same surname, some that match the two of the sons (the two youngest)."
      • "I don't mean to muddy the waters here, but I do specifically remember SB LE telling me that there were dog prints found at the Domingo/Sanchez scene. They didn't say three-toed. But we did not own a dog, and LE seemed very confident that my Mom's killer brought the dog. I'm pretty sure that discussion was in 2001."
      • "A stray dog unattended in the neighborhood would have been very unusual to me. I never saw him."
      • "Let me see if I can kind of untangle some of the confusion. 1. Woofy was not a stray dog; was not some dog that befriended the ONS in Goleta. Remember Deb's comments from way up-thread. (Deb is the daughter of Sheri Domingo). Deb said a stray dog, a dog running loose, would have been very unusual in her neighborhood. Further, Deb said that it was her understanding that LE felt that the ONS "brought the dog with him". 2. Woofy's "owner" (let's call him Mr. X ... his real name is known) lived close to where Brett Glasby lived. My understanding is that Mr. X didn't actually own woofy; Mr. X house-sit woofy from time to time. Mr. X was a business partner to Mr. Y, woofy's actual owner. Mr. Y did not live in Goleta at all; he lived elsewhere. The ONS had known Mr. Y for some time. And when ONS came to Goleta to prowl, he brought Mr. Y's dog (woofy) with him. My impression is that Mr. X had several dogs, one of which "may" have been used by Brett Glasby, but that is incidental to the relationship between woofy and the ONS. So, in reality, woofy didn't even live in Goleta; woofy lived with Mr. Y, elsewhere. So as you can see, there is a direct link between woofy, Mr. X, Mr. Y, and the ONS. Calling woofy a dead end reeks of either incompetence or deception."
      • "Then Mr. Crompton [author of Sudden Terror] reminds us about the paw prints located with the perp's shoe prints at the next crime scene, which would have been the Offerman/Manning homicides."
      • "Next I'd also like to know why do they think it was a 3 toed white German Shepherd? Well, Larry Pool said he located the owner of the dog, SDL, an older man and interviewed and cleared him. So that means that Larry Pool knows what the dog looked like. I haven't been able to reach Larry Pool any longer so I'd sure like to know if he could confirm that the dog had 3 toes and was a white German Shepherd. Actually there is somebody I could call and maybe I can find that out, maybe. I'll try. . Port has located the owner of the dog, SDL, as living in that area before he moved to Hope Ranch and it is doubtful to me that a person was babysitting the dog, but that the owner of the dog did, in fact, live in the neighborhood. I'm going to try to find that out too. Wish me luck."
      • "What's important is that there was a dog, probably a rather large dog, at the O/M site. There was also a dog, again probably a large dog, at the D/S site."
      • "No attempt is made to confirm independently LE's claims or to reconcile alternate dog explanations provided by others, in this instance that the dog belonged to Mr. Y who didn't even live in Goleta; that the ONS borrowed the dog from Mr. Y and "brought the dog with him", as Deb (Cheri Domingo's daughter) indicated (upthread)."
      • "I know a lot about Mr. X and he is connected to this case in multiple ways. Big time. For example, I found proof that Mr. X is connected to a building where the Berkus group had an office from 1978-1979."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Woofy", 2013/12/18: "Redding, the wording in your poll makes it seem that the "framing" issue is the main issue about woofy. Far more important is the question that most posters, including you, seem to forget about all too easily. A dog was present not just at one Goleta crime, but two ... separated in time by 19 months. Was it the same dog? If yes, there's no way it could be a red herring. Again, LE reported a large dog at the Goleta 2 attack (O/M). LE also reported a large dog at the Goleta 3 attack (D/S). These two attacks were separated in time by 19 months. How is it possible that the Original Night Stalker just happened, accidentally, to acquire the same dog ... 19 months after he first used it? That's the real question. LE just kinda ignores the question, as do posters here, as exemplified by your poll question."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Goleta", 2014/08/31: "Cheri's daughter, Deb, said LE was asking her about the dog as late as 2006 or so - 35 years later. So, the dog was still an issue."
    • Reddit post in /r/EARONS about Woofy from 2018: "There are hairs and paw prints of a white haired three toed German shepherd found at two different murder sites..people in the neighborhood said they remember seeing a young man walking a white German shepherd prior to the killings..I last recall that LE did find the owner of Woofy and this guy was cleared..this guy was friends with a previous POI that was later murdered in all in all, Woofy led LE can this be though?" and "Woofys owner had 3 sons..1-2 of them knew Glasby.. Even if Woofy was a red herring, couldn't LE then determine that ONS knew Glasby or Woofys owner in some way? It just doesn't make sense for ONS to try and frame someone else by using their dog"
  • Woofy's apparent owner "Mr. X"
    • ...
    • EARONSGSK board, "albion's material, articles and websites of interest...", 2014/02/11: "I have read most of this material and from what I have read, I have become very interested in Hetrick and his connection to Santa Paula airport and Lyman Smith. I have researched this heavily, and I have found a strong connection with Woofy's owner (Mr. X) and the Santa Paula airport. In addition, I have found a document that directly connections Mr. X to Hetrick, via a close personal friend and business partner."
    • EARONSGSK board, "UPDATED: Did EAR work at Sunset Development Co.?", 2014/10/21 (pages 3)
      • threetwozero: "There also was a Sunset Realty in Goleta."
      • Agent99 aka Sandia: "That is right AND.....the president of Sunset Realty in Goleta was the next door neighbor of Bret Glasby. He was also the purported owner of the white german shepherd with the 3 toes but his son says they did not own such a dog but some people down the street with either the same last name or a similar last name may have owned such a dog." - interesting to note that Person Z (Silvio Di Loreto) was the president of Sunset Realty so this person, who was the president of the company's Goleta office, matches the description of Mr. X as being a business partner of Person Z
  • Woofy's true owner "Person Z" / "Mr. Z" (but confusingly called "Mr. Y" by Drifter) - real name Silvio Di Loreto
  • Sunset Realty / Sunset Company Realtors or Sunset Development Company or Sunshine Investments / Sun Shine Investments
    • EARONSGSK board, "The strange behavior of Greg XYZ aka ABC", 2013/11/05 (pages 1, ...)
    • EARONSGSK board, "UPDATED: Did EAR work at Sunset Development Co.?", 2014/10/21 (pages 1)
      • Relentless: "I pulled something from the background of the 1.2.78 tape, which I thinks points to EAR or someone in the residence where the call was made working at the Sunset Development Company. If you decide to listen to this clip, please use earphones, good earphones and listen more than once. Remember I pulled this conversation out of the background of a poorly recorded old tape, so don't expect great sound quality.

        The conversation is between two young women. the first part is not very clear but a young woman asked. "where does he work" and the other young woman answers " Sunset Development" or After additional listening I think it could also be "Sunset Environment""
  • Local thug and former ONS suspect Brett Glasby
    • ???, "2 local men shot to death on Mexico surfing vacation", 1982/??/??: "Mexican authorities are searching for three men suspected of slaying and robbing two Santa Barbara men who were on a surfing and skin-diving trip along the western coast of Mexico. Brian Glasby, 21, and Brett Glasby 20, reportedly were shot to death Friday by 3 Mexican men they had met on the beach near the village of El Ranchito in the state of Michoacan. Their father, Jack Glasby of 1409 Camino Rio Verde, returned from Mexico Monday with the bodies of the slain men. Both brothers were born in Santa Barbara and attended Dos Pueblos High School. Glasby said Brian and Breett left here Feb 3 in a Volkswagen van for a trip of four to five weeks down the Mexican coast. They planned to look for places to surf, skin dive and camp, he said. (Court officials said Brett Glasby was being sought on an arrest warrant because he had failed to appear for his Superior Court arraignment in January on attempted robbery and assault charges. He was among six men charged with attempting to rob five occupants of a Goleta farmhouse of marijuana valued at $238,000 in October.) Jack Glasby gave the following account of the murders, based on what he learned from witnesses, residents of the small town and Mexican authorities. The brothers arrived at the beach near El Ranchito either Thursday evening or Friday morning and spearfished there. The area is accessible only by dirt road or small plane. Brian and Brett met the three Mexican men at the beach Friday morning and spent most of the day with them. One of the men, armed with a 9mm pistol, shot both brothers at around 5pm on the beach, according to the account. Money from their wallets – probably about $500 – their masks, fins, spears, and a cassette recorder were missing, but apparently nothing was taken from their van, which was parked on a cliff above the beach, Glasby said. The shooting was witnessed by two small boys from the village who were fishing, and a local resident saw one of the three suspects running with one of the brother’s spears, he said. Glasby said the brothers were found by a Colorado man walking on the beach. Brett was dead, but Brian was alive and related some of what had happened before losing consciousness. The Coloradan carried Brian to the top of the cliff, but Brain died along the way, Glasby said. The three suspects, who were driving a yellow Volkswagen, weren’t from around the village and probably left the area after the murders, Glasby said. He has offered a 100,000 pesos (about $3,700 reward for their capture). Glasby said a movie camera the brothers had in the van had 45 feet of exposed film, and he is having it developed in hopes it will show the suspects. Brian graduated from Dos Pueblos High in 1978 and owned and operated Precision Pools, which installs and services spas and hot tubs. Brett left Dos Pueblos after 11th grade to join the Marine Corps. He was in the service less than a year and has since worked wit Brian and with another brother, who is a taxidermist, Glasby said. Besides their father, they are survived by their mother, Audrey Glasby and two brothers, Wayne and Gregg. Funeral services are scheduled for 2 p.m. tomorrow the Welch-Ryce-Halder chapel in Goleta."
    • Grant Pass Funeral Alternatives obituary for Jack Glasby: "Jack Wayne Glasby, 76, of Grants Pass died Thursday February 25, 2010 at his home. No services will be held. He was born January 24, 1934 in San Francisco, California to Jack and Elanor Glasby. He served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean Conflict. He married Audrey Kirby in 1957 in Saginaw, Michigan. She preceded him in death in 2001. He moved to Grants Pass from Santa Barbara in 1990. He was a member of Ducks Unlimited. He enjoyed hunting and fishing. He is survived by Sons Wayne Glasby of Grants Pass and Greg Glasby of Santa Barbara, CA Mother Elanor Glasby of Beaverton, Michigan Brothers Tim Glasby of Los Angeles, CA and Larry Glasby of Beaverton, Michigan Sister Helen Glasby of Beaverton, Michigan 2 grandchildren He was preceded in death by two sons, Brian Glasby and Brett Glasby in 1982"
    • EARONSGSK board, "Glasby thread on AETV", 2013/07/31 - has some posts from a girl who claims to have known the Glasbys growing up:
      • "I grew up with the Glasbys. Brett was a violent child. Mean to the core. He had no girlfriend that I knew of Ever. He had a german Shepard with 3 toes. He knew the creek like the back of his hand... Like all of us did. It was our playground. From above Cathedral Oaks to south of Calle Real. We knew every tree, bush, trail, tree fort and hide out. We never believed he or Brian were killed in Mexico. What mother would let her precious sons be " murdered" in Mexico and then Not have the bodies be brought back for a funeral?? There was a memorial.... No bodies... No ashes.... Nothing"
      • "Dan I could elaborate however I don't know any of you personally so I will just speak generally. He didn't care if you were a guy or a girl... He'd slug you anyway. No girl in the area who knew him would date him because we all knew how violent he was. His dad went to Mexico to identify the bodies....supposedly.... But didn't return with them. Their service was a memorial. And when kids would ask why no bodies or at least ashes they would never get a straight answer. That's why I made the comment about the mom from my previous post. Something else to consider.... A few SB/ Goleta families were mob involved. What mob I couldn't tell you however they had no problem sending their kids away for protection and when their kids came back to town they looked nothing like themselves. Dyed hair color and plastic surgery. The 70's and 80's in Goleta were crazy times. If Brett and Brian's dad was in the mob then could that have happened to them? Who knows.. Regarding his circle of friends.... I would never name any of them here....sorry"
    • EARONSGSK board, "Brett Glasby", 2013/09/16: "Sandia's notes on Brett Glasby: Here are some more notes I'll just go ahead and post since I found my notes: [Brett] Glasby DOB 10/21/61 Died 2/02/82 at the age of 20, El Repchito Beach, Michoacan, Mexico, not in Baja. Brian was 21, graduated H.S. and ran a business called Precision Pools. Family lived at 5590 Pembroke Ave. Goleta from at least the early 1970's until 10/14/76. Then they moved to 1409 Camino Rio Verde. [Brett] Glasby was in high school as a junior and then dropped out. [Brett] Glasby was kicked out of the marines after less than one year. At the time of his and his brother, Brian's death, his brother Greg and two other men were wanted for Failure to Appear at a January 1982 arraignment regarding a drug related robbery and assault in Oct 1981."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Was Glasby Killed by the ONS, by jaejae", 2014/04/05 (pages 1, 2, 3, ...)
      • "Please resurrect the newspaper article which details an account of a mysterious Colorado Man (our guy?) who shows up at the final minute to hear Brians acct as he dies. Two Mexican boys witnessed the shooting. The Bros had a kilo of pot in the Van. The following is rumoured. A Mexican woman who distributed coke to older bro in the 80s told him her people sold the bros some pot a couple of days before in mex. Her nick mame was la paloma? The SBSO told GG in a threat they would do the same to him as they did to his bros. If it was EAR in Mex to shut them up why would he leave the super 8 and recording device found in the van? Everyone in Goleta thought they tried to rip off pot and were taken down. And it was poetic justice. They were trying to keep them (BG) away from testifying for the farmhouse robbery and...? It seems like SBSO could have had someone in Mexico do it for them for a trade. Was EAR a Goleta sherriffs officer?"
      • "I feel like there is something rather contrived about this newspaper article. It seems very odd that all those details would be revealed to the public if there really had been an actual murder investigation going on at the time. Also, I've never been able to find any death records for Brett and Brian Glasby. Where are they buried? Has it crossed anyone else's mind that maybe Brett and Brian were merely relocated somewhere for some reason?"
      • "I might be wrong, but I thought Glasby was facing jail time for beating up the janitor of (EARONS victim) Dr. Offerman. His dad is alleged used corrupt police officers to hide Brett from justice. If Glasby confessed to his dad that he had done something much, much worse, then maybe daddy arranged for him to 'disappear' for ever... ...and so he went to Mexico etc etc. Just speculation I know, but the Woofy and Offerman links - plus the links to certain POIs - plus old man Glasby's willingness to shield his sons from justice, makes me think there is a slim possibility the deaths were faked."
      • "Something I have been wondering about is this. Maverick had at least three people with CIA connections, and Lyman should have known. I haven't read anything about the CIA being interested in solving the case. If you consider what happened with the three Lockheed employees that were skimming off the CIA funds in Iran, you will find that they were murdered and the blame put on a terrorist org. If there was active CIA operations going at Maverick, and if Lyman was skimming off the top, how would the CIA handle that? There are more implications if you think it through. If Lyman had become a judge, would he have then become untouchable? I just find it odd that Hetrick had been a target of the FBI, DEA, and IRS for three years prior to the Delorean case, and here he was working with the CIA, and then he only gets three years for 24 mil of cocaine? And then Heaton dies in an airplane crash?"
      • "it was Congressman Bob Lagomarsino (R)Santa Barbara Is who Audrey called to keep Brett from Okinawa and AWOL trouble as he was a minor. So the story goes..."
      • "I am very interested in Brett's cohort's connection though. We don't know if Brett and the cohort were the people who beat the janitor, but the S.B. sheriff suspected they were. The janitor did not get a description of his attackers other than two men in ski masks. This cohort was convicted of murder in Sacramento. [...] Sammy, I don't think we can say from those two connections that Glasby's dad was influential or in cahoots with SBLE, but it is possible he was with a few individuals. As I understand it, the retired sheriff that housed Brett in Sacramento owed his dad a substantial amount of money. Keep in mind as has been previously mentioned that dad sued the sheriff's office, the City of S.B. the D.A, etc. Brett's family as I understand it is not a fan of LE at all."
  • Silas Boston and "the apprentice"
    • EARONSGSK board, "POI Thread: "The Apprentice"", 2017/06/21: "Redwin do you know the name of the real estate agent that your dad and this poi were working for in Carmichael." and "I've been trying to remember that, in hopes they still have files, or original documents with his handwriting or DNA. It's some kind of Italian name, perhaps with a "D" like Deangelo or something like that. I haven't thought about it since the early 80s and my memory is foggy on it." - interesting reply asks if it could have been Silvio Di Loreto, but Russell Boston's (Redwin's) response is redacted
    • Reddit thread in /r/EARONS from April 2018 titled "The DeAngelo / 'Apprentice' / Silas Boston Connection": "As previously mentioned, months ago, Russell Boston inadvertently identified the EARONS' last name 'Deangelo' when speaking about a real estate agent that may have been familiar with his father, the prolific burglar Silas Boston. There is now supposition that JJD's brother, was in fact a real estate agent at the time. Here is a photo of Silas Boston w/ the forearm tattoo visible; Here is a photo with Boston and the 'apprentice'; (Both photos provided by Boston's son, Russell) For those unfamiliar with 'The Apprentice' thread hypothesis from the proboards; last year, Russell raised the possibility that his father, who was a prolific home invader in Sacramento during the EARONS spree, may have been working with a younger individual that could have been the EARONS. He also suggested the possibility his father was in cahoots with real estate agent(s) in the area at the time of the crimes, and that there may have been a grouping of different people involved in the crimes. Now, enter Joe DeAngelo; his DNA-positive match to evidence left at the EARONS scenes linking him conclusively to the series. The question now becomes; what are the odds that Russell Boston would coincidentally name 'Deangelo' when discussing his suspicions of knowing who was involved with these crimes?" - debunked that the John DeAngelo with a California real estate license was JJD's brother
    • BBC, "'After 37 years I caught my brother's killer on Facebook'", 2018/08/24
  • Gun running and drug smuggling at Mather Air Force Base - where victim Brian Maggiore was a military policeman
    • Sacramento Bee, "UNKNOWN KILLERS, UNRESOLVED EMOTIONS", 1990/03/25: "Lt. Ray Biondi, who has logged 28 years as a Sacramento peace officer, remembers the day as though it were yesterday. Biondi directs the homicide unit of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. Of the hundreds of cases he has worked, the shooting deaths of Brian and Katie Maggiore more than 12 years ago are among the most troubling. We never established a motive for this crime, Biondi said. It was a very high-profile type of crime. It was committed right out in the open.Sgt. Brian K. Maggiore, 21, was an administrative specialist at Mather Air Force Base. He and his wife, 20-year-old Katie, were walking their dog on a quiet residential street in Rancho Cordova around 9 p.m. on Feb. 2, 1978. Neighborhood residents reported hearing a woman scream and several gunshots. A tall man was seen leaping over a fence as he ran from the area. [...] The Sheriff's Department released two composite drawings of young men seen in the area. One man wore a brown jacket with an orange dragon embroidered on the front. It was very close to Mather Air Force Base; and because one of the victims was a military sergeant, I bet you we interviewed thousands of airmen, Biondi recalled. We had a lot of suspects, a lot of great theories and a lot of guys who seemed to have an established motive, but we never solved that case. I'm not sure why. It still bothers me today.To add an even more provocative twist to the case, some investigators have theorized that the killer was the notorious East Area Rapist who terrorized the Sacramento community and assaulted 36 victims from June 1976 through April 1978."
    • EARONSGSK board, "The Maggiore murders", 2013/07/13 (pages 1, 2, 3, ...)
      • "On the A&E board, Arch argued very forcefully, and very persuasively, that the EAR was not the killer of the Maggiories. I think we need to keep that in mind, especially with the new book coming out, wherein the author concludes that the EAR was the killer."
      • "No, I don't think so. According to Arch, if I recall correctly, the most convincing sketch/composite of EAR was the "half-mask" sketch; and that came from an EAR attack that had nothing to do with Maggiores. Another point that Arch made, again if I remember correctly, is that the initial assumption on part of LE was that the killer was someone connected with drug ring at Mather AFB. Idea that the killer might have been EAR didn't arise until years later."
      • "The curious thing to me is that there were/are 2 suspects in the Maggiore murders. Admittedly, one does look like the general EAR sketch, but not so much that that alone convinces me."
      • "What if the two suspects deliberately setup the EAR? Knew the Maggiore's lived in one of the EAR's crime areas? Knew about the shoelaces/bindings (I assume this was already in the paper)? Thought LE would initially think it was an EAR rape attempt gone wrong?"
      • "I had this same theory. When I first started reading about EAR/ONS and reading the posts on the A&E board I was certain that EAR was connected to the Maggiore murders and I thought Arch was being very obtuse stating otherwise. But the more I read, particularly after reading Sudden Terror the first time, the less I felt that EAR was responsible for the Maggiore murders. If the killings were part of the Mather AFB drug ring then EAR would have made a good scapegoat. The EAR attacks would have been big news in the area at the time and it would have been as easy as dawning a mask, shooting them both and dropping some laces. I do still feel strongly that VR and EAR/ONS are one in the same. The nature of the break-ins, the blitz style attack on the sleeping girl then leading her outside... I feel it very well could have been the catalyst for something that was seen again and again in the EAR crimes. As for the killing of Snelling, it could easily be justified in his mind as self-defense. EAR/ONS seemed to struggle with inner justification in his killings. For him to say he had not killed before could merely mean in his mind that he had not killed for pleasure or killed in the way that he intended to."
      • "1) If the Maggiore murders were tied to the Mather AFB drug ring then it's highly likely that base security was involved. That being said it's also highly likely that base security/military police would have access to information about the EAR cases that wasn't made public, even if that access was in an unofficial sense (cops like to talk just like everybody else)."
      • "Brian Maggiore was a member of the Military Police. Lt. Biondi in Sacramento said they interviewed thousands of airmen in connection with the Maggiore murders but that never went anywhere. This was a time period of some very nefarious quasi government sanctioned "activities." If Maggiore stumbled upon any of those things in his work, we will never know."
      • "Was there ever any ballistics done on the guns that killed Snelling, the Maggiores, Offerman/Manning and Sanchez (and McGowen's flashlight)? EDIT: I just read there were no ballistics matches: [broken link to A&E TV forum discussion]"
      • "The toughest part of Arch's info to refute is the two men seen talking just prior to the shooting. It means the shooter had an accomplice, which also means that someone besides the killer knows who's responsible."
      • "320th Security Police Squadron"
      • "Something else that was going on heavily at this time on Mather Base was gun thefts and running. Not only did we have all the heroin drug trafficking but there were many illegal endeavors going on. We did get valid confirmation on the gun thefts and sales."
      • "I wish Arc was here to tell us more about the "lying airmen". I found it odd that they would lie about anything related to a murder, even if they were under the influence."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Mather weapons trial 1976", 2015/03/28 (pages 1, 2, 3)
      • threetwozero: "Just got an email regarding Mather AFB and a trial in 1976 regarding the theft of weapons. As of yet, I haven't had any luck finding any articles. According to the email, there was a murder of an individual who was going to testify at this trial.
        I am very curious if this trial involved any individuals from either the 320th or 323rd. I'm also curious if the man killed was in the Air Force or a civilian."
      • trabuco: "Threetwozero, have you found out any more about this? I do recall a member of the board saying Brian Maggiore was killed because he was going to testify in the weapons trial."
      • threetwozero: "Yeah, wow I forgot about this. No I never heard anything back about it, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't able to find anything. There was also another member of the 320th who was killed in his house by a supposed intruder, and another member who was killed at a gas station in a robbery attempt. That guy was a kennel master at mather."
      • drdoogie: "The murder victim was Ronald E. Winter and the killer was Philip Arthur Thompson.

        Winter was to testify in the weapons case. Winter was an informant for SCSD Detective Pat O'Neill. [...]"
      • pluckman56: "Was PAT charged and jailed for the Robert Winter murder. Could he have been the taller man at the Maggiore murders.? Many questions about this creep. Doe's he know who ear is?"
      • drdoogie: "[...] Winter's murder and Thompson's arrest occurred around April 1975. The Sacramento Bee article of Thompson's arrest happened the same day as the front page showed the iconic photo of the last helicopter leaving the US Embassy in Saigon for a perspective of timeframe.

        Thompson was probably in prison when the Maggoire murders occurred, but that is not confirmed. Thompson and John Gordon Abbott escaped from a work camp near Sonora and committed several robberies, but I have never been able to nail down the exact dates."
      • threetwozero: "He [Brian Maggiore] was 323rd"
      • threetwozero: "[...] What really is interesting to me is that they were getting Brian transferred out of that unit, when he really only served a short period of time there. Why was That? I was in the Military, and at a minimum, you spend 18 months in a particular unit. In my case, my first squadron was 4 yrs, then 2 yrs stationed at a shore duty. Brian was being moved around like crazy. In my personal opinion, Brian was going to these different units for one reason and that was to identify drug operations. The 320th actually had an undercover unit that went around doing the same thing. I think Brian was sent in to look at them. Prior to Brian getting to Mather, the 320th undercover unit busted up a drug operation at another Air Force station. During that operation, quite a bit of drugs and money went missing."
      • drdoogie: "I am developing a lot more info about Ronald Winter through contact with informants.

        Winter was not in the military, but seemed to be a spook himself - he was reportedly seen taking "hops" on military transports traveling between the U.S. and Southeast Asia. Winter was reportedly a licensed gun dealer and seemed to have run with a rather "sketchy" group of aquaintances, but according to my sources was not involved in criminal activity himself.

        I also now have the names of the victim of another murder linked to guns and drugs at Mather and the two people convicted of that murder (it may be this trial that Winter was scheduled to testify). I will hold off publishing that info until I can confirm the details via published media reports of the trial - once vetted, I will list names and info.

        As how this relates to EAR and the Maggoires, I am not sure. All of these events I am speaking of occurred prior to mid-1975 which (I believe) is before Brian transferred to Mather. How it MAY be related is if the people arrested circa 1975 were only part of the people involved and the gun-thefts continued on after the arrests by those who were not arrested, but (let me emphasize) this is just speculation as of now."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Sacramento's Contradiction On EAR As Killer of Maggiore", 2017/12/01
  • Maverick International Airlines links - to victim Lyman Smith
    • Ventura County Star, "DNA Findings Throw New Light on Old Case" by Aron Miller, 2000/10/08
    • Ventura County Star, "The Silent Witness" by Colleen Cason, 2002
      • "Chapter 1: Between the sea and the stars", 2002/11/03: "Lyman liked deals. "Pots of gold at the end of the rainbow Lyman put together" is the way Judge Steven Stone, his former law partner, summarized his eclectic portfolio. He leaned toward unusual enterprises that set his closest friends to scratching their heads. There was Maverick International, an airline dedicated to flying pregnant cows to Iran. He owned part interest in an avocado ranch and in an innovative own-your-own-lot manufactured-home development in Santa Paula."
      • "Chapter 9: The biggest bull shippers", 2002/11/11: "Maverick specialized in transporting inseminated cows to the Shah of Iran. The ruler was looking to beef up ranching in his kingdom and willing to pay top dollar to anyone who would deliver quality livestock. In 1977, Santa Barbara pilot Daniel Hood and Canadian businessman Edward C.C. Peagram approached Lyman with this unusual opportunity. Hood had a burning ambition to own an airline. Peagram, a rags-to-riches entrepreneur, had the contacts to procure the livestock. They lacked only the financing to lease the jets from Dr. Robert Beauchamp, a spectacularly successful entrepreneur who pioneered credit dentistry in Southern California. Lyman had a pretty good idea where to extract the $1.5 million in startup money. One of his law clients was an ex-prizefighter turned rancher by the name of A.E. "Bud" Sloan."
    • EARONSGSK board, "The drugs connection ..... + another theory", 2013/08/14: "In ST, it describes the fingerprints pulled off of the lamp that eventually led to a person who was in witness protection. The book says the person died before being interviewed. Eventually, it says LE went to the gravesite and exhumed the body for testing. I find this incredible. Does Occam's razor have an application for this? I have my conspiracy theorist hat on right now, of course. IMO, witness protection could appear as if looking over an abyss. Except you might only find the empty spaces a person was before. Is there more info on this? Were there any large drug busts or racketeering trials that went on in the area right after this? Can any conclusions be made that the victims at this house might have been associating with a bad element and possibly have been known by gsk in this way?"
    • Toby Aimer, "Bombing Moscow", 2014: "In 1977, Santa Barbara pilot, a Canadian and an American businessman came up with the idea to specialize in transporting inseminated cows to Iran. The pitot had a burning ambition to own an airline and the Canadian businessman had the contacts to procure the livestock. They found a Californian rancher and land owner to invest in their company named Maverick International Airlines and financing to lease Boeing 707 jets from a broker. [...] The auditor also discovered the partners had set up a company in the Cayman Islands to divert airline income. In addition, the US businessman appeared to be siphoning off funds from the payroll withholding. The auditor found this particularly shocking and felt obligated to alert the Californian investor to the shenanigans. The investor finally find out he was being hoodwinked by these slick businessmen. [...] The pilot/owner bailed out and signed his share over to the others. They worked around the clock to keep the airline functioning. Soon employee paychecks bounced. Beauchamp foreclosed on the jets. The Internal Revenue Service arrived, seeking more than a quarter of a million dollars in employee withholding that had never been paid. Maverick went bankrupt. The Californian investor and other creditors, including the IRS, were left holding the bag."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Maverick Air, by albion", 2014/10/22 (pages ..., 3, 4, 5, ...)
      • albion: "Mr. Y is fascinating. How someone could have been such an early poi for the VR crimes and then correlate so well with the move to Sac. And then for the moves to SB and family in OC so close to the Harrington crime. Its easy to go back and say poi A, B or C shows similar locations, but to have been a poi so early is amazing to me. Certainly the man served his country well and endured terrible atrocities while doing so. And I would hope that we all take that in to account, but if he indeed played a part in these crimes, that shouldn't exonerate him. Does anyone know if he might have had a connection to Peagram or Hood? Schnauzer made the connection between the poem and the SDA writings. There is also this connection between Maverick Air and the SDA."
      • privatecitizen: "They also had elaborate and very high tech plans to do bank robberies to "fund" some of what they were doing supposedly. I can't remember the details, but I think it was LE in Canada that found the schematics for some banks and other things among their belongings and claimed they were very advanced. Someone from the old board was looking into a tie between them and bank robber Manier, whom formerly owned the TOR vehicle in this case. Not sure what they found out."
      • albion: "Evidently Dan Hood of Maverick was involved with transporting the orphans and families back from Vietnam. Is it possible that one of his coworkers or friends had some involvement with the crimes? It certainly seems a situation that could incite some incredible anger if a loved one was left behind. Or if a loved one was killed in the crash of the C5 military transport during Operation Babylift. I am not claiming this is the case, just looking at the various histories of the people involved with Maverick Air."
    • Gary L. Wean, "The Anatomy of a Conspiracy of Race Riots & Revolution", 1994/06/20: "John De Lorean, the automobile manufacturing tycoon was arrested in a hotel at L.A. International Airport for smuggling 220 lbs. of cocaine, valued at 24 million dollars into the country. Within hours after his arrest William Morgan Hetrick was picked up in Hollywood. A sensational TV and newspaper dramatized trial followed the arrests. Lawyer Howard Weitzman represented De Lorean. Hetrick was a pilot for a Ventura lawyer, Lyman Smith, who owned Maverick International Airlines Inc. Smith owned two large jets that he was using to fly live registered cattle to Iran for the Shah and then bringing back cocaine to the States in the jets. Lawyer Lyman Smith, who was about to be appointed as judge to the Ventura Superior court, and his wife were both found bludgeoned to death at home in bed. The District Attorney, Michael Bradbury framed a suspect and arrested him. The case against the defendant smelled so bad that Bradbury lost it at the Preliminary hearing."
    • Daily Oklahoman, "Refugees Reunited to See TV Movie of Experiences", 1990/05/20: "Heading the guest list were Allan H. Topping and Daniel Hood, Pan American airlines employees who figured prominently in the unofficial rescue operation. In 1975 Topping was Pan Am's Saigon station manager, responsible for deciding when to schedule the last flight, knowing that those remaining behind would face certain death. Hood, an off-duty Pan Am pilot, voluntarily flew to Saigon to assist in evacuating orphans who had been wounded in the failed "Operation Babylift.""
  • DNA matching and potential issues
    • Los Angeles Times, "DNA Tests Link Slayings in 3 Counties", 2000/10/03 (pages 1, 2)
    • Santa Barbara News-Press, "Serial Link Explored in Old Murders: Goleta, Orange County Cases Similar", 2000/10/03: "While Santa Barbara sheriff's detectives say there may be a connection between the Goleta killings, they are not convinced the same person is responsible for the others. "There was DNA evidence in our investigation that does not match the DNA from their killer," said Lt. Mike Burridge, spokesman for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department. "We obviously would like nothing more than to solve these homicides. There are still surviving victims, and surviving and grieving family members who would like to see these cases resolved." But while there are similarities among the cases, there are just as many inconsistencies, Burridge said."
    • Los Angeles Times, "30-year-old slayings of Goleta couple linked to serial killer", 2011/05/05
    • EARONSGSK board, "The DNA and Fingerprints the different jurisdictions have", 2014/04/06 (pages 1, 4)
      • xiulan: "Lt. Mike Burridge (SBSD) "There was DNA evidence in our investigation that does not match the DNA from their killer." 3 October 2000, SB News-Press."
      • xiulan: "If Sac has DNA from 12 of their rapes, as has been claimed, are we supposed to believe they either decided not to develop a profile from it or alternatively that they have a profile and for some reason don't think it should be tested against OC's DNA profile? That requires a greater suspension of disbelief to my mind than would be remotely reasonable in ANY investigation, let alone one of this magnitude.

        IF Sac developed a DNA profile, as they should have, and IF Sac compared it with OC, as they should have, there is absolutely zero reason the result of that comparison hasn't been made known...unless they didn't match. There has been a ridiculous argument made from time to time around here that Sac has DNA and they are testing and testing and testing it (one example of this) and will do so until it's all gone...or something to that effect...bullocks! They'd develop a profile from each one, compare them to each other and compare them with what OC has. This isn't rocket surgery. DNA doesn't morph into different profiles the longer it sits. It doesn't become more conclusive through multiple erroneous testings. One profile. Use it to compare. Done.

        My contention is that IF Sac had DNA that matched OC and the 3 CCC rapes associated with the murders, we'd be talking about this case in terms of 15 rapes matched to the OC murders and not 3. In order to get any form of justice for EAR's victims, Sac NEEDS to match that DNA with OC...that this match has not been declared ought to raise questions."
      • xiulan: "The interesting thing about that is that DNA doesn't change. A sample doesn't suddenly become a match over time. There were also reports that DNA was collected from the Offerman/Manning scene which was eventually "lost" to the vacuum of time. I believe, and I am sure you will correct me if I'm wrong, that the new technology employed to match Goleta DNA to OC was from a sample previously undetected in Domingo-Sanchez. If Burridge was referencing O/M DNA in 2000 and it was "lost" by the time the D/S DNA was "discovered" years later, then there was still, at one time, a Goleta crime scene sample that did not match. There was no D/S DNA sample in Goleta, as far as they knew, until that later evidence was discovered, so Burridge couldn't have been referencing DNA from that case. Again, clear as mud in the one area of this case that ought to be a cake walk."
      • portofleith: "The Maggiore shoelace did not provide DNA as was hoped. But we only have to look to Santa Barbara to see how improved DNA technology can yield new results on extracting DNA from old material."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Contra Costa County Crime Lab", 2014/07/08 (pages 1, 2)
      • playinem: "The crime lab had at least Six (6) good (presence of spermatazoa) rape kits contemporaneous to the rapes occurring. Very possibly there were even more but my information is that there were at least the Six "good" ones all of which were attributed to the EAR. Years later when DNA profiles were developed and, in 2001 when the profiles developed were compared to the ONS profile from SoCal, we are told that Three (3) of the Contra Costa rapes (#39, #42 & #46) match each other and match the ONS' SoCal crimes. What happened to the profiles developed from the at least Three (3) other "good" rape kits from Contra Costa/NorCal? It is inconceivable that the profiles weren't developed from all of the viable evidence and also inconceivable that those profiles weren't all compared against one another and also, compared against the profile developed from the SoCal homicides for the ONS. I think it is likely that Sacramento County either lost or threw away whatever potential DNA evidence it had and that is likely why we haven't heard anything about any matches to EAR crimes in Sac County. Contra Costa is a different story...we know they had good evidence, we know they tested at least some of it so they didn't throw good evidence away. They probably didn't lose half or more of this major case evidence. At a minimum there were Six good DNA viable kits for testing. We know that Three match the ONS and each other. What about the Three (at least) or more that haven't been discussed or accounted for?"
      • playinem: "Port- My info came from a source who was affiliated with LE from the mid-1980's through the mid-2000's. I contacted her again tonight for clarification. She tells me that all forensics in CoCo County are run through the Contra Costa County Crime Lab regardless of city. She also tells me that there were a total of 8 attacks attributed to the EAR which occurred in CoCo County. Specifically there were 3 attacks in Danville, 2 in Concord, 2 in Walnut Creek and 1 in San Ramon. From those 8 attacks she says that 6 yielded "good" biological evidence. I don't want to question criminalist Holes (either one) or yourself as I have the utmost respect for both you and they...just explaining where my information came from. It is entirely possible that by the time the DNA testing was performed however many years after the evidence was collected (2001 I believe) that only the DNA from 3 kits was viable in which case we have our answer. In any event, thank you so much for running it down for us all. I for one would be chasing my tail even more than I do now if not for you."
    • EARONSGSK board, "How much DNA do they actually have?", 2014/10/19
      • ontrail: "From an Interview with Contra Costa County Forensics expert (and all around great guy) Paul Holes. One of the few actual heroes of this story: “[...] In 1997 I got ahold of a former member of the EAR Task Force, Larry Cromtpon, and he told me about the Southern California rapes and murders and his theory that they were committed by Northern California’s East Area Rapist. I then spoke with law enforcement in Irvine and Orange County about their attacks. Orange County’s DNA technological capabilities and equipment was much more advanced than ours in Contra Costa County at the time. We ran the tests but due to the difference in our testing equipment the DNA did not show a match. [...]”"
      • playinem: "I think that prosecutors would have a very difficult time explaining to jurors (and/or appellate courts) how the DNA testing first showed no match between DNA from the 3 EAR samples from Contra Costa prior to 2001 and then in 2001...shazam! Not only were all 3 of the NorCal EAR samples matches but they were also identical to DNA recovered from the ONS rape-homicides. There may well be an explanation based upon science and technology that explains how a non-matching set of 3 profiles morphed into a perfectly matching set but, if I'm trying this for the prosecution...I'm not touching it. Best course (IMO) would be to just leave the NorCal DNA out. Focus on the ONS matches. There are no such discrepencies (that we know of there) and jurors should (provided the OJ Simpson jury isn't reenlisted) be able to easily grasp the science and technology involved and apply the law accordingly. Of course I'm just speculating because there isn't even a suspect/defendant on the horizon much less the dock."
      • privatecitizen: "I'm glad you said that. It's another one of those weird case things that doesn't seem to make sense about the DNA not matching and then later matching. There's also still the non-matching DNA claimed by an SB detective. I think it was said in an article that Ventura also had issues with their testing and it had to be sent to OC's lab to get a match? There may be 3 or 4 different ONS DNA profiles out there if Contra Costa originally had a different profile from OC, SB had a different one, and then possibly Ventura had a different one. Crazy and I could see a defense attorney having a field day with those issues in court, too."
      • playinem: "In her post PC brings up the Santa Barbara inconsistencies regarding DNA from the Goleta homicides. In Offerman/Manning there was NEVER any testing supposedly done because Manning's rape kit was lost between the pathology lab and the crime lab. Since a rape in that case could not be proven the story has become that Manning was not raped. Someone reasonably close to these investigations (whom I respect) believes that Manning was raped. I couldn't say for sure. In Domingo/Sanchez semen was found on either bedding or Domingo's clothing collected during the crime scene investigation but not accounted for apparently until some 30 years after the murders."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Maverick Air, by albion", 2014/10/22 (pages ..., 3, 4, 5, ...)
      • privatecitizen: "Interesting points. Supposedly Ventura "had problems" with the Smith murder DNA until they handed it over to another jusrisdiction that found the DNA match to some of the other ONS murders. Weird, to say the least."
      • privatecitizen: "Yeah, it doesn't mean they aren't connected. Just may or may not mean something else. Kind of like SB saying they had DNA for their murders that didn't match or CC saying they had a non match that later matched. The DNA issues are just plain weird."
      • privatecitzen: "Thanks for semi-backing what I posted. Ventura on their own couldn't show a DNA match. Port, can you find anything that says they showed a non-match initially? It's just so odd that 2 other jurisdictions (including one that has the only DNA linked EAR rapes) plus Ventura had problems matching the DNA to OC's DNA."
      • privatecitizen: "What you provided in the way of an article doesn't explain much of anything besides OC doing the DNA profile in the Smith case. Why couldn't Ventura do that or did they and it was deemed a problem or whatever? They had the technology to do so at the time for such a pristinely preserved rape kit despite OC being such a cutting edge lab at the time. The article doesn't give the reason why to that question, does it?. Much like all of the articles on the net that don't point out how and why CC's original DNA profile didn't match or an explanation of why SB had non matching DNA to the other cases. I stand by that those issues about the DNA are just plain weird."
    • EARONSGSK board, "The possibility of 2 or more EARs", 2015/06/03
      • privatecitizen: "Eh, looking through old articles and noticed this. This article in 2001 after the EAR DNA link to ONS sounds like they may have had evidence left in the Sac crimes to test for DNA. Were the rape kits still around then, something else, or what?"
      • Drifter: "... an interesting question. Did they throw away the Sac rape kits after the ONS DNA link? That's what it sounds like? One could read into that a number of motives. When, exactly, did Sacramento discard the rape evidence?"
    • EARONSGSK board, "What do we have solid DNA evidence of so far?", 2015/06/18 (pages 1, 2, 3)
      • privatecitizen: "CC (Contra Costa County) still had their rape kits. They originally couldn't match their DNA profiles to the ONS profile that OC (Orange County) had for their murders and the Smith murders in Ventura. OC had done the DNA profile for the Ventura Smith murders. CC supposedly had inconclusive results and non matching results when they tested their rape kits and compared it to the OC DNA profile for ONS.

        Later, after getting some new equipment, CC did match 3 of their EAR cases out of the 6? rape kits they had (can't remember how many kits they had left off the top of my head) to the DNA profile OC had for ONS. That was when the EAR to ONS DNA link was made and it was in 2001.

        During all of that, SB (Santa Barbara) was still claiming that they had DNA in their Goleta murder cases that did not match the killer's DNA profile that OC had for their ONS DNA profile. In 2011, after re-examining evidence from the Goleta murders, a lab found sperm on an item (supposedly a bedspread) from the Domingo/Sanchez murder evidence. The DNA profile from that sperm showed a match to the DNA profile OC had for the other murders."
      • danmiami: "The Domingo/Sanchez crime scene always puzzled me. They noted that Cheri was not raped yet in 2011 they found "Spermatozoa" on the bedspread. Did ONS (without getting too graphic here) masterbate or did he commit a sexual assault? If it was a sexual assault then the rape kit would have sufficed like in the Smith and Harrington homicides."
      • albion: "There is also plenty of evidence which points to other attackers. Specifically the witness descriptions, the various methods of entering the homes, the numerous unaccounted for people and cars at the various crime scenes, and the planned attacks vs those of opportunity. I believe at this point, there are numerous examples posted on the board, of other rapists and murderers who employed similar MO's as the Ear and Ons crimes."
      • privatecitizen: "Look at it this way - there are at least 3 different DNA profiles generated as being EAR or ONS DNA from the evidence left at the scenes. OC, SB, and CC all had different DNA profiles originally. Years later, it turned into them all matching DNA profiles to forensically link the crimes. Ventura may or may not have also originally generated a different DNA profile than OC did for the Smith murders, so maybe 4 different profiles were generated for the DNA of EAR/ONS. All of that would be a field day in court if this case is ever tried.

        There have been snafus in the DNA clearing of POIs where they got the trash of one and the DNA profile they generated turned out to be the roommate of the POI instead of the POI's. That was caught by accident and would have most likely gone unnoticed if the roommate didn't happen to have his DNA profile in the criminal database for something else not related to the EAR/ONS crimes. Were there other instances where that happened and it went unnoticed? There were also instances where they went to the wrong house and got the trash there instead of at the house of the POI. Threetwozero posted more details about that. Who knows how many times that has happened in this case and it was never caught."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Question about his DNA and", 2017/11/04
      • Any of N: "Here is a quick thumbnail timeline of the DNA testing, from my notes. It agrees well with Bob's info above.

        Year LE Agency Result

        1997 Orange County DNA from Harrington, Witthuhn, and Cruz murders is matched.

        1998 Orange + Ventura Counties DNA from Smith murders is matched to the above.

        2000 Contra Costa County DNA from EAR Attacks 39-42-46 is matched to each other.

        2001 Orange Co + Contra Costa Co DNA from all of the above (NorCal-SoCal) is matched.

        2011 Orange Co + CA Dept. Justice DNA from Domingo-Sanchez murder is matched to the above."
  • Joseph DeAngelo connections and/or protection
    • Visalia Times-Delta, "Visalia Ransacker suspect was a 'black sheep,' described as a loner in Exeter", 2018/04/27
    • EARONSGSK board, "Incongruous Realities and Unacknowledged Pachyderms", 2018/04/28: "For some of us, this is not surprising. Not in the least. Deangelo was a VIP. Some would claim he was "The Unsuspected". The truth, however, is that he should have been seriously investigated in 1979. Lives would have been saved. His stature as a VIP within the LE community protected him from suspicion. Let us ask ourselves a question, "Set against the back drop and within the context of Sacramento in the late '70's, why would a LE officer shoplift dog repellant and a hammer?" What would the answer be? To us with the clarity of retrospect, that answer is glaring and should have been just as obvious to LE at the time. That Deangelo did not fight his termination, that the All Powerful police union didn't take up his cause, is certainly suggestive. Were there whispers behind the scenes? Was there a tacit agreement? "NOT IN MY TOWN, LEBOWSKI!!", punctuated with flying desk furnishings or coffee cups? Or was Deangelo merely so AFRAID that he tucked tail and ran to safety? One of these two scenarios is undeniably true. At this point we just don't know which. The lone conclusion we can draw from either scenario is also highly suggestive."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Vicki Morgan and Lyman Smith", 2018/05/07
      • "I have always wondered about a link between EAR and Philip A Thompson. PAT was a hitman and enforcer, who was also a serial offender in his free time. PAT mentions rejecting a murder for hire job, which was eventually carried out by a man he calls JD. Who was this 'JD'?"
      • "The witness they are talking about is PAT. The attorney is Harland Braun. Who is JD?

        "FN 1. "That the witness ... has represented that the testimony of the witness will be in substance as follows: In April 1980 Willie Wisely solicited me to kill his stepfather. I told him I'm not into that kind of thing I'm not interested. About 2 weeks later he asked me again. Offering me land in the Fresno area--I told him I'm not interested. [¶] I saw Wisely again in Jan of 1981--I spent a few days with him in the Orange County area. He asked me if I would kill his stepfather at an out of state truck stop. He offered me $50,000 in cash. He said I could make it look like a robbery. He showed me $3,000 in cash--I told him I was not interested at all. He asked me if I could someone to do it. I told him 'No way.' [¶] On March 13, 1981 Willie Wisely told me he killed his stepfather. Shortly thereafter he told me the same thing stating that either he (Willy) or JD held Mr. Bray down while the other let the car down on him. Willie said he had control of the property and there was only one loose end. JD is. He said he intended to off JD--and he bought a specific gun an AR 15 to do it with.""
      • "I was wondering if it has been brought up that Lyman Smith grew up in Citrus Heights and attended San Juan High School in 1954? Did he have had professional ties to JJD's wife (both were in law)? Did his family have ties to the Deangelo family?"
    • EARONSGSK board, "Was DeAngelo a Mechanic for SCCA Racing?", 2018/10/13: "In 2013 on another board I wrote: "I've been looking at racing in Sacramento in the 1970's because I have a hunch that EAR worked as a mechanic for a shop that rebuilt race car engines and made baja bugs our of beetles. I came across SCCA because they currently race at Mather. However, I don't know if that is just recent or if they had amateur racing in the 1970's there,too Also, in my research, I came across the name Jim Snelling as a driver for SCCA (Sports Car Club of America)." Any thoughts?"
    • EARONSGSK board, "GSK, Racing, Santa Paula, Iran Contra and Steve McQueen", 2018/10/27
      • "My speculation is simple: The Santa Paula Airport in Ventura, CA was taken over by the CIA as a place to train pilots and stage their runs to Central America and Iran. I also speculate that DeAngelo was recruited to be trained at this facility. In addition, I believe he ended up at this facility through his connection with Steve McQueen and racing and/or though his cocaine connections. Please read this article about Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport and another about the plane the CIA left in Costa Rica. It mentions that there were payoffs to the state. This makes me want to speculate and ask the question: Did the CIA payoff the state of California or Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties to look the other way in Santa Barbara and Ventura during GSK's killing spree?"
      • "Prior to JJD being caught, many people thought the simplest answer was that earons was a lowlife transient painter. Now that he is caught, posters again want to claim another "simplest answer" must be true. Incompetency is one thing, but to have it in almost every jurisdiction he committed crimes, and with every murder he committed, is beyond reasonable. There has to be another answer for it. Incompetency doesnt explain it away. Localized corruption in the jurisdictions he committed crimes in does."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Any info on JJD as a suspect before the DNA ID?", 2018/12/18 (pages 1, 3)
      • "On this very board a few years ago I saw the name Joe DeAngelo in a newspaper article about a heroic cop who tried to chase down a prowler. I remember thinking that's a cool name for a 70s cop. So his name was actually on this site a few years back, but unfortunately nobody considered him as a suspect. Ironically, all the discussion was about whether this hero cop had almost chased down and caught EAR..."
      • "Here's the specific 12-26-76 podcast in question: Ep. 16 Sgt. Joe DeAngelo, Exeter PD. Start listening around the 15:30 mark. After Tony Reid reads this article... [article is Exeter Sun, "Navy veteran serves Exeter as policeman", 1973/08/22] ... his podcasting partner says this at around 20:56: There's a lot to think about in that article, including the photo of DeAngelo at the top of it. We admit to looking at DeAngelo a couple of years ago and dismissing him as a person of interest. We just missed it. Doesn't sound like they ever seriously considered him, nor put him on any kind of a list, or anything like that. But you may interpret it any way you wish."
    • Framing of Oscar Clifton for the 1975 murder of 14-year-old Donna Richmond in Exeter CA
      • Reddit thread in /r/EARONS suggesting that DeAngelo framed Clifton for what was actually a VR murder: "There's a whole podcast called 12-26-75, which documented how weak the evidence was in the conviction of Oscar Clifton in the murder of 14-year-old Donna Richmond in the town of Exeter (near Visalia). The podcast proposed the Visalia Ransacker as a possible suspect. VR's murder of Prof. Snelling and the attempted kidnap of his daughter happened just 3 months before. We already knew the evidence was weak against Clifton; we already knew that VR was a suspect. We now know for sure that DeAngelo = VR = EAR/ONS, and he was police officer in Exeter. Not Visalia which was a reasonably large town of 35,000. He was a police officer in a tiny community of 5,000 people. A tiny town with a tiny police force happened to have a gruesome murder when one of the worst serial offenders of all time was on their police force. The chances that Oscar Clifton, who died in prison decades later for this crime, was falsely convicted went from feasible to probable."
      • 12-26-75, "Consider The Source", 2019/01/09
        • "The crime lab first stained the hairs on the slide with “Christmas Tree stain,” and then examined them under an electron microscope for the presence of epithelial cells and sperm cells. This is the current gold standard testing method. There were none. That was a 100% scientific finding that the sample is negative for the presence of semen. So, any statement that semen was present on the slide tested in 2011 is either an uninformed mistake, or a knowing lie. Just saying that there was semen on that slide does not make it true: the scientific findings are unequivocal."
        • "Imagine that tomorrow morning, bright and early, a witness comes forward and tells Sacramento investigators where to find all of the souvenirs DeAngelo took from his victims. Or, maybe one of his family members agrees to provide eye witness testimony in exchange for immunity. Now, investigators have a firm connection between DeAngelo, and Donna’s murder. It doesn’t matter, it’s too late. The DA has now stated that there is conclusive physical evidence, left on Donna–by her killer, that does not match DeAngelo. It’s totally untrue, but good luck making that argument to a jury: the Tulare DA would be the first witness called by the defense. Now, throw in TCSO’s public statements that the same person killed Jennifer Armour and Donna Richmond. You can see where this is going - if there is testimony of physical evidence that clears DeAngelo in Donna’s murder, it can be introduced by DeAngelo’s defense in Jennifer’s murder too. TCSO and the Tulare DA don’t get to have it both ways, that’s not how official conclusions by law enforcement and prosecutors work."
        • "We can even imagine this being used by DeAngelo’s defense in the Snelling case. If the DA has proof that DeAngelo didn’t kill Donna, how can anyone know that he attacked Beth? Is it reasonable to believe that more than one man in Tulare County was kidnapping high school girls in the fall of 1975? The Snelling case is totally circumstantial, and the DA has introduced the opening for reasonable doubt. Again, this was completely stupid, and unnecessary. All he had to say was that the invoice book was plenty of evidence against Clifton, and close the case. He has that discretion. Nobody had to like it or agree. Why did he take the extra step of covering up for DeAngelo, and closing the door on any future prosecution? We can’t think of even one good reason."
        • Comment by Morgain McGovern: "He was in our front hallway dressed as a cop around Halloween 1979 in LA so someone down here was covering for him too. The whole state can be bankrupted from what they did & what they're currently doing."
        • Comment by Morgain McGovern: "He was friends with the Glasby brothers they were our pool guys in Northridge. He knew them."
  • Police statement inconsistencies about DeAngelo
  • Others involved with DeAngelo
  • DeAngelo criminal trial
  • Missing fingertips of DeAngelo
  • Bull tattoo described by one victim
    • Reddit comment in /r/EARONS from December 2017 claiming that a potential EAR suspect removed a tattoo from his arm in the late 1980s: "I know someone who I jokingly say could be ear . Age is right , was in the military , lived there , had a child in 1981 then last son in 1986 . He has really blue blue eyes . All just kinda joking and coincidence ... BUT , when I found out from this persons son that in the late 1980's he burned a tattoo off with acid on his left forearm because insurance wouldn't cover removal I was like 😱😱😱 Again I'm sure it's pure coincidence but yeah .."
    • EARONSGSK board, "The Bull tattoo", 2018/04/26 (pages 1, 2): "The Bull tattoo was described under hypnosis by a child that saw him with police like items and an open face mask. She indicated a handgun on his left side and a metal type bracelet. This bracelet was also described by one rape victim later in the series. I believe it may have been one of those MIA/POW metal bands worn by many vets." and "This one has me curious. Between what Russell was saying about his father and the apprentice being potentially tied in with a DeAngelo real estate agent, and the fact that Silas Boston was a notorious prowler/burglar in his own right (with a Schlitz Malt Bull tattoo on the right spot on the correct arm). I'm starting to feel like this whole thing might turn into a larger and more complicated investigation than originally thought."
  • Kippi Vaught connection - interfered with EAR attack #28, then murdered by Gerald and Charlene Gallego
    • CBS Sacramento, "Sacramento’s ‘Sex Slave Murders’ Killer Aims For Redemption; Believes Partner Was Behind Other Unsolved Rapes", 2013/02/03: "Williams says it wasn’t until much later that she began to look at Gallego a little closer. Gallego’s face, his sex crimes, his victims all seemed to match the profile of another prolific serial rapist. “He really fit the description,” Williams said. It was a bold predator who preyed on victims in the Sacramento area, a man known as the “East Area Rapist.” “I think it could’ve been him, I really do,” Williams said. “We know that he had some very sick fantasies,” said Sacramento County sheriff’s Det. Paul Belli. Sheriff’s detectives, at one point, seemed to agree as well. “They were both sexually motivated, that was his crime, area of operations, age group of his victims,” said Belli. Could Gallego also be the “East Area Rapist,” a man who stalked and raped 50 women who mostly lived alone? “A lot of us single, successful females that lived on our own were very cautious, very leery,” said Williams. The crimes paralyzed many women with fear because the “East Area Rapist” was methodical, careful, clever, and very successful in committing his crimes. “You never heard anything else after we started dating,” said Williams. The rapes stopped a year into the couple’s own kidnaps and killings. Years later, Gallego’s DNA would be uploaded into the crime database a couple years ago and so would the East Area Rapist’s. “Those two have not matched,” said Belli."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Oddities about attack #28 and a connection to husband?", 2018/04/23 (pages 1, 2)
    • EARONSGSK board, "Gallego", 2019/01/20 (pages 1, 2, 3, 4)
      • kg: "Please bear with me here but when I looked Gallego up online I couldn’t help but think he looks so much more like the Visalia Ransacker sketches than JJD. Could he have been an associate of JJD?"
      • nick: "I wrote about a small series on the retired CHP thread I created and that house I wrote about where the firearm was stolen is another Gallego connection between EAR and Gallego. The house directly across the street from the possible EAR burglary/ransacking is where a sorority sister of Mary Beth Sowers family lived and she had been there to visit quite a few times during this time frame."
    • EARONSGSK board, "EAR Town Hall Meeting: Was the EAR/ONS/GSK there?", 2019/01/20
      • kg: "Could 'ski jacket man' and the lady just behind and left with her chin connected to his head possibly be Gerald Armond Gallego and his wife Charlene Gallego? She looks just like her and he really looks an awful like Gerald. Years after her release, Charlene dropped a hint in a 2013 interview that she thought Gerald could possibly be linked to an unsolved crime spree in Sacramento that terrorized the city."
    • EARONSGSK board, "Retired CHP Officer who worked during the EAR series", 2019/02/14: "There was also a strange set of circumstances I discovered that involved the 34th Califonia Governor Jerry Brown and his protection detail that was comprised of CHP officers. Governor Brown took office in 1975 and he was famously remembered to not travel in a limo or the like but was driven to events in a baby blue Dodge Diplomat by a CHP officer assigned as a protection officer I will call this officer Salazar. Salazar lived in an area of Rancho Cordova near Ambassador Drive and River's Edge Way he often would take that same Dodge home when he was off-duty or when Brown was out of town and the like. This area is very close to the American River and the bike trail that runs along it and connected to the Rancho area attacks where Chase Drive ends at the river it is one of the areas Shelby explained the burrowed wildlife "game cameras" were placed in an effort to catch a picture of EAR fleeing from attacks #1, #3, #6, #8 and #15. During this time frame, there were a small series of burglaries in the area of Salazar's home that put the CHP on their toes since the State of Califonia's governor's car was often parked there and they responded to increase special patrols in that area it was also discussed as a possible EAR type of crime series at the CHP level however the Sac Sheriff's never attributed that activity to EAR and still have not to this day. It is also the area where a disputed attack was reported in the area of Ambassador Drive and McGregor the attack was first on the list of other EAR attacks and removed. I believe it was related to EAR and was him but the Sac Sheriffs would have to admit the CHP was correct about that small series of burglaries near Officer Salazar's home being EAR.

      I discovered a burglary report that was taken as part of this small series the home was on the same side of the street as officer Salazar's home 4 houses west. The suspect appeared to have climbed the back fence it was a daylight event and entered the home either through a back bedroom window or the sliding patio door. There was a small hole in the window near the lock and that appears to me from my own training and experience to be the entry point and the slider the exit point. The suspect then "ransacked and pulled all of the draws out" in the bedroom's and appeared to have gone through the kitchen draws and may have eaten food as well. The only thing taken by the suspect was a .38 Caliber Smith and Wesson revolver there were things of value that were untouched and appeared not to have been disturbed by the suspect. There was one photo attached to the file I saw and it was of the master bedroom where I saw what appeared to be two books on the bed that the owner stated was inside under clothing in one of the dressers draws prior to this incident. After using magnification I can see the two books one was some sort of Masters and Johnson sex book and the other was a photo album. Another interesting part is the home was owned by a Federal Immigration Officer that was at work at the time. As we know EAR seemed to find LE officers during his prowling and stalking and if it was him he ignored items of value and took a firearm along with looking a the families photo album. This was not the only burglary there were more in the immediate area and it was indicated in this report of the series by the Deputy taking the report. All of the incidents were on the same side of the road and all were believed to be the work of the same person with similar things occurring it would also fit into the EAR MO and is very close distance since we know JJD liked to park his vehicle and use parks to gain access to victim's homes by climbing fences."
  • Alternate suspect Jason Siemon

Oakland County Child Killer

  • Reddit write-up by OCCKThrowaway on pedophile ring involvement in the murders: parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Russ Winter, "Children of the Snow: Michigan’s Pedophile Child Killer and Pornography Ring", 2019/05/05
  • North Fox Island pedophile ring - page here
  • Chris Busch a.k.a. Christopher Brian Busch a.k.a. Christopher Busch involvement
    • Oakland Press, "Father seeks answers to 1977 child killer case", 2010/08/01: "It was Jan. 25, 1977 and three men would be arrested by Flint police on allegations of forcing boys to commit sexual acts. The three defendants were Christopher Busch, Douglas Bennett and Gregory Woodard Greene. Busch was the son of Harold Lee Busch, the executive financial director in the United States and Europe for General Motors. Greene was a Flint native with a criminal history stretching back to 1968. His rap sheet included convictions for breaking and entering, and drinking while under age. It also included charges of drug possession, forged bills, kidnapping and false imprisonment from incidents in Huntington Beach, Calif. News reports indicated detectives would be questioning as many as 75 boys. [...] Busch was released after his bond was dropped from $75,000 to $1,000. Greene, meanwhile, was held on a $75,000 bond. Bennett was held on a $15,000 bond. Greene would go on to be convicted of multiple first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges in 1977. He was sentenced to life in prison that same year. In 1995, Greene died after serving 18 years of his sentence. King said Busch, meanwhile, was sentenced to five years of probation and had to pay $2,400 in court costs. This was despite Busch's two previous convictions, King said. "He never spent a day in jail," he said. [...] Timothy King was kidnapped from a grocery store parking lot March 16, 1977, near the family's home in Birmingham. He was found March 22, just south of the Oakland County line in Livonia. Busch's body would be discovered the morning of Nov. 20, 1978 in a bedroom of his family's home in Bloomfield Township. He had a single gunshot would to the head. It was ruled a suicide. [...] The task force investigating the Oakland County Child Killer case was notified the morning his body was found, according to Bloomfield Township police report. King said a drawing of a boy resembling a different victim, Mark Stebbins, was at the suicide scene, as were bloody ligatures according to information recorded by investigators looking into the apparent suicide."
    •, "Detroit News story links man convicted of criminal sexual conduct with minors in Flint with Oakland County child killing", 2010/12/28: "The father of the late Timothy King tells The Detroit News that they believe Christopher Busch, convicted four times of rape with a minor in 1977, was also involved in the killing of his son. Barry King told the News that he came to the conclusion after reviewing 3,400 pages of Michigan State Police documents that a judge ordered to be released to him through the Freedom of Information Act. "With each charge, Busch's father H. Lee Busch (a prominent General Motors executive) posted cash bonds to free his son," the story says. "One of his victims said Busch's mother drove to his Flint neighborhood in a limousine, offering him money if he agreed not to say anything to the police. Busch pleaded to a lesser charge and received probation in each of the four cases." Other children molested by Busch and Gregory Greene told a task force investigating child killings in Oakland County in the late 1970s that the two men would drive them around in their cars and have them lure other children closer to the car by talking to them, the News story says."
    • Catherine Broad, "While police on the street are breaking their backs, a few levels up the chain-of-command, no one wants to connect the dots", 2013/03/11 - cites Detroit News, "Oakland County link probed in sexual exploiting of boys", 1977/02/22 which says: "Genessee County Prosecutor Robert F. Leonard said yesterday the defendants may have passed boys from one to another, and the scheme may have had ‘nationwide’ ties. He said his office is investigating the possibility the defendants may have been linked to Grosse Pointe multimillionaire Francis D. Shelden, missing since allegations that his youth camp on a Lake Michigan Island near Traverse City was a homosexual haven became public last year."
    • WXYZ, "Search warrant in Oakland County Child Killer case questions polygraph that cleared one-time suspect", 2013/04/09: pages 1, 2 (video)
    • Catherine Broad, "Email from my Dad today. Important, if ultimately unanswerable, questions", 2013/06/12 - notes that both males and females remember Chris Busch trying to abduct them
    • Barry King, "Chapter 29: Gregory Greene", 2016/04/22: "The most upsetting part of the Greene story took place in Flint, on January 27 and 28, 1977 when Busch and he were investigated by the police. On more than one occasion, Greene stated that Busch had murdered Mark Stebbins the first victim. The Police Reports provided to me do not indicate that Greene was separately examined on his basis for this murder accusation."
    • Barry King, "Chapter 46: North Fox Island", 2016/06/03: "The Michigan State Police reports contain one small paragraph reference to Christopher Busch having a suitcase of pornographic photographs on North Fox Island. Since Busch was apparently not indicted for his possession of these pictures this prompted my inquiry of this location."
    • A 2017/10/27 comment on Catherine Broad, "Why Indeed", 2013/05/01 adds yet another possible connection between Busch and Shelden: "I know this is an older post but I felt the need to reply. Busch and Greene both say they weren’t part of a group passing kids around. They were arressted with Douglas Bennett. Maybe it’s not the same person but the court records for Sheldon Francis against Adam Starchild have Douglas Bennett’s name on them. If this is the same person it would connect Busch and Green to North Fox Island."
  • Arch Sloan involvement
    • Detroit Free Press, "New figure in Oakland County Child Killer case has chilling history of child sex abuse", 2012/07/19: "Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper put Sloan in the middle of the decades-old child killer case Tuesday when she said a hair that police found in his vehicle in 1976 matched hairs found on two of four children whose deaths were attributed to the same killer. Cooper said Sloan, who is serving a life sentence at the Earnest C. Brooks Correctional Facility in Muskegon Heights, was an early suspect in the case. After being abducted, the bodies of the four children were dumped along roadsides in Oakland and Wayne counties days after they disappeared. The two male victims had been raped. The prosecutor didn't say whether Sloan is still a suspect in the case, but urged the public to notify authorities if they know any of Sloan's acquaintances from the 1970s or anyone who might have borrowed his three vehicles -- including the 1966 Pontiac Bonneville in which police found the telltale hair. Mitochondrial DNA from the hair did not match Sloan's."
    • Catherine Broad, "Composite Drawings from FOIA Documents", 2013/04/22
  • James Gunnels a.k.a. James Vincent Gunnels a.k.a. Vince Gunnels a.k.a. Jimmy Gunnels involvement
    • WDIV, "Oakland County Child Killer suspect speaks face-to-face with victim's family", 2012/02/27: "For 30 years, Chris King has been trying to find out who killed his brother Timothy King. He has been trying to find the true identity of the Oakland County Child Killer. Recently, he received an unexpected request: One of the case's key suspects wants to meet with him, face-to-face. That happened after the Local 4 Defenders captured an interview with suspect James Vincent Gunnels on hidden camera. Police investigators say Gunnels is the best lead in the 35-year-old serial killer mystery. His DNA is a mitochondrial DNA match to a hair found on the body of victim Kristin Mehalic -- one of four known victims of the Oakland County Child Killer. A mitochondrial match means the hair belongs to Gunnels or a male relative on his mother's side. Gunnels told Local 4 that he had nothing to do with the murders. "I'm not guilty. There it is there. But at the same time, I know how the state police twist words to their advantage," Gunnels said. Gunnels was molested as a child by Christopher Bush. Several of the victims' families believe Bush is the Oakland County Child Killer and that he convinced Gunnels to lure kids."
  • Ted Lamborgine involvement
    • Cleveland Scene, "The Babysitter Killer", 2007/05/02
      • "Once again the killer left no trace. Cops weren't even sure the two murders were related. Mark Stebbins had been kept like a sex slave and then snuffed to cover the rapist's tracks. Jill Robinson, on the other hand, showed no signs of having been sexually abused. But she'd been kept alive for days, fed and washed like a Christmas goose being readied for slaughter."
      • "The call came on day six of the search. The son of a bitch had raped Tim like a blowup doll. When he had finished, he'd suffocated Tim, holding him down as the boy kicked and screamed and finally went limp. Then he drove down a gravel road and dumped the boy in a ditch like an empty fast-food bag. Tim's body was still warm.

        It was the Babysitter all right. Tim's body was spotless. His fingernails had even been scrubbed, and an autopsy showed he'd eaten his favorite meal: chicken.

        It was as if the killer was taunting the cops, daring them to catch him. But he'd screwed up this time. A witness had seen the 11-year-old boy in the drugstore parking lot, talking to an older man driving an AMC Gremlin with white striping. It was the first real clue. Paranoia spread like wildfire."
      • "Sergeant Cory Williams of the Livonia, Michigan police department had arrived to add a big notch to his belt. He'd cracked a 16-year-old robbery-homicide case that left a Detroit cab-company owner dead. Some mope in prison had finally decided to rat. Now Williams was staring into the face of the killer: a former smuggler of illegal aliens named Richard Lawson, alias "Coyote Negro."

        But in the course of his investigation, Williams had turned up another interesting tidbit about Lawson -- a statement he'd given to Pennsylvania cops in 1989 after being arrested on another robbery. What he'd said hadn't made any sense to the guys out there, but to Williams, it jumped off the page: "I know who did the Michigan Snow Killings."

        It'd be in Lawson's best interest, Williams told him, if he started talking -- and quick."
      • "Lawson's story began in the 1970s in Detroit's Cass Corridor, a six-block section of dope dealers, hookers, bars, and poverty. Big families had moved from the South to work the auto plants. Hundreds of kids ran wild in the streets. It was a pedophile's paradise.

        Lawson and his four buddies, one of whom he'd later identify for Williams as "Ted Orr," had a good thing going, as long as everyone played by the rules. Those poor kids from the neighborhood had nothing. So the men put money in their pockets and food in their bellies. In some cases the men even helped the mothers out, taking care of those gas bills to get families through the cold northern winters.

        But they were also businessmen. They wanted something in return.

        Back at their homes, in motel rooms, and in the greasy basement of a neighborhood bike shop, the men used the boys -- some as young as nine -- to enact their darkest fantasies.

        They tried not to be too rough. After all, they wanted the boys to come back the next time they cruised up with a crisp 10-spot. And so the boys came back, some of them for years. Sometimes, though, Ted got a little carried away.

        Back then, he wore a luxurious pompadour wig made of real human hair. On special occasions he'd bring kids from the hood up to mossy suburbs like Royal Oak for "parties" at other pedophiles' homes. Police suspect there may have been hundreds of men involved, networking like members of a book club. The parties were potluck orgies: Everyone brought a kid to share, and things were known to get wild. Kids were sodomized, photographed, then thrown in a bathtub and hosed off."
      • "Then there was the time Ted scared even Lawson. They were at the apartment of Bob Moore, owner of the bike shop, when Ted whipped out a photo album Moore kept of their little sweethearts. Ted pointed to one picture of a little boy with a wing-cut and a cute, dimpled chin. The kid wasn't one of the Cass hood-rats the men usually settled for. This was a kid from the other side of 8 Mile Road, the dividing line between the dust and crumble of the city and the bird's nest of suburbs in northern Detroit. This kid was clean and had nice clothes. "Looks like the King boy, doesn't it?" Ted had said, winking. Lawson never forgot the moment."
      • "Bob Moore would be easy. Karma had already found him. In 1996, he went into cardiac arrest in his home. His pit bulls devoured his carcass before the body was discovered.

        Ted Orr, meanwhile, was another story. The best Lawson could remember was that his real name started with "Lam." On a hunch, Williams dug up the old tip file from the '70s. And there he was, lost among the hundreds of dead leads: Ted Lamborgine."
      • "But the biggest surprise came in the interrogation room. Lawson was telling the truth, Ted said. He had been a pedophile. But he was no killer, he told Williams. On that point, he even agreed to take a polygraph in Michigan. [...] Until they got the polygraph results back. Ted bombed the test so badly that Williams was stunned."
  • Bobby Moore a.k.a. Bob Moore involvement
    • Barry King, "Chapter 23: Christopher Busch – Family", 2016/04/08: "Richard Lawson, a convicted murderer and pedophile activist in the Detroit Cass Avenue Corridor, wrote me a letter and asked for a meeting to discuss the OCCK case. I had met Lawson previously and had little respect for him. Dave Binkley of my law firm agreed to visit with him. Binkley was under instructions not to talk to him about anything other than the Christopher Busch involvement. Lawson advised Binkley that his associate Bobby Moore, used to take young boys to visit with H. Lee Busch, the father of Christopher Busch. Lawson has subsequently died and I am not aware as to whether or not the Task Force followed up on this information."
  • Doug Wilson witness account - could indicate a John Wayne Gacy connection or perhaps the witness mistook Chris Busch for Gacy
    • WXYZ, "Is the Oakland County Child Killer connected to John Wayne Gacy?", 2013/02/01 (video): "Doug Wilson says he saw the Oakland County Child Killer's last victim moments before he was abducted. Wilson, who now lives in California, was living in Troy when four children were kidnapped and murdered. He talked to 7 Action News today via Skype. The Oakland County Child killer ‘s last victim was Tim King who was abducted in Birmingham. Wilson says he saw King just before he was nabbed. Wilson says, "I noticed a young man probably in his late 20's talking to what I found out later was Timmy King." The other man he remembers from that night was sitting in a car. And he says he looked remarkably like Gacy, who was known to have had a younger man as an accomplice. "And the description of the younger man was interesting, it was kind of like the guy I had seen talking to Tim King," says Wilson. Wilson says when he talked with FBI agents they told him they had suspected that the Oakland County Child Killer did not work alone. "They were also excited about the fact that there was probably two people involved," he adds. The other information Wilson revealed that deeply interested the FBI he says was details about the car that night. It was not a blue Gremlin like it was widely believed, but a blue or green Pontiac Lemans two-door. It was Tim King's dad, Barry King, who tracked down Wilson last spring. That was the first time he learned Wilson had talked to the FBI 36 years ago."
    • Catherine Broad, "The “Latest”", 2013/02/01 - interesting description of the young man that mirrors Phillip Paske, the abductor of Johnny Gosch ("Tony"), and the abductor of Eugene Martin all at once: "After locking my car, I noticed that the boy on the skateboard was talking to a young man by the side of the building. My immediate impression was of a father talking to his son. The young man was about 25-30 years old. He was wearing a plaid shirt jacket and jeans. He was also wearing a baseball cap over his shoulder length hair."
    • Catherine Broad, "Thank you, Doug Wilson", 2013/02/04
    • Catherine Broad, "If sunshine is the best disinfectant, this wound will forever fester", 2013/05/24
    • Catherine Broad, "Final page of article in FBI file provided in response to FOIA request", 2013/05/24
    • Catherine Broad, "Case # 4, more", 2013/06/24
  • Satanic cult allegations
  • Other curiosities
    • Comment on 2018/12/01 by DETROIT BREAKDOWN claiming that the OCCK is Gary McLean
      • "In 2001 I testified in Wayne county that Gary McLean was the OCCK. McLean’s sister Barb Lovett in MN also named her own brother Gary McLean as the OCCK and gave Lt.Anger photos of their moms blue AMC Gremlin that McLean drove. In 2014 I was talking on Internet to Les Martin brother-in-law to OCCK suspect Gary Smentowski. Barb Lovett joined conversation and posted photos of Gary McLean.Les ID’D McLean as griend Smentowski thus connecting two OCCK suspects. I told Lea that McLean said when he had Donna Serra at cabin in 1972 cabin didn’t have siding but had siding in 1976 when OCCK kids there. Les was shocked because he helped install siding in 1974. Donna Serra was anally molested post mortem as were OCCK boys Mark and Tim. [...] McLean mad Smentowski let Les Martin see where camera and photos were and then Smentowski tried to blackmail Norberg so McLean gave Smentowski animal tranquilizer left him halfnaked at mall looking crazy thenMcLean shot Smentowski OCT 1978 then shot Busch NOV 1978. [...] McLean got small tin phisohex from my moms house Sept 1976. No phisohex on Stebbins -didn’t have it yet. used phisohex sparingly on Jill and Kristine. Then before Tim’s murder McLean and my brother went to moms again and found BOX PHISOHEX. THAT’S WHY TWICE AS MUCH PHISOHEX ON TIM KING. [...] McLean showef me spot along I 94 and years later saidhe buried three bodies thereKimKingKim Larrow. [...] Barb also posted in 2014 that McLean mentioned VINCE GUNNELS ti her husband."
      • "On 20th anniversary of OCCK McLean REENACTED OCCK murders at murder Jonbenet Ramsey. year before murder he slept on Jonbenet’s bed in Charlevoix. Ramsey neighbor pedophile Fleet White gave McLean house key. jill Robinson J R.killed WED 12-26-76 Jonbenet Ramsey J.R.killed WED night and found 12-26-96. OCCK kids SUN & WED and REDRESSED. Jonbenet killed WED and REDRESSED in WED underwear.Animal hair onOCCK kids and on Jonbenet.Tim King fed and killed when food partly digested. Jonbenet Ramsey fed and killed food partly digested. McLean messed up wetting fingerin mouth to clean dried blood. Left saliva DNA comingled with Jonbenet Ramsey’s blood so McLean pais doctor tofake hosdeathin 2006."

Rodney Alcala

Gerald and Charlene Gallego

  • Rhonda Scheffler (17) and Kippi Vaught (16) - 1978/09/11 in Sacramento CA
    • ...
    • Note that victim Kippi Vaught had previously been a witness to an East Area Rapist (EAR) attack
  • Gerald's half-brother David Hunt, who may be behind a copycat killing: the UC Davis sweetheart murders of John Riggins and Sabrina Gonsalves in 1980
    • SFGate, "In Dogged Pursuit / New science may have solved a decades-old case, but it took old-fashioned digging to get it done", 2006/03/26
      • "The Abbott theory surfaced early in 1981 through the late Davis Detective Bob Persons. The theory was that John Gordon Abbott, 25, killed John and Sabrina to avenge his younger brother Michael's death after the two brothers robbed a Davis jewelry store in 1976. Michael was killed by a blast from a Davis police officer's shotgun after he and his brother burglarized the Gold Lion jewelry store at night and set off an alarm.

        John Riggins was the Abbotts' paperboy, and resembled Michael Abbott. Also, on the night John and Sabrina were kidnapped after leaving the Veterans Memorial, there was a five-year reunion for Michael Abbott's Davis High class in an adjoining room.

        John Abbott was in jail on Dec. 20, 1980, in Trail, British Columbia, on charges stemming from his involvement in a Nov. 24, 1980, shootout with Royal Canadian Mounties in which an associate, John Hennessey, 23, was killed. He was not even in the same country as John and Sabrina the night they were abducted. But he was in British Columbia before and when the murders occurred -- and the matchbook in the van came from British Columbia. Authorities once thought it possible that he could have ordered an acquaintance in the Bay Area, Phillip Thompson, a criminal with a record of violence, including murder, to kill John and Sabrina. Abbott's trail cooled after detectives interviewed Thompson and could find nothing to connect either man to the killings. However, Schubert was very interested in the matchbook and how it got from British Columbia to Riggins' van. "There's got to be a reason it's in the van," she said."
      • "Richard Joseph Hirschfield. AKA "Who the Hell," "Come Again," "Damn," and "Huh?"

        Hirschfield, 53 when the hit was made, is a suspected child molester. At the time of the match he was in prison in Washington state until at least May 2010. His name was never associated with the case. But in addition to a DNA match said to be something as precise as one in 240 trillion, he has a criminal past that fits, if indeed the murders were a sex crime, which now seems certain."
      • "Hirschfield also seemed a fairly close match to an eyewitness sighting that got lost or was ignored in Yolo's prosecution of the Hunt group (See "A Very Cold Case," Page 8). Shortly after John and Sabrina were killed, a motorist heading east on Highway 50 told authorities she saw a man emerge from a weeded area not far from where the bodies were found about 9 a.m. on Dec. 21, 1980 -- the morning after the abduction. The man wore a yellow, blood-stained T-shirt and a "drab, Army-style jacket." He was described as white, stocky, between 22 and 26, up to about 6 feet 2 inches tall with brown or blonde shaggy or feathered hair down to his shoulders and parted down the middle. In December 1980, Hirschfield, who is 6 feet tall, was 31 and stocky. A prison mugshot taken that year shows he had shaggy hair parted down the middle. He wore an Army-style jacket both at the Mountain View rape and when he was arrested in Sunnyvale.

        Ray Biondi said in 1981 that the witness saw the man emerge from some bushes along the highway and enter a dark-brown standard-size pickup truck. "It appeared he was waiting for this particular vehicle, according to the witness," Biondi said. "The vehicle came and he just got right in."

        A second white male adult drove the pickup, which suggests that the killer had an accomplice."
      • "While the Sacramento team told me during the few discussions I had with them following our meeting that they could find no ties to the Hunt party, Yolo remained convinced Hirschfield was the long-sought fifth person -- this despite the fact that dozens of Hunt associates had already been checked out and some two dozen had given DNA samples. When Hunt kidnapped the young Washington couple in 1984, there was a white man named "Scooter" who was peripherally involved but never identified. Turner and Haynes believed Scooter could be Richard Hirschfield, that he was a partner in Hunt's alleged marijuana business in the Pacific Northwest.

        "With regard to Hirschfield," Henderson noted in a Dec. 2, 2002, e-mail, "my thought is that he is the final piece of the puzzle that makes it all work. Each bit of information that we develop shows a parallel track with potential contact points at the critical times ... Consider the effort that Hunt, et al, put into trying to disguise their locations and activities. Their guile is impressive and we certainly don't believe that we have insight into most of their methods. We had always assumed that [Hunt's prison buddy Doug] Lainer was the 'mule' to connect with the unidentified accomplice. Fred and John had turned over every known rock to ID this other party and we always believed that there was one piece missing."

        E-mails from Turner and Haynes expressed a similar sentiment:

        Turner: Sacramento "is not interested in finding any connection between (Hirschfield) and Hunt, et al.; we're willing to see if there is a connection, and believe that there may well be one, greatly simplifying prosecution of all suspects.

        Haynes, who doesn't mince words, was characteristically blunt and to the point in his all-caps missive: "I'M TELLIN YOU ... HUNT, HUNT, HUNT 'N THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON. THE DNA DUDE WAS JUST A SHILL ..."
        The Yolo team had a point: Hirschfield and Hunt did have some things in common.

        Most compelling was the fact that both men were apparently in the Santa Clara County Jail in 1975 and the California Medical Facility in Vacaville, the latter apparently at the same time, albeit briefly. Not only that, but both men had ties to Oregon and Washington as well as Sacramento. Not only that, but Hunt and Hirschfield were paroled to San Mateo County in 1980 -- Hirschfield in July and Hunt in October. Hunt had relatives in Chico, Calif., Hirschfield grew up not far from there. Throw in Suellen (Hunt's wife ) and Lainer's ties to San Mateo County during this period, and the Hunt theory again had legs."
    • State Hornet (Sacramento CA), "Davis murder mystery has new focus", 2007/01/06
    • Rigorous Intuition comment by Dr. Doogie on 2009/11/28 about the sweetheart murders: "I did not mention that Thompson had been considered a prime suspect in the Gonsalves/Riggins murders since a different suspect had been tied to the murders through DNA. However, in a personal interview, famed (now retired) homicide detective Ray Biondi told me that he still considers Thompson a strong suspect in the case. Since he made his name by solving several serial killing cases, I think I will go with his opinion over yours."
    • Davis Enterprise, "Judge to rule in May on ‘Hunt group’ murder theory", 2012/04/14
    • EARONSGSK board, "John Gordon Abbott", 2014/06/25 (pages 1, 2)
      • "The Abbott/Thompson possible connection to the Davis Sweetheart murders is fascinating. And it is more curious than anything that you have heard yet. Abbott was arrested and Hennesey was killed in Trail, British Columbia, Canada. Thompson had left that morning to return to California and just missed being involved in the shootout. However, Thompson had been an FBI informant and CIA contract asset for years: was he tipped off about the upcoming assault? Or was he the one who tipped off LE of Abbott's whereabouts? Even LE involved in the Cloer prosecution of Thompson are not sure what happened. The theory by some LE is that Thompson returned to NorCal and then committed the Sweetheart murders at Abbott's request.

        The other theory that LE had concerning the DSM's was that Gerald Gallego's half-brother (Hunt and his gang) committed the copycat crime to convince the Sacramento DA that Gallego was innocent and the "real killers" were still at large. This is were it gets real intersting: Hunt and his cellmate escaped from San Quentin within days after Abbott was arrested. Abbott and Thompson were last spotted at a gas station on the northern Oregon coast before they crossed into Canada. Hunt and his fellow escapee headed north immediately and tossed their manacles that they were wearing within 10 miles of where Abbott and Thompson were last seen in the U.S. Hunt then turned his vehicle south and returned to California and Las Vegas. Why did two different groups of San Quentin convicts both go within such a small geographical area one right after another and for no obvious reason? And both of those groups would become major suspects in the Sweetheart murders? Did Thompson and Abbott know Hunt and his group? Did either or both groups know Hirshfield who was later convicted of the Sweetheart murders? Hirshfield had been released from San Mateo county jail shortly before the crimes and Thompson had spent time there when he was captured after his earlier escape - did they know each other?

        These are alot of questions and alot of speculations, but they will likely not be answered since Hirshfield's judge ruled that his attornies could not explore the Hunt connection. Too bad - I suspect that the truth is much bigger than we know."
      • "Hirschfield and his brother were definitely involved with the Davis Sweetheart Murders, but I question if they had connections to Abbott and Thompson and/or the Hunt group. There are too many curious coincidences to ignore this possibilty."
      • "It is the same case where a matchbook from British Columbia was found in the victim's van and Abbott had been in British Columbia after Valerie McDonald's murder when he was involved in a shootout and caught by Canadian LE. One of the victims had been the Abbott's paperboy when he was younger and Abbott was suspected of the murders. They got a cold hit on DNA years later for someone else and he was convicted.

        Dr. Doogie thinks the guy convicted may have had ties to PAT, Abbott, and/or Hunt (Sacramento serial killer Gallegos' brother) and his buddies. Hunt and his buddies were about to go to trial for the murders when the DNA came back as a non-match to any of them. It's a convoluted and odd case overall. Some of the EAR detectives worked on the case."
      • "And Hirschfield who was eventually convicted years later of the murders. His brother was supposedly with him and knew about it. Looks like they later thought it was him and his brother was driving the truck. Other LE think Hirschfield was a shill for a bigger group despite the DNA hit."

Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris

BTK Killer

Andre Rand

  • 2009 Rigorous Intuition thread about Cropsey and Satanic cult activity on Staten Island
  • A.V. Club, "Cropsey", 2010/06/03: "Expertly paced and assembled, the doc uses the second trial of Rand as a window into the culture of Staten Island, which has been a dumping ground for waste—including unwanted human beings, dead and alive—for generations. Zeman and Brancaccio add a personal touch (without overdoing it) as they knock on doors and wander the grounds of Willowbrook, investigating the rumors of a secret society of homeless devil-worshippers who live in a network of tunnels under the surrounding woods."
  • The Occult Section, "Cropsey: Staten Island’s Boogeyman?", 2010/06/16: "The Willowbrook State School, for those who may not have heard of it, was a “school” for mentally retarded children back in the ’60s through the early ’80s. In 1972, Geraldo Rivera got his big break by doing an exposé on the school, showing its deplorable conditions (you can view the report here). Overcrowding, neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and illegal experiments were just some of the things that went on at Willowbrook. It was finally closed in 1987. [...] There was some mention in the movie as well that Rand may have been involved with a Satanic cult, which supposedly held its meetings in the abandoned Seaview Hospital, which at one time held tuberculosis patients. There are many rumors on Staten Island about the old Seaview facility and what goes on there, and perhaps the biggest rumor is that it’s the home of Satanic cults and their grisly rituals."
  • Kat Ellinger, "Cropsey Documentary (2009)", 2013/05/17: "However as the documentary develops the makers find themselves with no answers simply more and more questions; did Rand work alone? there is the suggestion he worked for a Satanic cult fetching bodies for their sacrificial ceremonies, or that he was some Charles Manson-like leader of the homeless people living under the tunnels of Willowbrook, able to influence them into helping him collect and murder innocent children. Speculation is rife and everyone seems to have their own theory."
  • Mystery Tuesday, "Mystery Tuesday Week 7- Cropsey/Andre Rand", 2016/07/19: "Once Willowbrook closed, many of the former patients came back to the grounds because they did not have anywhere else to go. They lived in the elaborate tunnel system underground and in the other abandoned buildings in the “Greenbelt” stretch of Staten Island. [...] Many people think that Rand was involved but did not act alone. Numerous people lived in the tunnels beneath Willowbrook. The Cropsey makers interviewed a man that said Rand had a Jim-Jones-like following, which sounds like he had a lot of influence over the people who lived on the old Willowbrook grounds. Maybe he and his friends passed the children around, or maybe he helped them hide his victims. I personally think that this scenario is the most likely, but since Rand refuses to do any interviews, who knows."

Larry Eyler

John Joubert

  • Crime Library, "John Joubert: Nebraska Boy Snatcher" by Katherine Ramsland: chapters ..., 16, ... - says that Joubert carved a "star pattern" on top of the bite marks he left on Danny Joe Eberle's shoulder and leg
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, case nos. 94-3687, 94-3849: JOUBERT v. HOPKINS, 1996/01/25 - says that Joubert left "a figure resembling a plant carved into torso" of Chris Walden, his other Nebraska victim aged 12 years old; the carved torso of Chris Walden may be the cover of Dave McGowan's book
  • Prevailing Winds Magazine, "LATE FOR WORK: The Mysterious Massacre at the CIA" by Andy Boehm, premiere issue: "Admittedly, this is all wacko speculation — but no more irresponsible than the fanciful conclusions offered by Robert Ressler, author of the self-aggrandizing book Whoever Fights Monsters. (Ressler, you will remember, characterized the Langley killer, sight unseen, as a "tormented person with a lot of problems.") Ressler's hook, in which he crowns himself king of the serial killer "profilers," examines the case of John Joubert, ex-resident of Offutt Airbase and convicted ceremonial slash-killer of little boys in Nebraska. Yet Ressler ignores profuse evidence that Joubert matriculated in the notorious "MONARCH" mind-control program, which is the most likely explanation of why bizarre killings are to Omaha as Country music is to Nashville. The much-rumored MONARCH project at least deserved Ressler's consideration. (Perhaps he himself was "brainwashed" to avoid the topic, although in his case a light rinse would have probably been sufficient.)"
  • According to p.319 of Why Johnny Can't Come Home by Noreen Gosch, Joubert admitted to being part of a larger occult underground in Omaha: "Airman John J. Joubert, who served at Offutt Air Force Base, killed Danny. Danny's father was also a retired Air Force enlisted man. Judy, Danny's mother reported the Omaha police refused to release autopsy results on Danny. Danny's mother, Judy visited Joubert a number of times in the Lincoln Nebraska prison prior to his execution. He was defiant and bragging of his knowledge in the legal field and that while in prison he was giving advice to members of a biker gang of how to operate and remain, just "inside the law" so as not to be arrested. He discussed at length the existence of the "underground occult network" in Omaha Nebraska and was a part of this group. This continues to substantiate the investigative work of Gary Caradori, Private Investigator hired by the Nebraska Legislature. Paul Bonacci who identified Offutt Air Force Base and one of its Airmen who first molested him."

Hadden Clark

  • The Courier-News (Bridgewater NJ), "Lawyer: Confessed murderer did act of mercy for victim's family", 1993/06/17: "Hadden Clark, who confessed to killing a 23-year-old Bethesda woman last fall, had a "sincere desire" to help her family when he identified her grave site, according to his attorney. Police searching a wooded site in Bethesda Tuesday night found the body of Laura Houghteling, whose disappearance last October led to Clark's arrest and guilty plea on Monday. During the last seven months, police also had searched locations in New Jersey and Massachusetts. A search for Houghteling's body was conducted in Warren Township last November after Clark told authorities that he had buried her body in the yard of a house he lived in as a child. Clark and his family lived in Warren more than 30 years ago. The almost weeklong search focused on parts of the Timber Acres development on Forest Drive. It ended, however, after local police, members of the Major Crimes Unit of the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office, FBI agents and police from Montgomery County, Md., were unable to locate a body. Montgomery County State's Attorney Andrew Sonner said police found the body in a 3-foot-deep grave in a wooded area that had been searched last year. The site was not far from the Houghteling residence and near a campsite the 40-year-old man once used. [...] Sonner said there was no evidence of sexual assault on Houghteling from the initial examination of the body, but an autopsy will be conducted by the Maryland Medical Examiner's Office in Baltimore." - why did law enforcement fail to find Laura's body the previous year during their initial search?
  • Baltimore Sun, "Greater Good" by Linda R. Monk, 1993/07/02: "Hadden Clark, a homeless man with a history of mental illness who did some part-time gardening for the Houghtellng family, became the lead suspect in the case. He knew Laura's mother would be out of town the weekend of Laura's murder. He had also expressed a sexual interest in Laura to one of his acquaintances. Clark was initially represented by a Montgomery County public defender, who advised him to remain silent and who instructed Montgomery County police not to question Clark without his attorney present. Nonetheless, on November 6, the suspect was questioned for seven hours about the Houghtellng case. The videotape of the interrogation revealed that Clark asked for his lawyer more than 100 times. Besides denying Clark his right to see his attorney, police officers threatened him with "death in the gas chamber" and taunted him "to do the manly thing and kill himself." When confronted about their behavior by the public defender, the officers responded that Clark did not meet the financial guidelines of the public defender's office, so they did not consider the public defender to be his lawyer. Whereupon the public defender informed the police that such decisions were to be made by his boss, not by Montgomery County Police, and that it was common practice for a defendant to be represented by the public defender while financial eligibility was still being determined. [...] Detective Richard Fallln, the chief investigator in the Houghtellng murder, testified that police abandoned their normal procedures for the "greater good" of convincing Clark to disclose the location of Laura's body. Police also wanted to find the body of Michelle Dorr, a 6-year-old who disappeared in 1986 near where the suspect then lived. Clark made no incriminating statements in the seven-hour interrogation."
  • Hartford Courant, "Search for girl called off", 1995/09/16: "After coming up empty for five days, investigators Friday called off a search on Cape Cod for the remains of a Maryland girl who has been missing since 1986. "We're convinced that no body is in the area where the dogs keyed in," State Police Det. Lt. James Cummings said. Police spent five days searching a property linked to a suspect in the case. Cadaver-sniffing dogs pinpointed one area, and electronic imaging equipment showed the ground had been disturbed at some point. On Friday, police used their hands to sift dirt taken from holes 7 feet deep. They had hoped to find clues about the fate of Michelle Dorr, who disappeared from her parents' Maryland home when she was 6 years old. The Wellfleet property once was owned by the grandfather of Hadden Clark. Clark was convicted in the 1992 stabbing death of 23-year-old Laura Houghteling of Bethesda, Md., and lived near Dorr when she vanished. He has denied any connection to her disappearance."
  • Hartford Courant, "Convict Tells Grisly Tales", 2000/01/18: "A twice-convicted murderer who led authorities on a search for bodies on Cape Cod has told police he tortured and ate some of his victims, according to a published report. In addition, killer Hadden Clark spent Sunday in Connecticut, where investigators hoped he would provide details about a woman he claimed killing there sometime in the 1980s, authorities said. Members of the state police major crime squad went with Clark to a wooded area at an undisclosed central Connecticut site where Clark had apparently told authorities he had dumped a woman's body, said Lt. Ralph Carpenter, a Connecticut state police spokesman. Police did not find anything, he said. "We were not able to relate anything he was telling us with any specific crime," Carpenter said. Hadden left with Massachusetts state authorities Sunday. Authorities said they have not corroborated Clark's claims of cannibalism, which he made during police interviews in Maryland and on Cape Cod, the Cape Cod Times reported Monday. The paper cited unidentified sources. [...] Clark told Massachusetts police that he picked up two women in Vermont in the 1980s and buried their bodies on the Cape, the newspaper said. While on Cape Cod, Clark was shown photographs of several women and girls and asked if he knew anything about their disappearances. Included was a picture of 9-year-old Sarah Pryor, who vanished while walking near her Wayland, Mass., home in 1985. A portion of her skull was found 2 miles away in 1995. An investigator said Clark did not select Pryor's picture, the paper reported. On Dec. 15, Maryland and Massachusetts police searched the Wellfleet property on South Pamet Road with a police dog. They did not find any human remains, but did turn up a bucket containing women's jewelry, including some that belonged to Houghteling, the paper reported."
  • Hartford Courant, "Says He May Have Murdered 11", 2000/04/08 (pages 1b, 2b): "A confessed serial killer with family ties to Meriden is returning this weekend to lead state police on a potentially gruesome search for some of his victims. Hadden Clark, a cross-dressing, cannibalistic, convicted double-murderer in Maryland, has told an inmate whom he believes to be Jesus Christ that he may have killed as many as 11 women and children along the Eastern Seaboard. Clark first came to Connecticut in January and led state police on a tour around West Mountain, where Craig's Castle is located, but no bodies were found. [...] State police detectives spent five hours with Clark in January. His stop in Connecticut was part of a New England tour that weekend. Authorities also took him to Wellfleet Mass., and Block Island, R.I. No bodies were found at any of those locations. All three locations have a common theme, Clark's family owned property in all of them. [...] Connecticut state police are particularly interested in the disappearance of Doreen Vincent, who has been missing since 1989. The 12-year-old left her Wallingford home on the evening of June 15, 1988, with money and clothing and was never seen again. "We've always felt strongly that something went awry with her," Wallingford Lt. Thomas Curran said. But Clark's tour of Meriden didn't produce any evidence to convince Wallingford police he had something to do with Vincent's disappearance. State police decided to bring Clark back one more time to search again."
  • Hartford Courant, "Killer Helps Police Search For Victim", 2000/04/10: "Authorities with trained dogs searched several locations in Meriden over the weekend but found no trace of the victim a confessed serial killer claims to have slain years ago. State police, guided Saturday by convicted killer Hadden Clark, said they plan to return to the area, near Castle Craig, and may bring Clark back as well. Clark, 47, a convicted double-murderer in Maryland, has told an inmate whom he believes to be Jesus Christ that he may have killed as many as 11 women and children along the Eastern Seaboard. Authorities have said Clark's claims to have disposed of a body in Meriden do not point to any specific unsolved case known to investigators."
    • "At the base of Castle Craig in Meriden, one of the state's most recognizable attractions, could lie the gruesome secret of a serial killer. "I buried one girl by the rocks in front of the castle," Hadden Clark said in a late-night phone interview from a Maryland prison where he is serving a life sentence. "When I lived in Meriden, you could go up to the castle anytime you wanted to," Clark said. "I used to go up there at midnight and walk around." Actually, it wasn't Clark talking, but his alter ego, "Kristen Bluefin." Under the persona of Bluefin, Clark has confessed to a fellow inmate -- who Clark believes is Jesus Christ -- that he killed at least a dozen women or girls."
    • "With other leads dried up, detectives have been reduced to chauffeuring the suspected serial killer around to various sites he talks about, hoping for a break in some unsolved case. That's why police are willing to go to a department store and buy women's underwear for Clark to put on, so that his alter ego, Bluefin, will emerge and tell them where bodies are buried. So far, Clark has led authorities to two bodies in Maryland: those of 6-year-old Michelle Dorr and 23-year-old Laura Haughteling. He is serving a life sentence in Maryland for those murders."
    • "But Clark claims he has killed many more children, including 9-year-old Sarah Pryor, who disappeared from Wayland, Mass., in 1985. Some law enforcement authorities believe Clark is telling the truth when he says he killed Sarah and buried her in a cemetery on Cape Cod. [...] But Wayland police have dismissed Clark's claims, and are focusing on another suspect in a Texas jail."
    • "Clark has been keeping detectives in Connecticut busy as well. With chilling calm during a 2 a.m. phone call with a reporter, Clark described how two other girls came to be buried in Meriden. The first little girl was abducted in New York in the early 1970s, when, Clark said, he was on his way home to Meriden after attending classes at the Culinary Institute of Arts in Hyde Park, N.Y. Clark said he buried her near some pine trees in a cemetery near his grandfather's home on Yale Avenue. When state police brought Clark to Meriden last summer to tour the cemetery, there were no pine trees and the search turned up nothing. State police later learned that the pine trees had been cut down years before. Clark said the second girl was abducted in front of a bowling alley in Wallingford several years later, although he isn't sure when. She's buried amidst the rocks in front of Castle Craig, he said, although searches of the area have been fruitless. State police believe that girl could be Doreen Vincent, a 12-year-old missing since 1988 from Wallingford. Local police are just as convinced Clark had nothing to do with her disappearance."
  • Possible connection to Undercliff Sanatorium / Undercliff State Hospital / Meriden Sanatorium / Undercliff Hospital / Undercliff Mental Health Center
    • Weebly site on the history of Undercliff Sanatorium: "Like many mental health facilities, even though many people were treated well and cured here, there are still dark stories attached to the property, including tales of abuse and horror, although no actual evidence of any such activity has ever been uncovered. [...] Further adding to the creepy mystique of Undercliff is that it’s rumored to be tied to notorious serial killer Hadden Clark. In April 2000, Clark, who evidently had lived in Meriden with his grandfather back in the late 1970s and early 80s, was taken from his prison in Maryland and brought by authorities to Connecticut to show them where he had possibly buried one of his victims, but no body was ever found. Although never stated officially exactly where the search was made, it’s been speculated to have been on the grounds of Undercliff."
    • Supernatural Message Boards post in 2009 by username 10 Undercliff Rd: "That building was built and operated from the 1950's through 1975 as a Mental Health Center. To the right of it was the staff apartment building and old garage. Across from the old garage was "Cliff House" opened as DARTEC -- a drug rehab in 1972. Now, the first building that you used to see as you came into the grounds, up on the right -- a big brick building (circa 1890) -- was initially the Poor House. (Yes, really.) It had "indiginant" families living there as late as 1970 when the State officially closed the "last" Poor House and re-allocated it to the Regional Training Center that was operated in the three story building to the left where the road separated into the upper (front) and back roads. The Regional Training Center was for what was then called "Retarded Children." [...] Ok, now, there was a smaller road directly across from the Regional Training Center that had four brick houses (circa 1950) on it -- those were staff houses where the doctors and administrators lived with their families. [...] Also, if you continue past the main hospital building out the old road to the water tower, you end up on West Mountain just past the pond and on the road to Castle Craig. FYI -- The Altebello cottages were built much later in the front meadow on the other side of the brook between the highway and Undercliff Rd. Also, the two larger houses - mansions really -- were up closer to the main building and housed the Superintendent and the Chief Physician. One of those was reinforced and used in the late 1990's early 2000's to house a mentally insane murderer -- for some strange reason -- instead of the more secure main building that included locked wards. The other house had a State Police Lt. living there -- he later got caught up in a scandal for paying very low rent, like $25 or something a month. [...] The only true really spooky thing is that the serial murderer Hadden Clark (and his brother and father) reportedly all were patients at Undercliff. And, in the early 2000's, the CT State Police had him up from MD to look around for bodies he reportedly buried there when it was being operated by the State Police in the 1990's. Since his Grandpa operated a nursery on the East side of town (other side of town) when he was in high school and he lived with him from time-to-time, it's not implausible. [...] p.s. how do I know all this? See my label -- that was my address from 1968 to 1975. Yup, my family lived and worked on those grounds for seven long, lonely years until they closed the hospital. In those years, I hiked those grounds thoroughly and played in or visited every building. As the operations wound down, we stayed on until we were the only family left. And, then we left, too."
    • Connecticut Post, "Haunted Connecticut (Part 2)", 2017/10/30: "Undercliff Sanatorium: Meriden Undercliff's dark hallways contain many painful memories. Like Seaside Sanatorium, this was once a hospital for sick children. It has long been reported to be a beacon of paranormal activity, a claim which seems to be grounded in some spooky fun facts about the location. The serial killer Hadden Clark was once a patient here, along with his brother and father. In fact, not too long ago, police were looking for bodies he supposedly buried around there. While the cause of death for most patients here was disease, one patient is said to have been murdered by fellow residents armed with plastic utensils. Let's hope they weren't sporks. Visitors report children crying, loud screams, apparitions, ghost orbs, cold spots and the feeling or sounds of being followed by soft footsteps."

David Parker Ray

Green River Killer

  • From p.202 of Programmed to Kill: "Throughout the 1980s, long after Ted Bundy had mover on, women continued to vanish in and around the Seattle area—as many as 100 of them by some counts. Most of them were prostitutes, many of them underage. These killings were attributed to the so-called “Green River Killer,” who has never been caught (though recent reports claim that police now have a suspect who will be prosecuted)."
  • Contemporaneous news articles
  • Polygraph test
    • According to Wikipedia, Ridgway passed a polygraph in 1984 but it later turned out that the polygraph was done in a way that (intentionally or otherwise) hid the fact Ridgway actually failed it
  • Multiple people involved
  • Law enforcement officers involved in the investigation

Robert Pickton

  • "Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 22 (Robert Pickton)", 2011/07/06
  • Crime Library, "Robert Pickton: The Vancouver Missing Women" by Michael Newton: chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 - reveals an incredibly shoddy police investigation and unexplained dropping of charges against both Pickton brothers
    • "In May 1999 Rossmo reported an unusual concentration of disappearances in Downtown Eastside, but police dismissed the notion in their public statements, insisting that the vanished women might have left Vancouver voluntarily, in search of greener streets. Inspector Gary Greer advised the press, "We're in no way saying there is a serial murderer out there. We're in no way saying that all these people missing are dead. We're not saying any of that." Rossmo, meanwhile, stood by his theory and resigned from the force after receiving a punitive demotion. His subsequent lawsuit against Vancouver P.D. was dismissed."
    • "According to Hiscox, the "special events" convened at Piggy Palace--a converted building at the hog farm--were drunken raves that featured "entertainment" by an ever-changing cast of Downtown Eastside prostitutes."
    • "Port Coquitlam authorities sought an order to destroy one of David's dogs in April 1998, under the Livestock Protection Act, but the proceedings were later dismissed without explanation."
    • "Other charges filed against Robert Pickton were more serious. In March 1997 he was charged with the attempted murder of a drug-addicted prostitute, Wendy Lynn Eistetter, whom he stabbed several times in a wild melee at the pig farm. [...] He was released on $2,000 bond, but the charge was later dismissed without explanation in January 1998."
    • "Vancouver police acknowledged reports that Ridgway had visited their city, but no evidence surfaced connecting him to Low Track's missing women."
    • "Pickton professed to be "shocked" by the charges, but relatives of the victims were equally agitated, noting that both women vanished three years after Piggy Palace was identified as a potential murder scene."
    • "If Pickton was the Low Track slayer, survivors asked, why had the searches of his property in 1997 and 1998 failed to uncover any evidence? More to the point, how could he abduct and murder additional victims between 1999 and 2001, when he should have been under police surveillance?"
    • "Pickton, who was arrested for trying to murder a prostitute on March 23, 1997, went free after charges were dropped. Also, a person who worked for Pickton tipped authorities to him in 1998, but the government did nothing to investigate the property until 2002."
  • Rigorous Intuition thread on the Pickton case: pages 1, 2, 3
  • Altered Dimensions, "Robert Pickton- pig farm serial killer murdered more than 30 woman then fed them to his pigs", 2016/09/18
  • Trial of Robert Pickton
  • Improper police response (likely sign of a cover-up)
  • Hells Angels and organized crime / political involvement
    • The Province, "LACK OF CARING REAL ENOUGH", 1999/04/11 - victim Stephanie Lane was a stripper at a suspicious club: "Stephanie, who would be 23 next month, was a stripper and table dancer at Number 5 Orange. Her stage name was Coco."
    • The Province, "I played ‘Piggy’s Palace’", 2002/02/10: "The crowd at Piggy's Palace often included men wearing Hells Angels biker club colours. [...] The City of Port Coquitlam went to considerable effort to shut down Piggy's Palace. PoCo attempted, but failed, to get a court order in 1996 to force the Picktons and their Piggy's Palace Good Times Society to cease throwing parties on the property. The society was incorporated in 1996 with five directors, including the Picktons, and was dissolved in January 2000 for failing to file annual statements. The city got an injunction in 1998, but the parties went on. [...] Among those who attended parties at Piggy's Palace was Port Coquitlam Mayor Scott Young."
    • The Province, "‘A disaster in every way’ Pickton sister", 2002/06/23: "Dave equipped Piggy's, which attracted a varied crowd ranging from bikers to the local mayor of the day, with a dance floor and sound system and hired security from White Knights Security Services. [...] Both brothers did have run-ins with the law. In July of 1992, Dave Pickton was convicted of the sexual assault of a female construction worker at a site he was excavating. Dave was fined $1,000, given 30 days' probation and ordered to have no contact with the victim. The woman later told The Province, "You could smell [Dave] before you saw him. He had no respect for women at all." Bikers appeared at her home before the trial, the woman says, leading her to relocate to another city."
    • Toronto Star, "Pickton 'was kind of Mom's boy'", 2007/12/03: "In June, Dave Pickton was notified that the Crown was seeking to subpoena him for this trial, but that never happened. At the time, Dave Pickton told reporters he had more important things to do anyway – specifically, attending a biker rally in South Dakota."
    • 2008 thread on Unexplained Mysteries linking the Pickton farm to the Hells Angels - says the biker rally Dave wanted to attend was in Sturgis SD, very close to Rapid City Army Air Base (now Ellsworth Air Force Base)
    • The Province, "Serial killer Robert Pickton, Hells Angels linked at Missing Women inquiry", 2012/02/09
    • Vancouver Observer, "Pickton inquiry: ‘Erin Brockovich of Downtown Eastside’ refuses to stay silent on missing women" by David P. Ball", 2012/04/20: "Fournier was almost certain the vehicle was one she’d seen Robert Pickton with regularly in the Downtown Eastside (DTES), years before his multiple murder conviction. Word-of-mouth among sex workers — and on “bad date sheets” DEYAS published — was that the “stinky” Port Coquitlam pig farmer was killing women, but police ignored the rumours and reports. If the truck Fournier saw was his, it meant Pickton had an accomplice. She asked the woman if it was him. “’I can’t say, because I’d be dead,’” she told Fournier. “’They’ll kill me.’” [...] In another chilling incident – forever burned into her memory – a young woman Fournier calls “Sharon” told her that in 1999 or 2000: “’Bonnie, I escaped from the farm.’” “Sharon” said she was in Surrey, shoplifting at a mall — she supported her drug addiction by stealing, not prostitution, Fournier said — when two women who knew her from the Downtown Eastside approached and invited her to a party, “with free booze and drugs.” The women went to a “well-known Hells Angels spot” located on the King George Highway, just before it enters Surrey: a rental house they called the “House of Pain.” “They went there, and then were moved by station wagon or van – ‘We’re going to a party with good music,’” Fournier was told. “They were taken to the (Pickton) farm from this house in Surrey. “After they got to the farm, Sharon said everyone was into the drugs – lots of drugs. When they pulled in there, she got a gut feeling that this was scary. . . she got a gut feeling and bolted from the car and ran to Lougheed Highway. She was picked up by a bus on Lougheed and given a ride in to Vancouver by a sympathetic driver.” When Fournier pushed “Sharon” to tell police about her experience linking the Hells Angels to the Pickton property, she refused. “’I’d be dead,’” the woman replied."
    • CBC, "Pickton admitted killings, former sex worker testifies", 2012/05/17: "A grey cube van approached her and she got inside, where she encountered a man who propositioned her to come to a biker party at his farm in Port Coquitlam, B.C., the woman testified."
    • Globe and Mail, "RCMP was monitoring club frequented by Pickton, probe told", 2012/05/23
    • THIS, "Cover-ups and controversy" by David P. Ball, 2012/10/16
    • PressTV, "Canadian politicians involved in Aboriginal women killings: Alfred Lambremont Webre", 2012/12/20: "And then we have - and I know about this as a journalist here through Reverend Kevin Annet and a number of other witnesses - we have evidence and this was given when a police informer was in Robert Picton’s cell disguised as a fellow inmate - that at the Picton farm the Vancouver police along with the Hell’s Angels were bringing prominent politicians there to have satanic rituals with the aboriginal women and then killing them on film for snuff films. These sort of satanic rituals have taken over Vancouver."
    • Gangsters Out, "Anthony Terezakis and Piggy's Palace", 2014/05/10 - the book On the Farm by Stevie Cameron (2011) reveals that: Dave Pickton claimed to use Hells Angels member Tony Terezakis for security; "Off duty police officers attended the parties and so did city officials." (p.136); "But the truth is that almost all the people in the community knew the Palace as a wild party place with drugs and prostitutes. And everyone knew that the bikers who attended usually finished the parties at their own place across from the Pickton farm, a clubhouse that had become infamous as a booze can serving alcohol and drugs to members and friends. By the end of 1996 the neighbourhood became known in criminal circles as a biker area, one controlled by the Hells Angels." (p.137); "But the place was full of cops too, lots of them, all in plainclothes." (p.138); Diane Rock told her friend Janice Edwards that she was gang raped at the Pickton farm
    • CTV News, "Serial killer Robert Pickton pens book in prison", 2016/02/21
    • Other Vancouver activities of the Hells Angels
    • "Behind A Blue Lens Cop Doc PROVES Vancouver Cops Were Using Women In Snuff Films On Serial Killer Robert Pickton’s Farm", 2018/02/03 (cites the documentary National Film Board of Canada, Through a Blue Lens, 1999) - at 5:59 through 6:53 a drug-addicted woman was afraid of the police, thinking they were going to use her in a snuff film
  • Surrey "House of Horrors" connection
    • Vancouver Sun, "Friends remember zest for life", 2004/01/30: "When Yvonne Marie Boen vanished in March 2001 at the age of 33, police said she was a drug-addicted prostitute. Later they revealed her DNA had been found at a so-called "House of Horrors" in Surrey, where one prostitute was killed and there was evidence more people had been assaulted. And then there was the foul-smelling, ponytailed man Boen brought to a friend's barbecue not long before she disappeared, a man friends and relatives swear was the spitting image of Robert (Willy) Pickton. [...] On Tuesday, police said DNA from Boen and another five women listed as missing from the Downtown Eastside had been found on Pickton's Port Coquitlam pig farm."
    • Gangsters Out, "The Worst little whore house in Surrey", 2009/10/21
    • As in the article below, Pickton victim Heather Chinnock used to visit the House of Horrors to obtain crack cocaine
  • Green River Killer connection
    • The Province, "Local woman linked to Green River case", 2002/10/09: "Gary Bigg, former fiance of Heather Chinnock, an alleged murder victim of Robert Pickton, has come forward with information that has piqued the interest of a Seattle-based police investigation into the so-called 'Green River' killer. Gary Bigg Bigg, a musician and former logger who says he is "devastated" by Chinnock's death, said he wants police to know that she was well-acquainted with a "trick" known as Gary Leon and "partied with him in his motorhome." Gary Leon Ridgway, a 52-year-old Seattle-area truck painter, is believed to have killed up to 49 victims, most drug-addicted prostitutes, who disappeared between 1982 and 1984. He was charged last December with four of the murders. Bigg said Chinnock had a Seattle phone number for Ridgway. "I believe this was definitely Gary Leon Ridgway. Heather said he was 'weird' but definitely saw him a few times." King County Det. Kathleen Larson, a member of the Green River Task Force, said investigators are "very interested in this new information" and will interview Bigg, who says he gave Vancouver police a Ridgway tip. Heather Chinnock Larson noted that the Green River investigators met with the Vancouver police-RCMP Missing Women's Task Force and Canadian customs, but were unable to establish a definite link between any B.C. missing woman and Ridgway, whose neighbours say that he and his wife, Judith, travelled frequently in their motorhome, often to B.C. Bigg also said that Chinnock, who was 30 when she went missing in April 2001, was "kind and honest" and loved her two children, but was hopelessly addicted to cocaine and alcohol. "She was deathly allergic to heroin and totally afraid of needles but she couldn't kick the cocaine or booze, and I just couldn't compete with it," he said. Bigg, who met Pickton in September 1998 when he picked up Chinnock at Bigg's Surrey apartment, said "she'd been going to the pig farm for more than a decade." Bigg also revealed a possible link between Chinnock and the Surrey "House of Horrors," where Surrey RCMP believe to have been the scene of drug-taking, extortion and at least two murders. Two people have been charged with the murder of a prostitute at the house. "Heather called it the little crack shack, and I'd take her over there when she had to score," said Bigg. "I've never touched drugs in my life and I hate what they did to Heather, made her vulnerable to every creep." Surrey RCMP Cpl. Pete Cross, lead investigator in the crack house case, confirmed he has interviewed Bigg. "Heather Chinnock and some of the other Surrey working women did very likely visit the house on 108th Avenue but we don't believe at this time there were any direct dealings or business connections to the Pickton case," he said."
    • The Stranger, "Death Farm", 2003/10/30: "There is a rumor that the man charged with the Green River murders, Gary Ridgway, once visited Piggy's Palace, and that would make perfect sense; he would have been happy here amongst the garbage, pickup trucks, rubble, wild grass, trees, and mud--it would have reminded him of the scenes of his many alleged crimes."
    • From the 2009/03/01 affidavit of Jeremiah Jourdain (associated with Kevin Annett), it is claimed that Canadian federal contractor Jean-Guy Boudrais participated in violent rapes at Piggy's Palace and might be the Green River Killer: "One of the FBI investigators told the witness, however, that BOUDRAIS’s description matched those of the Green River Killer, a serial rapist and murderer in the USA who is still at large."

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Joel Rifkin

  • Crime Library, "Joel David Rifkin: New York's Most Prolific Serial Killer" by Michael Newton: chapters 1, ..., 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ..., 11
    • "When told his truck had no rear license plate, Rifkin assured the officers it had been present when he left his home, some 40 minutes earlier."
    • "Rifkin's bedroom reading material included a book on the unidentified Green River Killer and news clippings about the case of New York serial slayer Arthur Shawcross."
    • "Barbara Jacobs was the next to die, a 31-year-old addict with arrests on her record for auto theft and prostitution. Joel picked her up on July 13, 1991, and took her home to East Meadow for sex. When she fell asleep, he clubbed her with the same table leg he had used on Julie Blackbird, then finished the job by manual strangulation. Put off by the thought of another dismemberment, Rifkin wrapped Jacobs in plastic, folded her into a cardboard box, and placed her in the back of his mother's Toyota pickup. He drove to the Hudson River, dropping her into the water near a cement plant. She was found hours later by firefighters on a training exercise, but this time Rifkin reported, "It didn't even faze me." The coroner blamed her death on a drug overdose, and Jacobs was buried in Potter's Field cemetery, unidentified until Rifkin confessed her murder two years later."
    • "There was ample room for Jane Doe in the barrel, safely hidden for their ride to the South Bronx, where Rifkin found a district rife with junkyards and rolled her into the East River. About to leave, he was confronted by patrolmen who accused him of illegal dumping, but Joel persuaded them he was collecting junk instead. They let him go with a warning."
    • "He used the next one on Lorraine Orvieto, a 28-year-old manic-depressive who tried to control her mood swings with cocaine. The habit was expensive and she tricked to keep herself supplied. It was a life far removed from her affluent Long Island home where she'd been a high school cheerleader. Rifkin found Orvieto on December 26, 1991, in Bayshore, Long Island. [...] Back at the landscaping lot, Rifkin stuffed her into an oil drum, drove her body to Brooklyn and dropped it into Coney Island Creek. She was found by a fisherman on July 11, 1992, two months before her family filed a missing persons report."
    • "Mary Catherine Williams, 10 years older than O'Neill, had been a high school homecoming queen and college cheerleader in her native North Carolina. Married to a pro football player in 1986 and divorced the following year, she had come to New York in search of an acting career, but wound up doing drugs and living on the streets."
    • "Discovered the following day, Soto was identified from fingerprint records of her last arrest, police initially suspecting her ex-con ex-boyfriend of the murder."
    • "Rifkin's last victim, Tiffany Bresciani, was another southern girl. She hailed from Metairie, Louisiana, and had been drawn to New York by dreams of acting or dancing. Instead, she wound up hooked on heroin, performing for strangers in strip clubs and cars."
    • "Relieved of his "little anxiety attack," Joel moved Bresciani into the cluttered garage, leaving her body in a wheelbarrow. Then, as if in a fugue state, he spent the next three days working on his pickup, ignoring the summer heat and pervasive reek of decomposing flesh."
    • "Homicide detectives began interrogating Rifkin at 8:25 a.m. on June 28, 1993. They questioned him for eight hours, but for some reason never recorded the sessions. Rifkin later claimed that he asked for a lawyer "at least 20 times" and was always refused, investigators telling him he couldn't speak with counsel until "you give us one more homicide." The written transcript of his interview, presumably reconstructed from memory, suggests that Rifkin was offered a lawyer and declined."
    • "[...] Jeanne phoned her lawyer, who referred her to criminal attorney Robert Sale. Sale called the state police at 3:30 p.m. and ordered them to cease interrogation of his client, but the questioning continued in Sale's absence for at least another hour, until Rifkin completed his grim recital of death."
    • "Arraigned for the Bresciani homicide on July 15, 1993, Rifkin repeated his plea of not guilty. His lawyer Bob Sale sought to have Rifkin's confession thrown out on grounds that police could not prove he was ever advised of his rights. Failing that, he sought to have the various murder charges consolidated in one Nassau County trial, hoping a hometown jury would be more inclined to find Rifkin not guilty by reason of insanity."
    • "A formal suppression hearing was scheduled for November, but Rifkin had other plans. Flexing his ego, he fired Sale and retained two new lawyers: former Nassau County assistant district attorney Michael Soshnick and his partner, John Lawrence."
    • "As the hearing dragged on, Rifkin's lawyers alienated Judge Wexner by Soshnick repeatedly arriving late for court and unprepared and Lawrence missing whole days. By March 1994 Wexner had heard enough to reject the various defense motions outright and hold Rifkin for trial, scheduled for mid-April."
    • "Appearing for the state, Dr. Park Dietz--earlier a prosecution witness against Arthur Shawcross, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Hinckley--found Rifkin "sick but not insane. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he did it." Jurors agreed with Dietz, deliberating briefly on May 9 before they convicted Rifkin of murder and reckless endangerment (for leading police on the wild car chase)."
    • "Even before he was sentenced, on May 9, 1994, Rifkin was transferred to Suffolk County, pending trial for the Evens and Marquez slayings. Another suppression hearing failed to quash his confession, whereupon Rifkin pleaded guilty on both counts, receiving two more consecutive terms of 25 years to life in prison."
    • "In 2002, New York's Supreme Court rejected Rifkin's appeal of his convictions for the murder of nine women. His lawyer argued that his statements to the police at the time of his arrest should be suppressed because he had not been informed of his rights."
  • Contemporaneous news articles
    • New York Times, "Suspect Described as a Loner Who Never Left Home", 1993/06/30
      • "Another colleague, who worked with Mr. Rifkin at the Planting Fields Arboretum in Upper Brookville, described him as meek. The colleague, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Mr. Rifkin had once worked on the Oyster Bay estate of the late Mr. Casey, the former C.I.A. director. There was no answer at the Casey estate."
    • New York Times, "Rifkin, at a Sentencing, Apologizes for 17 Murders", 1996/01/26
      • "Mr. Rifkin spoke as his mother, Jean, and sister, Jan, sat listening in the second row in the courtroom, their eyes filled with tears. He directed his remarks to the few victims' relatives who had come to court when he said: "I want you to know that I am sorry for what I have done to you and your daughters. I will go to my grave carrying the deaths of these innocent women with me. Some of you believe that I felt that their murder was in some ways justified because they were prostitutes. But this is untrue. I never felt that way. Some of them were my friends and were kind to me. My victims were people with dreams and families and some of them had children of their own. What I have done can never be forgiven, but I ask you to believe me when I tell you I will never understand the part of me that caused me to do these terrible things to your children. Not only will I go to my death reliving these horrors, but I will go there never knowing why I did them at all." He finished with a warning: "Please believe that there are other Joel Rifkins walking your streets right now. Like me, they will eventually be caught, but not until they have caused more suffering and deaths. I hope society can prevent this.""
      • "Ms. Trum said she planned to appeal all of Mr. Rifkin's convictions on a number of grounds, one of them that his original confession was improperly obtained by the police."

Aileen Wuornos

  • "Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 16 (Aileen Wuornos)", 2011/05/25 - asks why a 69-year-old blueblood like Lewis Gratz Fell, president of the Keystone Coal Company in Jacksonville FL and a prominent local yachter, would marry a nearly illiterate homeless woman in her 20s like Aileen; notes her association with a Hells Angels biker club in Daytona Beach called The Last Resort; describes Aileen's claim that the police knew about her murders but allowed them to continue, even using helicopters and "decoys" to conceal her crimes; points out that one of her victims was a former police chief, Air Force major, and child abuse investigator
  • Nick Broomfield, Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer, 1992 - at 1:02:00 investigator Brian Jarvis recalls how, on October 31 just after depositions had finished, he found a note on the backdoor of his house telling him to keep his mouth shut unless he wanted his family to get hurt; he turned it over to FDLE for documentation purposes; on November 25, his house was broken into and all of his Wuornos case files were stolen with nothing else being touched; at 1:03:00 the note -- saying "KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR FAMILY" -- is shown on camera; he went to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and FDLE to get them to investigate the burglary, but FDLE tried to blame the break-in on the media and then Jarvis himself, refusing to investigate; the FBI took 4 months to reply to him after he contacted them about the burglary; at 1:04:17 Jarvis starts discussing the evidence that Tyria Moore was involved, saying that she had a victim's property in her possession; he says the police failed to follow up on a lead that Moore was at the convenience store when Humphrey vanished
  • Orlando Sentinel, "COPS WANT TO SELL SAGA OF WUORNOS", 1991/02/09
  • Panama City News Herald, "No evidence of Wuornos movie deal", 1991/12/04: "The state attorney’s office says it has found no evidence that three investigators signed a movie contract while pursuing the case against accused serial killer Aileen Carol Wuornos. Prosecutors looked into possible deals with CBS after they were told three key investigators were involved in movie negotiations with Wuornos’ lesbian lover Tyria Moore. The investigation was launched after former Marion County sheriffs Sgt. Brian Jarvis claimed the three failed to pursue leads that might have placed Moore with Wuornos the day one of the victims vanished. Marion County sheriffs Maj. Dan Henry, Capt. Steve Binegar and Sgt. Bruce Munster announced in February they were exploring the possibility of selling rights to their story to an entertainment company with the intention of donating any money they made to a victims’ fund. But the investigators called off the deal the next week. Ric Ridgway, chief assistant state attorney, said last week the difficulty in clearing the deputies came in trying “to prove something didn’t happen.” “Any suggestion that (Henry, Binegar and Munster) are anything else but honest people is an unfair characterization of them,” said prosecutor Reggie Black."
  • Worth noting that her crimes were centered around Volusia County FL, known to be a location for major election fraud (especially in 2000 and 2004) and included within Tom Feeney's congressional district

Derrick Todd Lee

  • Commonly known as the Baton Rouge Serial Killer or the Baton Rouge Killer
  • KBR involvement
  • The Daily Reveille (Baton Rouge LA), "Police admit receiving tip about Lee", 2003/11/12: "A St. Francisville woman said she began tipping Baton Rouge Police about serial killer suspect Derrick Todd Lee three years before the task force arrested him. But police dismissed Collette Dwyer's claims and told her they were not looking for a black man, she told reporters at a news conference Tuesday. [...] Lee and Dwyer's relationship began in the summer of 1999, when he began stalking her, she said. Throughout the following months and years, she had a "gut feeling" he was the serial killer, she said. [...] Police arrested him again in April 2000 for charges of breaking his probation and sentenced him to nine months in jail. Dwyer said she was not notified of his sentence or his release in January 2001. She found out when he showed up at her apartment again and continued stalking her, she said. Through the following months, Dwyer called the Baton Rouge Police, the Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force, the St. Martin's Sheriff's Office, the St. Francisville Sheriff's Office and the district attorney. "No one would listen to me," she said. [...] She gave police the tip and left her phone number but not her name. Police told her they would call her back, she said, but they never did. She called again. On Sept. 4, 2002, after police had discovered Kinamore's body, the fourth known serial killer victim, Dwyer again tipped police that she thought Lee was the serial killer. According to the release, when Dwyer called the newly formed task force, she told investigators Lee drove a white truck, but police determined Lee's truck was not the one seen exiting Whiskey Bay. [...] He continued to follow her and show up at her apartment unannounced. When Dwyer told police about the continued incidents and her suspicion that Lee was the serial killer, they ignored her, she said."
  • Disappearance of Mari Ann Fowler - wife of Louisiana elections director Jerry Fowler from the Sequoia Voting Systems bribery scandal
  • Another serial killer, Sean Vincent Gillis, was operating in Baton Rouge at the same time, and his murders were said to involve "ritualistic acts". His final murder of 43-year-old Donna Bennett Johnston included cutting off her left nipple, paralleling other serial killer cases like the Ripper Crew and Boston Strangler. According to the Criminal Minds Wiki, which cites no sources, Sean Gillis had gotten involved with Satanism at a young age: "When he reached his adolescent years, Gillis and two good friends became interested in Satanic worship, watching locals engaging in it and enjoying the thrill of being scared by their rituals."

Michael Gargiulo

  • Chicago Tribune, "How the case against Michael Gargiulo was built", 2011/07/08
    • "That conversation and others between Sala and Los Angeles detectives helped build a key connection in the case against Gargiulo — a DNA match linking him to the evidence found under Pacaccio's fingernails."
    • "But when Sala traveled to southern California, he didn't find Gargiulo in any of the places he said he would be. He contacted investigators at the Hollywood Division and was sitting with a detective talking over the case when a second detective overheard them.

      L.A. Detective Tom Small had been investigating the stabbing death of Ashley Ellerin, 22, a girlfriend of actor Ashton Kutcher's whose body was found in her Hollywood bungalow in February 2001.

      As he eliminated suspects, one person he could not rule out was a man he knew as "the furnace guy," a heating repairman named Michael Gargiulo."
    • "Sala never found Gargiulo on that trip to Los Angeles. On Small's end, Gargiulo "kept moving up the food chain" of suspects. Eventually, Small obtained a court order allowing him to collect a DNA sample from Gargiulo, and he promptly sent that sample to Cook County detectives.

      The sample allowed Cook County investigators to compare the DNA evidence found under Pacaccio's fingernails to Gargiulo's profile. In 2003, the Cook County detectives got word that the profiles matched.

      Gargiulo's DNA profile was entered into the Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS, an FBI database of DNA profiles from police departments around the country. The database helped link Gargiulo to two other attacks."
    • "Gargiulo was arrested in June 2008 and charged with the Santa Monica attack. He was soon charged in Ellerin's killing from 2001 as well as the 2005 slaying of Maria Bruno in El Monte, another suburb of Los Angeles."
  • Chicago Sun-Times, "L.A. detective: Murder suspect could have killed 10 women", 2011/07/12
    • "While in Los Angeles County Jail, Gargiulo allegedly told authorities that just because 10 women in those homes were killed — and his DNA was present — doesn’t mean he murdered anyone .

      Although Gargiulo is charged in the two California murders and the Pacaccio slaying, police have not linked him to any other murders.

      But Lillienfeld said Gargiulo’s reference to 10 women being killed convinced the detective that there are other victims. The statement was made public during a court hearing in Los Angeles, Lillienfeld said.

      Cook County officials, though, said they have listened to recordings of Gargiulo and have reviewed court transcripts but are unaware of any incriminating statements made by him.

      Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez’s spokeswoman dubbed Lillienfeld’s comments “inflammatory and misleading.”"
    • "Gargiulo was free until 2008. That year, detectives in California were investigating the stabbing of a Santa Monica, Calif., woman who fought off her attacker and survived in April 2008. DNA found at the scene matched Gargiulo’s DNA, which the Cook County sheriff’s investigators had placed in a national database back in 2003, officials said.

      California investigators said they then linked Gargiulo to the 2001 murder of Ashley Ellerin, a 22-year-old Los Angeles woman who was stabbed on the day she planned to attend the Grammy Awards with actor Ashton Kutcher. They also tied Gargiulo to the 2005 murder of Maria Bruno, a mother of four, in a Los Angeles suburb, officials said.

      The break in the Pacaccio case came earlier this year when two men who worked as bouncers with Gargiulo in Los Angeles in the mid-1990s told authorities he had bragged about killing a Chicago-area girl and leaving her dead on the steps of her home. The witnesses came forward after the CBS show “48 Hours” profiled the Pacaccio killing in May. The show portrayed Gargiulo as a suspect in her murder and in the California slayings."
  • CBS 48 Hours, "Michael Gargiulo: The serial killer next door?", 2012/08/19 (pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Trials & Tribulations, "Michael Gargiulo, Pretrial Hearing 45", 2018/11/15
    • "Mr. Nardoni tells the court that he thinks Mr. Akemon misspoke. We have DNA in Pacaccio. She was found at [her] doorstep at home, outside. Others, the attacker broke into apartment[s]. Mr. Nardoni mentions the Bruno case and that in the Murphy case, the same incident the attacker broke in. "Ellerin, that's not a break-in." Detective Small testified all the windows were secured and could not determine any point of entry of the residence or someone [had a] key to the entrance. Mr. Nardoni states that there were two other people who had keys to Ellerin's home: her roommate and the manager. The Ellerin case is unique. There's no DNA in Ellerin or any other physical evidence."

Long Island Serial Killer

Forensic science

Psychological profiling

  • The field was more or less created by the FBI Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) in the 1970s, under the lead of Robert Ressler and John Douglas
  • Dr. Park Elliot Dietz
    • In an interview with Robert Ressler (quoted on p.298 of Programmed to Kill), Dr. Dietz was credited with helping to force the concept of profiling into mainstream psychology: "The original profilers pretty much emanated from the behavioral science work at Quantico, and it spread from law enforcement to the academic. By bringing in Dr. Park Dietz and others like him, we started spilling it over into the professional community, and where psychiatry had initially been at odds with the FBI approach, a lot of mental health professionals then got on board. Over the years, the forensic community has pretty much accepted what we were doing in behavioral science and absorbed it."
    • From p.288 of Programmed to Kill: "Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis concluded that Shawcross had been “severely” sexually abused and had, therefore, “developed a dissociative style of coping with his intolerable situation.” She added: “this kind of phenomenon is characteristic of severely abused children who eventually dissociate to the point of becoming multiple personalities.” Dr. Park Elliot Dietz of the FBI’s BSU, called as a psychiatric witness for the prosecution, disputed the MPD claims. That is the sort of thing that Dietz makes a career of doing. He can be seen with appalling frequency on the television screen speaking as an ‘expert’ on serial killer cases."
    • From p.239 of Bad Girls and Sick Boys by Linda Kauffman: "What has become of Dr. Dietz? During the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Senate Judiciary Hearings, senators Joseph Biden, Alan Simpson, Orrin Hatch, and Arlen Specter frequently used such psychiatric labels as "fantasist" and "erotomania" to discredit Anita Hill. That clinical "spin" was supplied by Park Dietz, although it is clearly unethical to diagnose a woman whom he had never met."
    • Houston Chronicle, "Doctor's reputation takes a hit in Yate's testimony", 2005/01/07

Other curiosities

  • Serial Killer Calendar page on Gordon Stewart Northcott: "Canadian born in 1908, Northcott would later claim that his father sodomized him at age ten. The old man finished his life in a lunatic asylum, and one of Northcott's paternal uncles died years later, in San Quentin, while serving a life term for murder. A homosexual sadist in the mold of Dean Corll and John Gacy, by age 21, Northcott was living on a poultry ranch near Riverside, California, sharing quarters with his mother and a 15-year-old nephew, Sanford Clark. For years, Northcott mixed business with pleasure in Riverside, abducting boys and hiding them out on his ranch, renting his victims to wealthy Southern California pedophiles."
  • Reddit thread on supposedly unconnected serial killers who operated at the same time in the same location
  • Reddit comment about The Last Victim by Jason Moss (1999): "If this shit interests you, you should check out a book called The Last Victim. The author spent a good bit of time while in college writing back and forth with John Wayne Gacy pretending to be Gacy's "Perfect target." He got close enough to him that they were having weekly phone calls, and Gacy even paid to fly him over to visit him. He apparently also wrote to Manson, Ramirez, & was one of the few that Dahmer replied to before getting killed. Manson's replies, though were unreadable chicken scratch, and Ramirez was a bit too freaky (He pretended to be a satanic admirer and Ramirez was wanting details about how he abused his gf, and was asking him to send bondage porn). The author went on to work in criminal defense, and was said to have a gift to get criminals to talk. That said, it seemed to have gotten to him as he killed himself at 31."
  • Snuff films
    • From p.343-345 of Raising Hell by Michael Newton (1993):

          Serial killers Henry Lucas and Otis Toole, professed members of a satanic cult that dealt in drugs and snuff, have each described their trips carrying Anglo children kidnapped in America to a ranch in Mexico. A map drawn by Lucas placed the ranch close to Matamoros, in the same vicinity where Adolfo Constanzo's cultists sacrificed fifteen victims in 1988 and 1989...
          In 1970, Charles Manson, Bobby Beausoleil, and other members of the Manson 'family' freely admitted that films were made of various cult activities around southern California. During the 'family' member trials, loops of Manson porn were selling for a quarter of a million dollars in New York and associate Vern Plumlee has also described films of Mansonites 'dancing with knives' and 'pretending to cut each other up.' Another informant, speaking to author Ed Sanders, professed personal knowledge of Manson films depicting both animal and human sacrifice. One reel portrayed the slaughter of a dog, he said, while another featured a cat blown apart with powerful 'M80' firecrackers. The final reel depicts a nude, decapitated woman lying on a beach while black-robed, hooded figures circle the corpse, 'throwing blood all over it.'
          A decade later, in 1981, convicted 'Son of Sam' gunman David Berkowitz told prison confidants that at least one 'Sam' attack --the shooting of Robert Violante and Stacy Moskowitz --was recorded on videotape for the private collection of a Satanist 'Mr. Big,' later identified as millionaire Roy Radin. In October 1981, Berkowitz predicted the Halloween murder of photographer and suspected drug dealer Ronald Sisman, allegedly committed because Sisman planned to trade the Moskowitz tape for leniency on a pending cocaine charge. The tape has not been found, and Radin was himself assassinated before he could be questioned by police...
          Following the June 1985 suicide of serial killer Leonard Lake, police found pits filled with human remains at his rural home in northern California. Also found were videocassettes depicting the humiliation, torture, rape, and death of several female victims --that is, 'snuff' tapes by definition. Unproven rumors suggest that Lake may have financed his paramilitary arsenal by selling copies of the tapes. However that may be, Lake's ex-wife recalls his enduring fascination with witchcraft, and neighbors in San Francisco report Lake describing himself as a member of a 'death cult.'
  • Deep Politics Forum thread on the Zebra murders in San Francisco from October 1973 to April 1974